Prod: .......Tanya (Sam's other BFF)
Sam: What?!? If you break her heart imma break you!!
Prod: O-ok, good to know but I won't break my baby's heart! She stole my heart so if any is going to break a heart it would be her breaking mine!
Girls: aaaaaawwwwww!
Boys: eeeeeewwwwww!
Prod: Don't be haterz just cuz y'all don't know what its like to be in love!
Roc: We do but we don't say stupid stuff like that!
Geek: Well.... I don't think its stupid I think its sweet! I don't know why you've only been snapped up just now!
Prod: *looks down and speaks in a sad voice* I guess I've just been looking for my Mrs Right!
Girls: Aaaaaaawwww *leaving the other boys and going to hug Prod* (P.S they're in a limo for some reason)
Boys: *giving Prod the death glare*
Prod: Don't hate cuz girls love 'em some Prod!

They get to Sam's house:

Ray: Can we please come in?
Sam: NO!
Roc: come on, its only nine thirty the night is still young!
Sam: NO!
Prince: Pweety pweez *baby voice*
Sam: *baby voice* uh uh
Ray: PLEASE!!!!!
Geek: PLEASE!!!! I wanna spend some time with my baby!!
Sam: FINNNEEEEE!!!!!! Uuurggghhh!!
Ray: *whispers in her ear* Don't act like you didn't want this
Prod: can I invite my baby Tanya?
Sam: Duh! What y'all wanna do?
Prince: Watch a movie!!!!!!
Sam: Why are you screaming?
Prince: I just felt like being random!!
Sam: WOW!
Every1 except prince and sam: IKR!!

Someone knocks on the door!

Prod: my baby's here *moon walks to the door*
Ray: aaawww our little boy is finally growing up!
Prod: Shut up nigga! I was born before all o'yall!
*opens door* hi baby!
Tanya: Hey sweetheart! *she kisses him and they get a little too into it*
Sam: *clears her throat* HI TANYA!!!!!!
Tanya: Oh hi! *she looks down when she see's all the people who were there!*

So the rest of the night they watch a movie and there were some make-out sessions!!!

Sorry boring chapter! More interesting events shall come SOON!!!!!!