Im sooorrryy my goonettes! :'( I make stories everywhere lol. But on with this one! :)


After class Prince and I walked to lunch but he had to make a stop.

Prince: Hey uh, can you go with me somewhere real quick?

Me: Sure, where to?

Prince: (smiles) Just follow me. (Start running down the hall)

Me: Okay, wait up! (Jogging after him)

After a while I realized that we were heading for the school doors. But I did question, I just went with the flow. We snuck outside and I saw this: link .

Me: Holy Shit, Prince!!....I mean Holy cow is this yours?

Prince: ( smile proudly)(unlocks doors) Yep. Hop in. (Gets in)

Me: My pleasure (gets in too) Is this car heaven? (Looks around) Im..official afraid to touch the arm rests. (Hold arms up)

Prince: Why? (Starting up the engine)

Me: Because I don't want to hurt it. It's so beautiful.

Prince: (laugh) Relax..

Me: Okay. (Chuckles)

Prince:... Oh and don't forget to put you seat belt on.

Me: Oka--

Prince: (puts the pedal to the metal)

Me: Ahhh!

Prince: (chuckles)

Okayyy..Ik it's short but there will be a part 2. I have other stories on YouTube @Muzica143. Read and if you like subbie! I have a Wattpad @NaeNae_Dope. Yea I have only one story up there Imma have somemore so bare wit me. K :) hope you enjoyed!! :):)