Hey hey hey, I was bored so I decided to do another part to this.
Ok anyway this is a vampire and were(spell check)wolf story.
I'm soon going to have more people in this so yeah let start.~~~

Niyah Pov: while leah was talking she got cut off by this FIIIINNNEEE boy coming in the. And let me admit I never drilled(spell check) but for this dude I did I looked away and wiped some off. I hoped he didn't see. Any im already in a a relationship he.my love he actually a 'new born' vampire I need to ask him more about this ill admit but I was scared as shit!!!! But I just relax I just need to tell leah and Kyle just need to figure out how. Because I can't but I I want to . Ugh fuck ima tell em no yes no yes no yes no yes omfg ill let them find out. Anyway I been with him for 2 years and his name is ROC but I call him CHRIS.

Leah pov:
I was just still staring at this boy through the hole period I didn't even realize till the bell ring I got and walked out the class room with Niyah following
Next was THE BEST PERIOD EVER its not exactly a period but I like it and it LUNCH.

Kyle pov: I walked into lunch just to see my boyfriend and my best friends.
I walked up to him and kiss him . The room got pretty heated and it was a LOT OF PDA up in here ( A/n: I know I said I was going to use their real name but.. I changed my mind) it was pretty good to Leah said "ewwww" and Niyah saying “get a room" I looked at them then at prod his eyes were light red and dark blue (hungry and love) I was shocked of what I saw then he said "ill be back" then he left.

Niyah pov:

Sorry for any mistake
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