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Opinion by mbubba5600 posted over a year ago
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Randy Rayon (born January 6, 1997), who performs under the mononym Ray Ray, is an American singer and dancer. He is part of the singing group Mindless Behavior. He attended Marina Del Ray Performing Arts where he honed in on his craft.
Randy Rayon was raised and born in Los Angeles,California by his two parents, Lopez Rayon and his mother Randy Norewood. His mother is African American and his father is Belize. He started his dancing career with Tommy the Clown, and went on tour with him. He also knows how to crump. He went to Marina Del Rey Performing Arts, and there he honed in on his craft.
Ray Ray danced and went on tour with Tommy the Clown. That was the first time he performed in front of a big crowd. In 2008, about two years ago, they're managers Keisha Gamble and Walter Millsap held an audition, which is where Roc Royal and Princeton met. A couple of months later they're Choreographer Dave Scott found Prodigy on Youtube. Then Ray Ray auditioned at the studio at 11:00 at night a few weeks later. Once they were in development, the head of the production company Walter Millsap took Ray Ray, Prodigy, Roc Royal and Princeton to meet Vincent Herbert and Jimmy Iovine...
Review by rayraysboo5454 posted over a year ago
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This new group of pop singing artist has caught the of many attention with sexiness voices of angels. They have many eye-catching songz. The 4 toppin the charts are mrs.right, girls talkin bout, my girl, & christmas with my girl.

Princeton-14yearsold afro and glasses
Rayray -(my fav) 14yearsold 2briaded pony tails and goggles
Prodigy-14yearsoldglasses mo-hawk and glasses
Roc royal -13yrsold hats sneakers
These boys make a great team I hope u luv them as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!
U cn check them out in yutube google or betteryet in concert.
If Mindless. Behavior is reading this I luv u epesically u rayray I'm yo #1fan & gurl
Fan fiction by prodigywife99 posted over a year ago
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Name:randy rayon
Birthday:January 6 1997
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Influences:Michael Jackson,drake eninem
Fav food:tacos
Fav color:purple
Fav movie:twilight
Fashion style:he kinda dresses lyke a skater mostly
Luvs 2 eat Hershey
He iz the 2nd oldest of mindless behavior group
He iz also the 2nd rapper of the group roc royal iz the 1st hehe
He luvs mindless girls
He is best friends with prodigy<3
He luvs 2 dance and be goofy
Afraid of elevators
.he luvs 2 draw pics
He takes hiz artbook on the tour bus with him all the time
I luv prodigy<3 and rayray<3 they r the best in the group 2 me and mindless behavior been together 4 4yrs and they have absolutely came a long way luv yhu Mb 143
Fan fiction by its_kristi_rae posted over a year ago
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You and Ray are at the arcade

you: dang Ray hurry up aren't you done eating

(you turn around and Ray grabs 3 big cinnamon rolls and has 1 stuffed in his mouth)

you:Ray Rayyyyy

Ray: ughhhhh fine let's go play so I can beat you

you: what makes you think you gonna win. lets just say if I win I'm choosing what movie we watching

Ray: and if I win you have to buy me as many cinnamon rolls and donuts and waffles as I want

you: fine we're playing ski ball you ready

(Ray stuffed a cinnamon roll in his mouth that he hid in hid pocket)

you: what Ray I told you to get rid of that

ray: opps oh hey look I'm winning ha

you: yeah not for long

(Ray starts tickling you)

you: ha ha heyyyy that's not fair

(It came down to the last ball and you and Ray were tied. before you could even throw your ball in Ray unplugged your game.)
Fan fiction by mrsright_1_4_3 posted over a year ago
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you: (your in the croud of an mindless behavior concert shouting) "luv u rayray"

rayray: i see u looking all fine girl what do i have to do to get wid u. shawty u my #1 girl

you: gimme a backstage pass and you'll find out

rayray: (throws a backstage pass to you and blows an air kiss to you)

you:(you start blushing)
(its the end of the concert and when you get

backstage he takes u somewhere private and starts kissing u up and all of a sudden he pulls a condom out of his pocket.

you go into a toilet have sex and have a cute baby called rayray jr.
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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As you were blasting music into your ears, ‘That Should Be Me’ by Justin .B came onto your Ipod. This song described EXACTLY how you were feeling at the moment and you couldnt anything but softly cry. It felt as though you had drained yourself and you just didnt have anymore tears to cry. You didnt want to listen to the rest of the song so you just sat there for the remaining of your bath relaxing. Your phone began to ring and you picked it up, not looking at the caller id..
YN: hello.?
???: you love him dont you..?
YN: What.?! who is this.?
???: youve got caller id, look and see who it is.!
You do as you were told and luckily,it was Roc.
YN: oh..hey Roc.
Roc: hey. you doing alright..?
YN: i-i guess….no not really.
Roc: you know you never answered my question right.?
YN: what ques-…. oh that. *sighs*
Roc: everyone knows you love him….well everyone except Ray.
YN: wow, is it THAT obvious.??
Roc: *chuckles* yea, it kinda is.
Fan fiction by rayraymrzright posted over a year ago
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Mb:ok we are looking for 4 # 1 girls.
Yn and bffs:us us us us
Mb:(sees you and point to all of u.
Skip to endof show.
Roc:I saw you in the crowd cutie
Yn: blushing awwww thank you ur fine too
Roc: come on tour wit us u and ur freinds so what s ur name
Yn:it's yn roc royal
Roc: no call me later
On bus btw I'm in the story too as bahja
Yn and roc hear moaning and faster faster
U and roc walk in both: ewww.
Ray:gtho: get the he!! Out.
Bahja: heyyy get out
That's part one two coming. You were wearing this
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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Its been atleast 2 weeks after you helped Ray get his new girlfriend and he hasnt talked to you since then. You cried yourself to sleep almost every night because you couldnt stand the fact that Ray was happy with another girl but you knew he had every right to be. You missed seeing him and talking to him but you knew that all of that would change after he got a GF but you didnt want it to just stop. Tonight, Ray promised that he would go see a movie with you and to catch up on some things since he hasnt talked to you for awhile.
You were at the movie theatre waiting for Ray but you didnt see him at all. You figured that he was on his way so you just bought both of the tickets and waited inside for him. 5 minutes past…then 10…..then 15. You called and text Ray but you got no answer. The movie had already started so you just went to see it alone. You wanted to cry because you felt like he didnt even care about you anymore but that was his GF so…he was being a good BF to her. After the movie, you walked to Prince’s house for a Fun Night that you guys always had. When you walked into the house, your heart dropped and you couldnt do anything but stare. Ray and his GF was...
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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my pov
i was always knwn as the geek/popular girl. idk y thgh!
half the time im a geek 4 being smart
othr times popular cuz im pretty
pretty n smart, u dnt see tht evryday
my life waz going okay until one day

teacher-okay class, meet a new student Raymond
all girls xcept me-*runs up 2 him crowding around him*
ray-uh xcuse me?
me-*looks up frm science book tht im studying* yeah?
ray-is sumone sitting here?
ray-mkay *sits dwn in seat beside me* so wats ur name?
me-Mariah Love (ths is a fake name)
ray-im Raymond
me-i knw ur frm mb am i suppose 2 be screaming?
ray-sumbdy who iznt freaking out cuz im famous
me-i treat u anyway i treat any other person
me-*smiles at him but quickly hides it*
*end of period*
ray-*coming up behind me* so i heard prom is coming up
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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Oh and this is what my bro Kyle look like:
(Yeah her brotha is Ace Primo)

Next Morning----

Mm I was in a excellent dream. It was at the part where this very muscular boy was feeding me grapes, another was massaging my feet, there was another one massaging my temples. They were really cute. It was gettin good until the one that was massaging my temples leaned down and was about to kiss me..but I had a rude awakening..literally!! I felt something cover my nose and it was smelly. Aw....AW HELL NAW SOMEONE THROUGH THEIR DIRTY SOCK ON ME FACE. I shot up, ready to go off. Low and behold, the culprit stood in front of me with a smirk on his face.

Kyle- *calm voice* Ma said it's was time to get up.

Me- And you couldnt get me up like a NORMAL person would, you lil weirdo!?

Kyle-....I could have...but I chose not to. *smirk* Now, since you're woke, get up.

I rolled my eyes and got up. I went into my bathroom and got ready.
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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«Nikol's P.O.V»

Today's moving day!! Yayy!! *sarcasm* not. My parents are making me move because my dad got a promo AND transferred to L.A. *sigh* I told them I could stay with Nana because she lives in this part of Maryland. But my mom said "You knows she getting out old and she can't keep up with you...." blah, blah, blah gettin old my butt. She be hitting Club Choices every night. Hmm I ain't stupid. If I know anybody, I know my gramma. I had just got finished packing the last box of my room and was about to take it downstairs with the rest of 'em until my douche of a brother got in my way.

Kyle- Heeeeyyy Douche

Me- Heeeeyyyy Jerk *fake smile*

Kyle- Oh we name calling now, huh?

Me- *suck teeth* Boy get out my face wit dat. You the one comin in here callin me a douche.

Kyle- Call them like I see 'em.

Me- So do I..

Kyle- Whateva.

Me- *raise eyebrow* Mhm, now move so I can get downstairs.
Fan fiction by badgirljojo143 posted over a year ago
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well I was gonna visit my unkle walter he was the manger of MB
Walter: helo u must be mu-jo boy have u grown
Me; *laughs and smiles*
Walter; well jojo come in
Me; thanks
walter: well meet da boyz
Prince: hello im princeton
Prod; im prodigy
Roc; im roc royal
Ray; and im Ray Ray wait why do i always introduce myself last?
Me; *laughs* u must be da stupid one i mean the funny one
Prince; ohhhhhhhh Ray u gonna take dat
Ray; take what her body 4 sure
Me; *look at him wierd*
Prince; u see why his da dumb one
Walter; aye yo boyz what did i say bout u calling eachother dumb?
Prince; imma show u ur room
Me; ok thanks princeton
Prince; no prop shawt- um no problem
he shows me where im suposed to sleep but he show me his room
Me; ummm is dis da geust room
Prince; geust what now
Me; the gest room
Prince; oh um i thought ya gonna sleep wit me tonite
Me; walter will never let
Fan fiction by mindlesskeke16 posted over a year ago
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Ray:yo lil cuz you ready to gradute today
Me:yea Ray
Prod:lil sis mom cant wait to see you
Terian:im so happy
Me:yea and it is a day until christmas and two days before me and prod birthday
Prod:yea we gone be 17
Terian:y`all come onso we can get to the graduation
Us:ok girl damn
Oh and if you don`t think we have potty mouths well we do and we bad but have good grades ok
At our graduation
Theacher:Criag crippen jr
Theacher:now Keyana Crippen
MeandProdFamily:wooooo Keyana
Teacher:now Raquan Maran Smith
Teacher:now last but not least Terian Morgan
oh our Graduation outfit`s
Terian`s outfit,link
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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GF: Whats going on here.?!
YN: n-nothing. I was just leaving thats it…*walks away*
Ray: …I thought you werent coming.
GF: I wanted to surprise you.! *smiles*
Ray: oh, well im glad you arent mad at me. *he says while looking around the room for you*
GF: *sighs* Ray, go get her.
Ray: Huh.?!
GF: You clearly like her. I can see it all over your face.
Ray: No, GFN i love y—
GF: No you dont Ray. I see the way you look at her when shes talking. You never looked at me like that. Since that day we threw eggs at her house, youve been acting different. Like you began to actually care for her. So go tell her how you feel..before its too late. She feels the same way about you anyways so…go. *smiles*
Ray: *speechless and hugs her* Thanks..
GF: No problem. *walks away*
Ray: *sighs* Do i really want to do this…i dont even know if i like her or not…
You walked into the locker rooms where everyone kept all of their belongings. You struggled to unlock the locker with your stuff inside of it when someone walked up to you…
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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You were in the bathroom for about 20 minutes trying to sort things out. Once you stopped crying, you opened the door and slowly walked to the living room.
Roc: Oh there she is. Hey YN, you ok?
YN: uhh y-yea im fine.
Prod: Well come over here and introduce yourself to Rays new girl.
YN: sure…ok.
Even though you wanted to run out of the house and go home, you didnt want to be rude to the girl. You decided to give her a chance. Maybe you’ll like her…
GF: Hi, im HN. (her name)
YN: Hey, im YN.
GF: I dont think ive ever hurd of you before. Ray doesnt talk about you like he talks about the others.
Thats it.! You wanted to pounce on her and choke her until she stopped breathing. How dare she say that about you but you had no one to blame but…Ray. You glanced at Ray but he still didnt look at you. Was he that mad that I tried to kiss him..?
YN: Well…..we havent talked in awhile so im pretty sure he forgot all about me. *you gave out a very fake smile*
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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Prince: *studdering(sp)* U-uh, W-w-we I um--

??: I was talking to my daughter, thank you.

Prince: *shuts up*

??: Nikol Ari Johnson, I am talking to you! Answer me this instant.

I released from Prod's embrace and turned around slowly with puffy and very red eyes.

Me: *sniff* Yes mom.

Mom: All I see is police and ambulances leaving my driveway. What happened?

Me: Mom..

Mom: And why are there boys without me or your father here to supervise you..

Me: Mom..*gettin angry*

Mom:... And look at this!! You have on tight pajamas. To tight for my approval. For all I know you could have been having sex with one of these boys. I--

Boys: What?!

Me: Mom!!! Just stop!! You pull up and see the ambulance and police, YES! But did you ask if I was okay? NO! One of the boys I know was stabbed!!! So what you think imma do?!! Just sit there and let him bleed out??!! HELL NO!! Yeah! I had boys here but they're my friends!! Don't you see Ayla and Amara here too!! Yes, I have on tight pajamas--
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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You and Ray had been bestfriends since you were about 9 years old. You guys always did everything together and he always made sure that you and him kept in contact when he went on tours. Being friends with someone for 9 years is such a long time and its kind of hard for you not to catch feelings for that person. Well, thats exactly what you did. Even though you were scared to tell him, you’ve always liked Ray from day one but you figured that you were’nt “his type”. It was a couple days after they finished the #1 Girl Tour and you and Ray were at your house alone catching up on some things…
Ray: yea but the tour was amazing..
YN: Im glad you had fun…i missed you though.
Ray: *begins to poke* Aww you missed he. He smiles that adorable perfect smile that he has. Your heart melts a little.
YN: Ok but you knoww you missed me too. You say hoping that he did.
Ray: Yea i did. I missed talking to you about stuff… He looks at you, his eyes focusing on yours.
YN: I know. we used to talk a lot.
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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Nikol's P.O.V////

Im really starting to warm up the guys. They are really cool. Prod told me a little about himself. He's really interesting. Considering that he's STILL hungry even after he ate 2 chicken finger and fries bowls, 3 soft shell tacos, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, a super supreme sundae, and a medium coke. It's just fascinating. But I wonder..how he doesn't get fat if he eats like this constantly.

Me- Um Prod..can I ask you a question?

Prod- *chewing* Yeah, go ahead. *grin*

Me- Um, don't take this the wrong way but..how come you eat so much but don't get fat?

Prod- *swallow* Because I stay at the gym. See *stands up and lifts shirt ro show abs*

Me- (O.O)...goddamn....

Prod- *chuckle**put shirt down and sits back down next to

Roc+Prince- *suck teeth* show off.

Prod- Oh my god...*smh* I can't believe how much yall are hating right now. It's just unbelievable. *sits back with a smirk*
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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skip 2 nxt Monday
me-*at my locker*
ray-oh rite *slams locker*
me-wats ro-2 days ur last day?
me-im gnna miss u randy!
ray-im gnna miss u 2 but here *givs me box*
me-OMG!!! randy u-u got me ths?!
ray-lol yeah
me-i luv it! thnk u! *kisses him*
chrys-awwwww luv birds!!!
me-lol! yeah
ray-luv birds 4evah
chrys-well im sorry u hav 2 go ray ray, u made my sister happy
ray-uh u-

at ray's house
me-how long till u gtta leave?
ray-2 nite at 10
me-how come ur house is so quiet ths days?!
ray-u knw thy got their own houses rite?!
me-oh rite
chrys-y dnt we go somewhere?!
me-lol where?!
chrys-lets go out of twn thn come bak b4 he leave
ray-tht sounds good!
me-okay but where we gnna go?!
so we get our stuff n go out of twn!!!!!!
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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at my house aftr doing sum rated R thngs
me-okay now im gnna thnk about sumthng n u see if u knw wat it iz
me-*thnkg tht ray is a taco head*
ray-im a taco head?!
me-dang u good okay ur turn
ray-*thnks somethng*
me-im sexy?
ray-dam how u knw?!
me-thts all u evr thnk about!
ray-lol!!! wat u gnna wear 2mrw?
me-um...yellow tank n black skinny jeans
ray-ur dressing up as a bumble bee?!
me-lol stfu! wadda bout u?
ray-white top black jeans yellow high tops
me-wow. ur gnna stand out in the crowd!
me-lol im tired n it 2 o clock in tha moring!
we go up 2 my room
me-where r u going?!
ray-in another room
me-uh uhn ur stayng in here!
ray-um...in ths room?
me-in ths bed taco a$$!!!
ray-r u sure?!
me-do u sleep with ur shirt off?
ray-um...trick question?
me-*gets up n walks ovr 2 him* take it off
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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ray-*looks horrified*
me-*cryng* i ddnt mean 4 it 2 hppn it just did!
ray-wat hppnd?
me-we were outside playng n we were playng hide n seek n he fount me but i ddnt want 2 be it so i threw a temper tantrum n stabbed him thn i lied about it! i nvr meant 2 kill my dad!!! y was i such a BRAT?!
ray-*pulls me in2 a hug* its okay
me-*pulls away frm him* no its not! im a murderer!!!! im going 2 h-
ray-dnt say it
me-i pray about it evry night but wat if thts not enough?! i always beg 4 4givness but im still scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ray-mariah its okay. as long as no one knws!
me-no im gnna do the rite thng
ray-wat do u meen?!
me-im gnna turn myself in. rite now! *gets up but falls dwn* ouch!! ow ow owwwwww!!!!! *screams really loud* AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ray-shhh its okay n ouch!
me-u thnk?!
ray-im takng u 2 the hospital
me-no! i dnt wnna go back i cnt! my mom will knw i blew off school!
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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At home
me-*watchng tv*

my pov
i had so much going on in one day i was tired. so i went 2 sleep but i heard someone come in my room
josh-stfu little girl!!! i hear u gttn in2 fights n going out with boys n sneakng out evry night!!! lol well all thts gnna change!
me-get. out. now!
josh-oh come on baby it wont hurt. jk it will! *Tackles me 2 floor n take off my clothes*
me-stop u perv!!
josh-the last time my wife's daughter clld me tht, she ended up missing on the news n was found in a trash can!
me-ur crazy! HELP!!! SOMEBDY PLZ HELP ME!!!! *i was screamng frm the top of my lungs*
josh-*r4pes me*
me-*cries silently*
josh-dnt cry im just gttn started!!!! *french kisses me*
josh-*punches me*
me-*grabs face*
josh-Miranda!!!! she told me 2 do it!!! she said she would kill me if i ddnt!!!
me-no mom i ddnt i promise!!!
josh-babe who do u believe?!
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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at my house aftr chrys dropped me off
???-*knocks on my door*
me-*opens it.* oh mickie i 4got u were coming back!
mickie-i keep my promises! *walks in without evn being told 2*
me-hold up!
me-who told u tht u could come in?!
mickie-i told myself
me-well can u go back out so i can invite u in?!
mickie-uggg okay *walks back out*
me-oh hi mickie come in!
mickie-thank u! *comes in*
me-ill shw u the living room!
me-*goes in2 lvng room n sits dwn*
mickie-its in chair across frm me
me-do u ne-
mickie-listen 2 me! randy doesnt want u!!! who would?! evn ur mom hated u!!! wnna knw y?! cuz u r an embarassment!!!
me-hold up! wth u thnk u r comin in my house tlkn 2 me like tht?!
mickie-i thnk my name is mickie!!! get somethng str8 4 once!!!
me-okay u gtta go!!!
mickie-y?! oh someone wants 2 meet u thgh!!! randy babe come out!!!
ray-*comes in the room n whispers somethng 2 mickie* i thght u said u werent gnna mess with her anymore!!!
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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we wlk dwn a pathway of roses n end up coming 2 a lake tht was crystal clear n blue with honeysuckle all around it
me-OMG RAY-DAMMIT! *starts moving back slowly. cuz wen tht boy make a promise, he gon keep it!*
ray-i wont count tht one against u
me-whew ty soooooooooo much!!!!
ray-*takes off his shirt*
me-*omg tht boy has a body of a model!!! i swear on my livng soul!!!!!!!! i nvr really knw i was looking at him n i nvr really knw he was tlkng 2 me n i nvr really knw i was touchng him!!!! its lik i freakn blanked out or somethn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
ray-*shakes me*
me-*snaps out of watevr i was doing* wat?
ray-wat r u doing?!
me-i wasnt doing anythng!!!!
ray-*looks at me lik im crazy* sometimes i wonder about u mariah
me-n sometimes i worry tht thm tacos u be eatng go straight 2 yo head!
ray-*omg i was so scared i cldnt evn move i swear i was havng a seisure!!!!!! i was so shcoked i couldnt evn dial the priest's number my hands were shaking so much!!!!!!!!!! omg ths boy can play in a scary movie about demons dude im NOT kddng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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After he sat me down, he went over and locked the door. The one with the bush just stood there and stared at me. It was getting really annoying I had to say something.

Me- Hi. Questions, comments, concerns? Anything I can help you wit?

I barked. He threw his hands up in defense and turned away....Dag, now I regret snapping at him. He was a cutie. He had on some nerd glasses on, with some baggy cargo pants, with green vans, and a green shirt with the words "Video Killed the Radio Star". He looked like a geek...but a cute one too. The other boy went to the back room and got the First Aid Kit Im guessing so I sat there and waited.
Soon he came back out. Now I had a great view of him. He had light caramel skin, big juicy lips, two ear piercings , chocolate eyes, muscles that you can see from a mile away, and a nice and fresh haircut. He was a god!! Just 1000% sexy....is that even possible. Im guessing he was talking to me because he waved his hand infront of my face due to not responding.