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Opinion by mbubba5600 posted over a year ago
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Randy Rayon (born January 6, 1997), who performs under the mononym Ray Ray, is an American singer and dancer. He is part of the singing group Mindless Behavior. He attended Marina Del Ray Performing Arts where he honed in on his craft.
Randy Rayon was raised and born in Los Angeles,California by his two parents, Lopez Rayon and his mother Randy Norewood. His mother is African American and his father is Belize. He started his dancing career with Tommy the Clown, and went on tour with him. He also knows how to crump. He went to Marina Del Rey Performing Arts, and there he honed in on his craft.
Ray Ray danced and went on tour with Tommy the Clown. That was the first time he performed in front of a big crowd. In 2008, about two years ago, they're managers Keisha Gamble and Walter Millsap held an audition, which is where Roc Royal and Princeton met. A couple of months later they're Choreographer Dave Scott found Prodigy on Youtube. Then Ray Ray auditioned at the studio at 11:00 at night a few weeks later. Once they were in development, the head of the production company Walter Millsap took Ray Ray, Prodigy, Roc Royal and Princeton to meet Vincent Herbert and Jimmy Iovine...
Review by rayraysboo5454 posted over a year ago
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This new group of pop singing artist has caught the of many attention with sexiness voices of angels. They have many eye-catching songz. The 4 toppin the charts are mrs.right, girls talkin bout, my girl, & christmas with my girl.

Princeton-14yearsold afro and glasses
Rayray -(my fav) 14yearsold 2briaded pony tails and goggles
Prodigy-14yearsoldglasses mo-hawk and glasses
Roc royal -13yrsold hats sneakers
These boys make a great team I hope u luv them as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!
U cn check them out in yutube google or betteryet in concert.
If Mindless. Behavior is reading this I luv u epesically u rayray I'm yo #1fan & gurl
Fan fiction by prodigywife99 posted over a year ago
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Name:randy rayon
Birthday:January 6 1997
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Influences:Michael Jackson,drake eninem
Fav food:tacos
Fav color:purple
Fav movie:twilight
Fashion style:he kinda dresses lyke a skater mostly
Luvs 2 eat Hershey
He iz the 2nd oldest of mindless behavior group
He iz also the 2nd rapper of the group roc royal iz the 1st hehe
He luvs mindless girls
He is best friends with prodigy<3
He luvs 2 dance and be goofy
Afraid of elevators
.he luvs 2 draw pics
He takes hiz artbook on the tour bus with him all the time
I luv prodigy<3 and rayray<3 they r the best in the group 2 me and mindless behavior been together 4 4yrs and they have absolutely came a long way luv yhu Mb 143