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Opinion by mbubba5600 posted over a year ago
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Randy Rayon (born January 6, 1997), who performs under the mononym Ray Ray, is an American singer and dancer. He is part of the singing group Mindless Behavior. He attended Marina Del Ray Performing Arts where he honed in on his craft.
Randy Rayon was raised and born in Los Angeles,California by his two parents, Lopez Rayon and his mother Randy Norewood. His mother is African American and his father is Belize. He started his dancing career with Tommy the Clown, and went on tour with him. He also knows how to crump. He went to Marina Del Rey Performing Arts, and there he honed in on his craft.
Ray Ray danced and went on tour with Tommy the Clown. That was the first time he performed in front of a big crowd. In 2008, about two years ago, they're managers Keisha Gamble and Walter Millsap held an audition, which is where Roc Royal and Princeton met. A couple of months later they're Choreographer Dave Scott found Prodigy on Youtube. Then Ray Ray auditioned at the studio at 11:00 at night a few weeks later. Once they were in development, the head of the production company Walter Millsap took Ray Ray, Prodigy, Roc Royal and Princeton to meet Vincent Herbert and Jimmy Iovine...
Review by rayraysboo5454 posted over a year ago
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This new group of pop singing artist has caught the of many attention with sexiness voices of angels. They have many eye-catching songz. The 4 toppin the charts are mrs.right, girls talkin bout, my girl, & christmas with my girl.

Princeton-14yearsold afro and glasses
Rayray -(my fav) 14yearsold 2briaded pony tails and goggles
Prodigy-14yearsoldglasses mo-hawk and glasses
Roc royal -13yrsold hats sneakers
These boys make a great team I hope u luv them as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!
U cn check them out in yutube google or betteryet in concert.
If Mindless. Behavior is reading this I luv u epesically u rayray I'm yo #1fan & gurl
Fan fiction by prodigywife99 posted over a year ago
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Name:randy rayon
Birthday:January 6 1997
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Influences:Michael Jackson,drake eninem
Fav food:tacos
Fav color:purple
Fav movie:twilight
Fashion style:he kinda dresses lyke a skater mostly
Luvs 2 eat Hershey
He iz the 2nd oldest of mindless behavior group
He iz also the 2nd rapper of the group roc royal iz the 1st hehe
He luvs mindless girls
He is best friends with prodigy<3
He luvs 2 dance and be goofy
Afraid of elevators
.he luvs 2 draw pics
He takes hiz artbook on the tour bus with him all the time
I luv prodigy<3 and rayray<3 they r the best in the group 2 me and mindless behavior been together 4 4yrs and they have absolutely came a long way luv yhu Mb 143
Fan fiction by its_kristi_rae posted over a year ago
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You and Ray are at the arcade

you: dang Ray hurry up aren't you done eating

(you turn around and Ray grabs 3 big cinnamon rolls and has 1 stuffed in his mouth)

you:Ray Rayyyyy

Ray: ughhhhh fine let's go play so I can beat you

you: what makes you think you gonna win. lets just say if I win I'm choosing what movie we watching

Ray: and if I win you have to buy me as many cinnamon rolls and donuts and waffles as I want

you: fine we're playing ski ball you ready

(Ray stuffed a cinnamon roll in his mouth that he hid in hid pocket)

you: what Ray I told you to get rid of that

ray: opps oh hey look I'm winning ha

you: yeah not for long

(Ray starts tickling you)

you: ha ha heyyyy that's not fair

(It came down to the last ball and you and Ray were tied. before you could even throw your ball in Ray unplugged your game.)
Fan fiction by mrsright_1_4_3 posted over a year ago
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you: (your in the croud of an mindless behavior concert shouting) "luv u rayray"

rayray: i see u looking all fine girl what do i have to do to get wid u. shawty u my #1 girl

you: gimme a backstage pass and you'll find out

rayray: (throws a backstage pass to you and blows an air kiss to you)

you:(you start blushing)
(its the end of the concert and when you get

backstage he takes u somewhere private and starts kissing u up and all of a sudden he pulls a condom out of his pocket.

you go into a toilet have sex and have a cute baby called rayray jr.
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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As you were blasting music into your ears, ‘That Should Be Me’ by Justin .B came onto your Ipod. This song described EXACTLY how you were feeling at the moment and you couldnt anything but softly cry. It felt as though you had drained yourself and you just didnt have anymore tears to cry. You didnt want to listen to the rest of the song so you just sat there for the remaining of your bath relaxing. Your phone began to ring and you picked it up, not looking at the caller id..
YN: hello.?
???: you love him dont you..?
YN: What.?! who is this.?
???: youve got caller id, look and see who it is.!
You do as you were told and luckily,it was Roc.
YN: oh..hey Roc.
Roc: hey. you doing alright..?
YN: i-i guess….no not really.
Roc: you know you never answered my question right.?
YN: what ques-…. oh that. *sighs*
Roc: everyone knows you love him….well everyone except Ray.
YN: wow, is it THAT obvious.??
Roc: *chuckles* yea, it kinda is.
Fan fiction by rayraymrzright posted over a year ago
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Mb:ok we are looking for 4 # 1 girls.
Yn and bffs:us us us us
Mb:(sees you and point to all of u.
Skip to endof show.
Roc:I saw you in the crowd cutie
Yn: blushing awwww thank you ur fine too
Roc: come on tour wit us u and ur freinds so what s ur name
Yn:it's yn roc royal
Roc: no call me later
On bus btw I'm in the story too as bahja
Yn and roc hear moaning and faster faster
U and roc walk in both: ewww.
Ray:gtho: get the he!! Out.
Bahja: heyyy get out
That's part one two coming. You were wearing this
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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Its been atleast 2 weeks after you helped Ray get his new girlfriend and he hasnt talked to you since then. You cried yourself to sleep almost every night because you couldnt stand the fact that Ray was happy with another girl but you knew he had every right to be. You missed seeing him and talking to him but you knew that all of that would change after he got a GF but you didnt want it to just stop. Tonight, Ray promised that he would go see a movie with you and to catch up on some things since he hasnt talked to you for awhile.
You were at the movie theatre waiting for Ray but you didnt see him at all. You figured that he was on his way so you just bought both of the tickets and waited inside for him. 5 minutes past…then 10…..then 15. You called and text Ray but you got no answer. The movie had already started so you just went to see it alone. You wanted to cry because you felt like he didnt even care about you anymore but that was his GF so…he was being a good BF to her. After the movie, you walked to Prince’s house for a Fun Night that you guys always had. When you walked into the house, your heart dropped and you couldnt do anything but stare. Ray and his GF was...
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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my pov
i was always knwn as the geek/popular girl. idk y thgh!
half the time im a geek 4 being smart
othr times popular cuz im pretty
pretty n smart, u dnt see tht evryday
my life waz going okay until one day

teacher-okay class, meet a new student Raymond
all girls xcept me-*runs up 2 him crowding around him*
ray-uh xcuse me?
me-*looks up frm science book tht im studying* yeah?
ray-is sumone sitting here?
ray-mkay *sits dwn in seat beside me* so wats ur name?
me-Mariah Love (ths is a fake name)
ray-im Raymond
me-i knw ur frm mb am i suppose 2 be screaming?
ray-sumbdy who iznt freaking out cuz im famous
me-i treat u anyway i treat any other person
me-*smiles at him but quickly hides it*
*end of period*
ray-*coming up behind me* so i heard prom is coming up
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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Oh and this is what my bro Kyle look like:
(Yeah her brotha is Ace Primo)

Next Morning----

Mm I was in a excellent dream. It was at the part where this very muscular boy was feeding me grapes, another was massaging my feet, there was another one massaging my temples. They were really cute. It was gettin good until the one that was massaging my temples leaned down and was about to kiss me..but I had a rude awakening..literally!! I felt something cover my nose and it was smelly. Aw....AW HELL NAW SOMEONE THROUGH THEIR DIRTY SOCK ON ME FACE. I shot up, ready to go off. Low and behold, the culprit stood in front of me with a smirk on his face.

Kyle- *calm voice* Ma said it's was time to get up.

Me- And you couldnt get me up like a NORMAL person would, you lil weirdo!?

Kyle-....I could have...but I chose not to. *smirk* Now, since you're woke, get up.

I rolled my eyes and got up. I went into my bathroom and got ready.
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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«Nikol's P.O.V»

Today's moving day!! Yayy!! *sarcasm* not. My parents are making me move because my dad got a promo AND transferred to L.A. *sigh* I told them I could stay with Nana because she lives in this part of Maryland. But my mom said "You knows she getting out old and she can't keep up with you...." blah, blah, blah gettin old my butt. She be hitting Club Choices every night. Hmm I ain't stupid. If I know anybody, I know my gramma. I had just got finished packing the last box of my room and was about to take it downstairs with the rest of 'em until my douche of a brother got in my way.

Kyle- Heeeeyyy Douche

Me- Heeeeyyyy Jerk *fake smile*

Kyle- Oh we name calling now, huh?

Me- *suck teeth* Boy get out my face wit dat. You the one comin in here callin me a douche.

Kyle- Call them like I see 'em.

Me- So do I..

Kyle- Whateva.

Me- *raise eyebrow* Mhm, now move so I can get downstairs.
Fan fiction by badgirljojo143 posted over a year ago
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well I was gonna visit my unkle walter he was the manger of MB
Walter: helo u must be mu-jo boy have u grown
Me; *laughs and smiles*
Walter; well jojo come in
Me; thanks
walter: well meet da boyz
Prince: hello im princeton
Prod; im prodigy
Roc; im roc royal
Ray; and im Ray Ray wait why do i always introduce myself last?
Me; *laughs* u must be da stupid one i mean the funny one
Prince; ohhhhhhhh Ray u gonna take dat
Ray; take what her body 4 sure
Me; *look at him wierd*
Prince; u see why his da dumb one
Walter; aye yo boyz what did i say bout u calling eachother dumb?
Prince; imma show u ur room
Me; ok thanks princeton
Prince; no prop shawt- um no problem
he shows me where im suposed to sleep but he show me his room
Me; ummm is dis da geust room
Prince; geust what now
Me; the gest room
Prince; oh um i thought ya gonna sleep wit me tonite
Fan fiction by mindlesskeke16 posted over a year ago
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Ray:yo lil cuz you ready to gradute today
Me:yea Ray
Prod:lil sis mom cant wait to see you
Terian:im so happy
Me:yea and it is a day until christmas and two days before me and prod birthday
Prod:yea we gone be 17
Terian:y`all come onso we can get to the graduation
Us:ok girl damn
Oh and if you don`t think we have potty mouths well we do and we bad but have good grades ok
At our graduation
Theacher:Criag crippen jr
Theacher:now Keyana Crippen
MeandProdFamily:wooooo Keyana
Teacher:now Raquan Maran Smith
Teacher:now last but not least Terian Morgan
oh our Graduation outfit`s
Terian`s outfit,link
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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GF: Whats going on here.?!
YN: n-nothing. I was just leaving thats it…*walks away*
Ray: …I thought you werent coming.
GF: I wanted to surprise you.! *smiles*
Ray: oh, well im glad you arent mad at me. *he says while looking around the room for you*
GF: *sighs* Ray, go get her.
Ray: Huh.?!
GF: You clearly like her. I can see it all over your face.
Ray: No, GFN i love y—
GF: No you dont Ray. I see the way you look at her when shes talking. You never looked at me like that. Since that day we threw eggs at her house, youve been acting different. Like you began to actually care for her. So go tell her how you feel..before its too late. She feels the same way about you anyways so…go. *smiles*
Ray: *speechless and hugs her* Thanks..
GF: No problem. *walks away*
Ray: *sighs* Do i really want to do this…i dont even know if i like her or not…
You walked into the locker rooms where everyone kept all of their belongings. You struggled to unlock the locker with your stuff inside of it when someone walked up to you…
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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You were in the bathroom for about 20 minutes trying to sort things out. Once you stopped crying, you opened the door and slowly walked to the living room.
Roc: Oh there she is. Hey YN, you ok?
YN: uhh y-yea im fine.
Prod: Well come over here and introduce yourself to Rays new girl.
YN: sure…ok.
Even though you wanted to run out of the house and go home, you didnt want to be rude to the girl. You decided to give her a chance. Maybe you’ll like her…
GF: Hi, im HN. (her name)
YN: Hey, im YN.
GF: I dont think ive ever hurd of you before. Ray doesnt talk about you like he talks about the others.
Thats it.! You wanted to pounce on her and choke her until she stopped breathing. How dare she say that about you but you had no one to blame but…Ray. You glanced at Ray but he still didnt look at you. Was he that mad that I tried to kiss him..?
YN: Well…..we havent talked in awhile so im pretty sure he forgot all about me. *you gave out a very fake smile*
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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Prince: *studdering(sp)* U-uh, W-w-we I um--

??: I was talking to my daughter, thank you.

Prince: *shuts up*

??: Nikol Ari Johnson, I am talking to you! Answer me this instant.

I released from Prod's embrace and turned around slowly with puffy and very red eyes.

Me: *sniff* Yes mom.

Mom: All I see is police and ambulances leaving my driveway. What happened?

Me: Mom..

Mom: And why are there boys without me or your father here to supervise you..

Me: Mom..*gettin angry*

Mom:... And look at this!! You have on tight pajamas. To tight for my approval. For all I know you could have been having sex with one of these boys. I--

Boys: What?!

Me: Mom!!! Just stop!! You pull up and see the ambulance and police, YES! But did you ask if I was okay? NO! One of the boys I know was stabbed!!! So what you think imma do?!! Just sit there and let him bleed out??!! HELL NO!! Yeah! I had boys here but they're my friends!! Don't you see Ayla and Amara here too!! Yes, I have on tight pajamas--
Fan fiction by rayrayrox posted over a year ago
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You and Ray had been bestfriends since you were about 9 years old. You guys always did everything together and he always made sure that you and him kept in contact when he went on tours. Being friends with someone for 9 years is such a long time and its kind of hard for you not to catch feelings for that person. Well, thats exactly what you did. Even though you were scared to tell him, you’ve always liked Ray from day one but you figured that you were’nt “his type”. It was a couple days after they finished the #1 Girl Tour and you and Ray were at your house alone catching up on some things…
Ray: yea but the tour was amazing..
YN: Im glad you had fun…i missed you though.
Ray: *begins to poke* Aww you missed he. He smiles that adorable perfect smile that he has. Your heart melts a little.
YN: Ok but you knoww you missed me too. You say hoping that he did.
Ray: Yea i did. I missed talking to you about stuff… He looks at you, his eyes focusing on yours.
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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Nikol's P.O.V////

Im really starting to warm up the guys. They are really cool. Prod told me a little about himself. He's really interesting. Considering that he's STILL hungry even after he ate 2 chicken finger and fries bowls, 3 soft shell tacos, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, a super supreme sundae, and a medium coke. It's just fascinating. But I wonder..how he doesn't get fat if he eats like this constantly.

Me- Um Prod..can I ask you a question?

Prod- *chewing* Yeah, go ahead. *grin*

Me- Um, don't take this the wrong way but..how come you eat so much but don't get fat?

Prod- *swallow* Because I stay at the gym. See *stands up and lifts shirt ro show abs*

Me- (O.O)...goddamn....

Prod- *chuckle**put shirt down and sits back down next to

Roc+Prince- *suck teeth* show off.

Prod- Oh my god...*smh* I can't believe how much yall are hating right now. It's just unbelievable. *sits back with a smirk*
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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skip 2 nxt Monday
me-*at my locker*
ray-oh rite *slams locker*
me-wats ro-2 days ur last day?
me-im gnna miss u randy!
ray-im gnna miss u 2 but here *givs me box*
me-OMG!!! randy u-u got me ths?!
ray-lol yeah
me-i luv it! thnk u! *kisses him*
chrys-awwwww luv birds!!!
me-lol! yeah
ray-luv birds 4evah
chrys-well im sorry u hav 2 go ray ray, u made my sister happy
ray-uh u-

at ray's house
me-how long till u gtta leave?
ray-2 nite at 10
me-how come ur house is so quiet ths days?!
ray-u knw thy got their own houses rite?!
me-oh rite
chrys-y dnt we go somewhere?!
me-lol where?!
chrys-lets go out of twn thn come bak b4 he leave
ray-tht sounds good!
me-okay but where we gnna go?!
so we get our stuff n go out of twn!!!!!!
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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at my house aftr doing sum rated R thngs
me-okay now im gnna thnk about sumthng n u see if u knw wat it iz
me-*thnkg tht ray is a taco head*
ray-im a taco head?!
me-dang u good okay ur turn
ray-*thnks somethng*
me-im sexy?
ray-dam how u knw?!
me-thts all u evr thnk about!
ray-lol!!! wat u gnna wear 2mrw?
me-um...yellow tank n black skinny jeans
ray-ur dressing up as a bumble bee?!
me-lol stfu! wadda bout u?
ray-white top black jeans yellow high tops
me-wow. ur gnna stand out in the crowd!
me-lol im tired n it 2 o clock in tha moring!
we go up 2 my room
me-where r u going?!
ray-in another room
me-uh uhn ur stayng in here!
ray-um...in ths room?
me-in ths bed taco a$$!!!
ray-r u sure?!
me-do u sleep with ur shirt off?
ray-um...trick question?
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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ray-*looks horrified*
me-*cryng* i ddnt mean 4 it 2 hppn it just did!
ray-wat hppnd?
me-we were outside playng n we were playng hide n seek n he fount me but i ddnt want 2 be it so i threw a temper tantrum n stabbed him thn i lied about it! i nvr meant 2 kill my dad!!! y was i such a BRAT?!
ray-*pulls me in2 a hug* its okay
me-*pulls away frm him* no its not! im a murderer!!!! im going 2 h-
ray-dnt say it
me-i pray about it evry night but wat if thts not enough?! i always beg 4 4givness but im still scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ray-mariah its okay. as long as no one knws!
me-no im gnna do the rite thng
ray-wat do u meen?!
me-im gnna turn myself in. rite now! *gets up but falls dwn* ouch!! ow ow owwwwww!!!!! *screams really loud* AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ray-shhh its okay n ouch!
me-u thnk?!
ray-im takng u 2 the hospital
me-no! i dnt wnna go back i cnt! my mom will knw i blew off school!
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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At home
me-*watchng tv*

my pov
i had so much going on in one day i was tired. so i went 2 sleep but i heard someone come in my room
josh-stfu little girl!!! i hear u gttn in2 fights n going out with boys n sneakng out evry night!!! lol well all thts gnna change!
me-get. out. now!
josh-oh come on baby it wont hurt. jk it will! *Tackles me 2 floor n take off my clothes*
me-stop u perv!!
josh-the last time my wife's daughter clld me tht, she ended up missing on the news n was found in a trash can!
me-ur crazy! HELP!!! SOMEBDY PLZ HELP ME!!!! *i was screamng frm the top of my lungs*
josh-*r4pes me*
me-*cries silently*
josh-dnt cry im just gttn started!!!! *french kisses me*
josh-*punches me*
me-*grabs face*
josh-Miranda!!!! she told me 2 do it!!! she said she would kill me if i ddnt!!!
me-no mom i ddnt i promise!!!
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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at my house aftr chrys dropped me off
???-*knocks on my door*
me-*opens it.* oh mickie i 4got u were coming back!
mickie-i keep my promises! *walks in without evn being told 2*
me-hold up!
me-who told u tht u could come in?!
mickie-i told myself
me-well can u go back out so i can invite u in?!
mickie-uggg okay *walks back out*
me-oh hi mickie come in!
mickie-thank u! *comes in*
me-ill shw u the living room!
me-*goes in2 lvng room n sits dwn*
mickie-its in chair across frm me
me-do u ne-
mickie-listen 2 me! randy doesnt want u!!! who would?! evn ur mom hated u!!! wnna knw y?! cuz u r an embarassment!!!
me-hold up! wth u thnk u r comin in my house tlkn 2 me like tht?!
mickie-i thnk my name is mickie!!! get somethng str8 4 once!!!
me-okay u gtta go!!!
mickie-y?! oh someone wants 2 meet u thgh!!! randy babe come out!!!
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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we wlk dwn a pathway of roses n end up coming 2 a lake tht was crystal clear n blue with honeysuckle all around it
me-OMG RAY-DAMMIT! *starts moving back slowly. cuz wen tht boy make a promise, he gon keep it!*
ray-i wont count tht one against u
me-whew ty soooooooooo much!!!!
ray-*takes off his shirt*
me-*omg tht boy has a body of a model!!! i swear on my livng soul!!!!!!!! i nvr really knw i was looking at him n i nvr really knw he was tlkng 2 me n i nvr really knw i was touchng him!!!! its lik i freakn blanked out or somethn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
ray-*shakes me*
me-*snaps out of watevr i was doing* wat?
ray-wat r u doing?!
me-i wasnt doing anythng!!!!
ray-*looks at me lik im crazy* sometimes i wonder about u mariah
me-n sometimes i worry tht thm tacos u be eatng go straight 2 yo head!
ray-*omg i was so scared i cldnt evn move i swear i was havng a seisure!!!!!! i was so shcoked i couldnt evn dial the priest's number my hands were shaking so much!!!!!!!!!! omg ths boy can play in a scary movie about demons dude im NOT kddng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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After he sat me down, he went over and locked the door. The one with the bush just stood there and stared at me. It was getting really annoying I had to say something.

Me- Hi. Questions, comments, concerns? Anything I can help you wit?

I barked. He threw his hands up in defense and turned away....Dag, now I regret snapping at him. He was a cutie. He had on some nerd glasses on, with some baggy cargo pants, with green vans, and a green shirt with the words "Video Killed the Radio Star". He looked like a geek...but a cute one too. The other boy went to the back room and got the First Aid Kit Im guessing so I sat there and waited.
Soon he came back out. Now I had a great view of him. He had light caramel skin, big juicy lips, two ear piercings , chocolate eyes, muscles that you can see from a mile away, and a nice and fresh haircut. He was a god!! Just 1000% sexy....is that even possible. Im guessing he was talking to me because he waved his hand infront of my face due to not responding.
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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my pov(at home)
tf did he meen?! i cnt stop thnkg about him!!!! i messed thngs up between us! i gtta make thngs rite but he'll nvr take me back! uggg i gtta get my mind off of ths!!!!!!!

me-*walks 2 dance studio i come 2 wen im stressed*
my pov
the dance studio is brand new but the ppl who use 2 hold classes here moved away n now its abandoned. there r 2 rooms in it, a wall seperating the 2 but i always go in the white room instead of black*

me-*turns on Nicki Manaj Starships n dances 4 long time non stop*

ray's pov
i bet she thnks im dumb now! she probably doesnt want 2 tlk 2 me again!!!!! uggggg i ddnt meen 4 her 2 get mad! i waz worried about her!!!!!! i gtta get my mind off of ths!

ray-*goes dwn 2 abandoned dance studio*

ray's pov
ths studio is still new but the ppl who use 2 use it mvd away so now its abandoned. there r 2 rooms in it, a white 1 n a black 1. i go in the red one but u gtta pass through the white 2 get past it
Fan fiction by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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I swung my head back towards the lady.

Me- Im not going anywhere with him!

Raquan- And Im sure in Hell aint goin no where wit her!

Office Lady- Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!! First, lower you're voices! Second, what's the matter with going to yall lockers together?

Me- *cross arms*......Long Story. (Haaa, I have yall dehydrated!!! Lol But yall gone find out later)

Office Lady- Well just relax. It's not like yall have EVERY class together. Yeah, you might see each other in the halls but just walk you're seprate ways.

Us-.........*sigh* Okay..whatever.

Office Lady- Okay..now bye.

Me- Mhm. *exit*

Raquan- *exit behind her*
As we walked down the hall he kept on taking glimpses at me, but I pretended not to see him.

Me- *still looking forward* So.....how's that arm doing? *smirk*

Raquan- *cut his eyes* What do you think? Its still BROKE.
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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*at wedding coming in l8*
mom-*runng towards me n slaps me*
me-im sorry i got lockd in a closet
mom-*slaps me again* stop lyng! where were u?!
me-i was helpng sumone study 4 a test 2mrw
mom-4get about being smart Mariah! ur not going 2 collage n if u dnt shut up, Josh is gnna make sure u do!
me-yes ma'am
me-*walks ovr n helps her*

ray(at home layng on his bed)
roc-dude! get up! its time 4 dinner we hvn tacos
ray-ill be dwn there
roc-?! ray, tacossss
ray-i knwwwww
roc-wats rong with u?! ur not ray ray who r u man?!
ray-ray ray
roc-ur not happy about tacos hld on *PRINCE GET IN HERE!*
prince-wat? ray wats rong ur not dwnstairs b4 evryone else?!
ray-im gnna go eat in a little bit
prince-*looks at roc*
ray-can u guys go 4 a little bit?
Article by LUVNRAYRAY posted over a year ago
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I luv all da boys of mb. But rayray its just somthing about him that makes him the one i luv the most. I luv his VERY long braids. I love his style and his very funny personality. I make sure that when i put more posters on my wall that i have the most of rayray. He is on my mind all day everyday i can never stop thinking about him no matter what im doing. Sometmes in class i just stare at his picture in my binder. I try not to look at it bcuz i know once i look at it im not gonna b able to stop. Everynight i fall asleep looking at his poster on my wall. And every night i pray about them. Everytime i see him i just start smiling like crazy. Even when i hear his voice i start smiling crazily. When im around other people and were watching something about mindless behavior i have to try my best not to explode i just try to do something else to keep from even smiling or i just laugh and sometimes i have to just leave. Everyday i do something that i can do related to mb. I join all the groups and make an account on all the sites that even mention mindless behavior. All of my screen names have rayrays name in it. Sometimes i stay up late at night to watch the so randoms with mindless...
Article by davonna1 posted over a year ago
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(entering the room prodigy)
princeton:you finally showed up prod
prodigy:i had to deal with my girl
princeton:id boy
prodigy:i thought rayray and roc was over here
princeton:naw they aint but they on they way now
prodigy:so where we finna go
princeton:we finna chill at my place and drink or whatever
(rayray and ropc knocks on the door)
rayray:what up yall
roc royal:waz up
rayray:wat we on today man
princeton some different
rocroyal: like what
princeton:man some like a drink
rayray:man whaat is you on you tweaking
princeton:no why you ask me that
rayray:never mind
prodigy:yall i need to go get my son from school
rayray:you got a son?
prodigy:yea but i gotta go ill catch up with yall later

Fan fiction by NyashaJ posted over a year ago
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Ray: Prod stop before you do something you're gonna regret!
Prod: Ray!! I'm gonna be fine!!!!
Sam: Ray maybe you should go with him just to be sure.........
Ray: Ok sweetie fine! Bye *kisses her*
Prod: What if I don't want you to come along with me!?!? No one cares what I think?!?
Ray: Nope
Prod: Uuuurrrgggghhhh!!! Fine!!!! Let's go!!!! Bye Sam
Sam: bye Prod! Bye sweetie!

Once they were out of the house-

Ray: Where are we going?
Prod: Tanya's house to get some answers.....
Ray: -__-

They drive to Tanya's house in silence

Prod just barges in and finds Tanya kissing some dude who I'm guessing is Denzel! Now Prod was FUMING MAD!!!!!!

Prod: OH HELLL NAHH!!!!!! WTF is this!!!!!????
Tan: Prod wtf haven't you ever heard of knocking?!?
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Kaylan:me Ray ray:ray[couple]
Kelise:princess Princeton:prince [friends]
Jayla:jay Prodigy:prod[couple]
Brianna:bri Roc Royal:roc
After the boys practice
ray:how we do
me:yall all did great
ray:thanks [all the boys kiss the girls]
jay:u guys lets go to my house nd hang out
At jay house
roc:jay lets watch a movie
jay nd prod:sure
princess nd prince:cool we will make some dinner
bri:wat we having for dinner
princess:i will make tacos,chilli chesse fries
bri:lets play some music
Girlz Talkin Bout is playin
Prince:Princess i was thinkin we should be more than friends
princess:wat are u sayin
prince:will u be my girlfriend
To Be Coutined
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Its the day of the Dance and you wake up actually feeling excited. Even though you had no one to go with, you kind of got over the whole thing with Ray. You’ve realized that he doesnt feel the same way about you and you have to move on….even though you dont want to. As time passes, you begin to get dressed. You curled and flat ironed your hair, put on a strap-less navy blue dress with silver heels. After you’ve finished getting dressed, you met up with the boys in front of Rocs house.
Prod: Hey YN. *hugs you* You look really pretty.
Roc, Prince: Yea, you do. :)
YN: Awee thanks guys. *smiles*
Roc: *nudges Ray*
Ray: What.?!
Roc: *looks at you then looks at him*
Ray:….y-you look ok YN.
Prince: *face palms*
YN: uh..thanks Ray. You look “ok” too….
Ray: yea….
Prod: Alright, y’all ready to go.?
Ray: wait, GFN isnt here yet. Ima call her.
Prince: Didnt he call her like 10 times already..
Roc: yea..maybe she—
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Birthday: January 6
Birthplace: Los Angeles
Fav Color: Purple
Fav ice cream: Cake Batter
Fav artist: Drake,Usher,Michael Jackson
Fav Sports: Football and skateboarding
Fav Athlete: Desean Jackson
Fav Movie: Twilight Saga
Fav actor: Robert Pattinson
Fav t.v. show: Tom and Jerry
Fav comic book her: Iron Man
Fav school subject: Math
Fav book: Twilight books
Words used offen: Seriously,thats funny,thats cool
Inspirations: Michael Jackson and Drake
Best christmas gift resived (sp?): All the twilight books
Best birthday present resived (sp?): Money
Place most wanted to visit: Paris,France
Bad habbit: Talks when nervous Good habbit: Polite to strangers What makes him mindless: Charming personality, confident
Signiture accessery: Braids and googles
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Skip sunday

me-*at my locker*
ray-*as usual slams my locker shut*
me-tht nvr gets old
ray-lol so i tlkd 2 chrys 2day
ray-but still she said she'll giv me a chance but i hav 2 wait 2 months
me-go chrys!
ray-great minds thnk alike
me-tht means u n tacos thnk alike! congratulations randy! *pats his head*
ray-but still i gtta tlk 2 u about somethng
ray-*walks me 2 abandoned room*
me-randy u look said. y?!
ray-me n the boys r going on tour
ray-ik. i couldnt tell u yesterday so i wntd 2 tell u knw!!!!
me-wa-woah woah wait!!! wen XACTYLY R U going on tour?!
ray-next week
me-oh *looking dwn*
ray-im sorry mariah ths time i really am
me-no! im not sad ur going on tour! im mad because i was really looking forward 2 teasing u 4 the nxt 2 months!!!!!!
ray-wow. nice
me-ikr! *kisses him*
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Random Pic
Nikol's P.O.V::..

The guys and I were getting to know each other alittle better. They're really cool.

Roc- My favorite color is blue, my birthday is July 23rd, and I love some soul food! *smiling*

Me- *giggling at how cute he looks when he's excited*

Roc- What? *smile*

Me- You're just cute when you're excited.

Roc- *blush alittle* Thanks. *give sexy smile*

Me- no problem *bite lip*

Prince- *clear throat* I think it's my turn. *says jokingly*

Me- Im sowwy Princey. *pouts but not really* do you forgive me?

Princeton- um.......I'll think about it. *joking**smiles*

Me- Princeton! *smile*

Prince- Okay, okay, okay I forgive you.

Me- Thank you. Now you can continue. *smile*

Prince- Well, my birthday is April 21st, my favorite color is green, and I love to cook.

Me- My fave color is black, my birthday is December 26th, and I like to cook also.
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at school
my pov
i promise u im evn scared 2 see Randy!!!! DAM THERE I GO AGAIN!!!! but still i just...im scared...i promise u im nvr sayng...i pray he cnt read ths...im nvr sayng ray again
*someone snaps me out of my thghts*
me-*jumps back*
???-did i scare u?
me-yeah. hey Randy
ray-*smiles at me* wow i did get u sr8
me-*mumbles* u hav no ideaaaa
ray-i wnna take u sumwhere aftr school
ray-*whispers in my ear* a place where no one can here or see us
me-*a chill went up my spine i mean...really. i felt so cold it waznt evn funny* *barely in a whisper* okay
Mickie gvng us a death stare*
ray-i wish she would stop
me-ikr. DAM! i 4got we hav detenion
ray-ill take u aftr
*some kids come by n laughs at me*
me-y dnt u guys stfu n go french kiss ur dogs again?!
ray-*falls out laughng*
*guys stop laughn n put their heads dwn in shame*
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me-*on bed cryng*
???-omg Ri!!!!!!
me-go away Rockie!!!!!
rock-im ur big sister! i cant go away! y wont u tlk 2 me?!
me-becuz he's back!!!!
rock-did tht little b*st*rd do sumin 2 u?!-he did im gnna kill him! im gnna kill him i swear it on my daddy grave!!!
me-plz dnt do anythng thts gnna make it worse!!!!
rock-okay sis but if he hit u lik tht again, im gnna kill him
me-lmao okay im gnna take a shwr
rock-okay lil sis *kisses my forehead* nite

the nxt day at school (lunch)
my pov
ive been avoiding randy 4 the whole day n i changed seats in science with mickie n i could tell randy waznt hppy im looking out 4 him but im still freakng out

???-Ri r u okay?!
me-Um...yeah Chrys im good
chrys-okay wel imma head 2 class see u l8r?
me-yeah i bttr get going 2 bye! *i walk the hallway and see ppl pointing n laughing about me n trwng stuff on me so i run into the girls bathroom until class starts wen evyone out the hallway thn i leave. all of a sudden, someone pulls me into an abanodened classroom* WTH?!
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We've met or characters so let's see how it all began!


Oh no another day of school! I wish I could just die I can't stand school everyone is so mean, I was wide awake just laying in bed, I seemed to be lost in my thoughts when suddenly my alarm went off! I got my with a jump, made my bed, took a shower, got dresses went down stairs. I found my parents happily having they're breakfast with little brother, Nathan. I gave my mom and dad a kiss each and ate my breakfast we talked about school for a while and then I went to get my stuff we were off my dad dropped me off at school. I went to my locker to get my papers for French class. Then I see a Tanya running to me she gave me a hug and said "Hey!" She was out of breath, I said "Hi! What's the rush?" "I wanted to say hi before going for my Maths lesson, if I'm late AGAIN Mr Smith will kill me!" I loved Tanya but she was the worst at managing time. Before I could say anything the bell for 1st period went and she zoomed off!
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fav pic
when mindless behavior first came out i went to my siter house and she told me"it`s this group called mindless behavior" so as soon as she told me that my mom called me and said"its time to go home" so when i first i got home i went to my laptop and i looked it up on google and looked at some photos of them then i printed some pics out and showed my mother and she said"who are them on that paper"i replied"a group called mindless behavir paradise told me about them" she said" i like the one wit the long hair" and i said"me too when i was looking up these pics i kept on staring at him "im going to ask paradise what`s their names and then im going to make me a fanpop"i said so the next day it was sunday i went to church with my sister paradise and when we got back home i asked her my question"what is the boys name in mindless behavior" she told me"ray-ray,princeton,prodigy,and roc royal" so then she asked me "which one do you like." "I told her the one with the long hair whats his name." She told me "that`s ray-ray" i said well i love ray-ray and now im about to make me a fanpop and try to chat with him.
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Ok my stuff got lost for the second time but I'm listening to music and I'm good.

Leah pov: I can't believe it I'm here kissing Jacob.
I had to stop it since I got to heated. Before I got up I said "I gotta go"

And I left with.out him saying a word.

I step in my car and dialed
Kyle's number.

It ringed 2times and then she picked up.

*phone convo*
Me : Hey, Kyle I wanted to know if I can come over.

Kyle : yeah just let me get my self together first.

Me.: Together? What are you doing?

Kyle : this is grown folks business. *hang ups*

*phone convo end*

I laughed as I was driving to her house.

Niyah pov : I was in my room with Bree. We been hanging out together. And I missed my girls.

Me: Bree

Bree: yeah , what

Me : let's go to my friend house.
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Hey hey hey. Ok this is a vampire and were(spell check) wolf
Im going to use their real names in this.And this story is for my friend Leah.

Leah POV

So, I was walking with my friend niyah and kyle
we talked about our weekend.The bell ring and we went our separate ways I went to my first period witch was..........history

Ok now history was my favorite class loud noisy students.

Since I was the only one in this class with no friends I just went on instagram
while I was doing that this boy with the puffey afro hair I swear when he past my seat I felt a chill. I guess he knew I was staring to long because he smiled OH DANM THAT SMILE.

Jacob pov: I walked in to history to see this girl staring at me I smiled at her she must of realized because she quickly looked away I got in to my seat and thought untill I got the vision(spell check) It nothing new . Anyway I saw a fight us against the vampire those are our worst enemies.
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you were walking home on your way to school happy because your best friend just told you that Mindless Behavior was coming to your city and they were staying for a whole week. and on top of that you got a brand new phone for getting decent grades on your report card. you were texting your best friend when a guy ran into you.

guy: yo my bad shawty

you: I an't yo shawty. ughhh OMG look what you did. I just got this phone.

you picked up your phone to examine it and make sure there was no cracks and that it still worked. you also picked up your purse but a piece of paper fell but you didn't bother to pick it up.

guy: look I'm really sorry

you: whateva jerk

you were in such a hurry to get home to talk to your best friend that you didn't bother to look at the guy. who was Roc Royal. you just brushed yourself off and avoided eye contact with him and walked off. the rest of the boys then walked up.
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Nikki POV
so mindless behavior and me and my friend's went to the mall for a bit just relaxing
End of POV
Ray; finally we got out of that house how long haven't i been outside
Prince; Ray Ray you go outside evry 10 mins
Ray; misfit
Prince; What?
Nikita; Ray lets go over there to look at those cool shoes I have to have
Ray; anything 4 u
*princeton looking jealous*
so we wnet to the store and grabbed the shoes
Nikita; oh damn I left my wallet at home
Ray; don't worry I will pay 4 u
Nikita; awww u dont have 2 u no
Ray; no no It's ok
Nikita; r u sure
Ray: yes I am sure
Nikita; ok I will pay u back
Ray; no Nikki u dont have to
Nikta; you are the best *kisses his cheek*
Ray *blushing*
then we went back. and a hole lot of fans were souronding Roc Royal.Princeton and Prodigy taking photo and getting autograph
Fan; I love U Roc
Roc*blushing*: ummmm thanks I love u 2
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>me:ray ray im bored babe >ray ray:well let go take the kids to the park >me:but still bored >rayray :no it not belileve me babe me: ok me in ray ray in the car drive in to the park ray ray: we here now me: this look like the park ray rayray: babe u dont see it this is ok me: ok yall get out of the car i will be sitting the car rayray:babe why u sitting in the car me: because u wacthing the kids im not
rayray: that not fair u watching too me:why me rayray because they your child me;ok find im going keke;hey...
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Brianna POV
Sooo we pass through all of our classes and its finally time to go home. So i run to my locker to get my stuff and when i opened it randy shut it. Me:heyy. He just smiles. So i open it back up. Me:where are we going?? Randy:you'll see. So i get my stuff and we start walking. Me:you are sooo cute. Randy:thanks......and that just came out of no where. Me:i wanted to break the silence. Randy:ohhh... Me:soo how far is this place??Randy:umm it 4:23 we'll be there around 5.Me:WHAT?! Randy:its a long walk. Me:i didnt sign up for walking cant we take a cab or somethin?? Randy:lazy. Me:its not my fault i dont like walking alot.So we walk the rest of the way in slience until we get to this big field in the middle of no where. Randy:do you remember this place?? Me:.......yess...i used to come here when i was little with this boy.....i forgot his name but we used to be friends very close friends unti he moved. Then he walks me over to a tree and points at this heart and it says randy+brianna=best friendz forever<3 Me:...........................Then i start crying silently. He doesnt realize it until he looks at me. Randy:are you ok?? Me:you knew? Randy:of course... how...
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So I go to school the next day and see Riah.Me:what are u doin here.Riah:Randy and I were goin it lunch u want it come?Me:HELL TO THE FUCKING NO first u take my boyfriend and now u want me it go it lunch wit u Bitch!!!Riah:fine don't come hoe.Me:wat the fuck u say!Riah:u heard me!Randy:wat is the problem.?Me:get yo dirty trick away from me kk.Randy:y u soo mean?Me:u dumped me so for get it.Randy:u want it come it my concert?Me:y.Randy:cause I want it know!me:u don't need it know nothin bout me nooo more ok.Randy:..(mumbaling)U are mean.Me:did u say something.Randy:NO!!Me:I thought so.(Setting my house)Me:mom I'm home..mom...mom I guess she ain't here.Randy:(knock on door)Me:wat do u want?Randy:I want u back!!Me:y I thought u was happy wit Riah!Randy:I really don't like the I luv u.Me:not this shit.Randy:(sings my girl to me).Me:u think I'm goin it buy that huh?Me:u kno wat u need it leave now!Randy: y u tired so much.?Me:cause I'm having my baby!!Randy:NO!!!!!(u can find the rest in pt3
Opinion by babaygirl posted over a year ago
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I was walking down the street when I the stupidest thing ever.It was Randy kissing on another gurl.So I grabed him by his ear and smacked the living day light out of him.Randy say "I luv u and I will never ever do any thing stupid again promise".Me.why would u kiss her and who was were u kissing?Randy................Me.who was it tell me!Randy say "its yo cousin".Me.which one?Randy."Riah"Me. "U were making out with my cousin!?Randy."I luv u though"Me."if u luv me then y did u make out with my cousin?Randy"she kissed me first"Me."I don't care who kissed who first but u still kissed me cousin!"Randy."i didnt want.Me."u know what how can I trust u I don't even bel.Randy "but I di.Me."don't u talk when I'm talking!U know what I'll see u in school!
School:this morning Randy bought me some dough nuts and said" I'm sooo sorry"Me."I thought it over last night and it seems like your hiding something".Randy "Baby I love u and all but stop getting all up in my life let's talk about yours ok."me.y do u talk to me that way?"Randy."u know what yo cousin is having my baby"!Me."what did u say!"Randy." I'm done alright I told u I wasn't making out with her but I did have sex with her"!(I run...
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Rayray: bae where u going today Me: I'm going pick up my friend mindlesskeke16 Rayray: that kool i will be in the car driveing to the store. Mindlesskeke16: hello girl where u at. Me: I'm by to pick you from the gas stage. Mindlesskeke16: ok call me when you on your way. Me: ok alright girl bye. Mindlessskeke: bye. Rayray: Princeton come here do u want to go with mindlesskeke16 Princeton: who is mindlesskeke16 Rayray: boy Terian friend mindlesskeke16. Princeton: yeah i want to go with Mindlessskeke so we have kids oh yeah. Rayray: hey hey dont about you wanna have kids I'm not by to talk about right now ok....
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Im sooorrryy my goonettes! :'( I make stories everywhere lol. But on with this one! :)


After class Prince and I walked to lunch but he had to make a stop.

Prince: Hey uh, can you go with me somewhere real quick?

Me: Sure, where to?

Prince: (smiles) Just follow me. (Start running down the hall)

Me: Okay, wait up! (Jogging after him)

After a while I realized that we were heading for the school doors. But I did question, I just went with the flow. We snuck outside and I saw this: link .

Me: Holy Shit, Prince!!....I mean Holy cow is this yours?

Prince: ( smile proudly)(unlocks doors) Yep. Hop in. (Gets in)
Fan fiction by NyashaJ posted over a year ago
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So we're skipping a few weeks and everyone is happy and blah blah or are they!!!

Tanya's house:
(She's alone with Prod and they're having a make-out session*those freaks*)

Tanya: Prod *kiss* we *kiss* need *she finally pulls away* Prod we need to talk!
Prod: Oh you're breaking up with me!
Tan: NO! I want to talk to you about my ex-boyfriend........
Prod: What about hi- oh do you still have feelings for him or something?!?!
Tan: NO, no.......
Prod: Sooo....... Why are we wasting time talking about this when we could be doing better things *he leans in to kiss her but she moves away (aukward)*
Tan: Uh....um.....Prod....I have load of homework to do.....so uh.....you should probably.....go
Prod: Oh I can help you with it.
Tan: NO!! Prod just go!!
Prod: oh....ok.....bye*he tries to kiss her but she moves again!*
Tan: ....bye.....

Prodigy leaves but now he's mad as HELL so he drives to Sam's house to get some answers! He just walked in and went straight to Sam's room! She was making-out with Ray *freaks*!
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Characters Kaylan:me Ray-Ray:ray Kelise:kelise Princeton:prince Olivia:libby Kelli:keke At my house me:U guys,how about we play a game Everyone:sure roc:wat kind of game libby:lets play spin the bottle keke:cool We spin the bottle nd it lands on prince Everyone:u have to kiss lee He gives me a kiss on the cheek roc:no u have to kiss her on the lips...
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I walked into the building heading straight to my locker. Still kinda p'ed. When I got to my locker I pulled out the things I needed and put in the things I didn't. Then I heard someone call my name. It was Prince.

Prince: Hey Nikol *smiles*

Me: Hey Princey Poo. *they started walking*

Prince: You know you're the only person I let call me that. I don't even let my mom.

Me: * laugh* Well you are my Princey Poo. *smile*

Prince: *blush*

To be honest I do have a little crush on Prince. He's just my adorable and cute little nerdy guy. I actually have a crush on Roc and Prod also. It's something different in each of them that makes me like them. Prod is my sexy and muscular Hershey's kiss that's really a teddy bear. And Roc is my fine caramel piece of candy that has a hard shell but a chewy center.

Prince: Sooo are you okay?

Me: *confused* Okay about what?
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okay so ray went on tour n victoria was at home one day. lets a=say...a week b4 he came back
*knock on door*
me-*gets up 2 get it n opens it* wat r u doing here mickie?! *annoyed*
mickie-ur bf was a fake
me-*fake laugh* lol okay!
mickie-no look really! *hands me fone in a rush looking back ovr he shoulder tapping her foot gttng impasionte by the half a second*
me-*reads txt tht says,(frm ray) hey mickie. im so freakn bored wudda bout u? n wat about victoria? lol she really thght i likd her! she's stupid. im surprised she's evn an honer roll student. crazy rite. anyway i got 2 go work on #1 girl. txt u l8r. bye!*
mickie-*takes fone n puts it in purse quickly* plz dnt tell him i shwd u tht! he clld me n told me wat he would do.
,mickie-tht thng ur dad did 2 u
me-stepdad n i dnt wnna remember
mickie-well good! cuz thts wat he said he'll do 2 me!!!! ill giv u anythng if u dnt tell
me-*thnkng* i wont. n i got a plan 4 him!!!
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??: Um what I was sayin was that Prod ate all the pretzel. I just wanted to know if there were anymore.

Me: Yeah, uh in the cabinet above the sink.

??: Ard thanks. *to Ayla and Amara* Ladies.

A+A: Mmmhhmmm *waits until he disappears into the kitchen* Okay, how many are here?

Me: What?

Ayla: Don't play dumb with us! How many sexy ass mofos here?!!

Me: Girl calm yo voice.....and there's 3.

Amara: :-0....You betta share!! Cause you can't be greedy and have all them to yo damn self.

Me: *lean against the door frame* And why not? *fold arms*

A+A: (0_0) Because God knows we need men!

Ayla: And plus the one we just saw muscles were like..

A+A: *does the Hercules thing* Boom, boom *then Good Friday* Daaaaammmmmmnnn!!

Me: *lmbo* Y'all are crazy come on in.

A+A: *enters*

Amara: Where's the livingroom?
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I deserve a whooping lol i havent written jn over a week....im sowwy :-(.. Antyway on with chappy 8!!

Still Nikol's POV::.

{After school}

The boys seemed cool so I guess I can consider them as my friends. Imma see if they would like to come over :)...HEY! I know thinkin "Bitch is you crazy..or are you desperate? You just met them today! (0_o)".....Maybe I am crazy...and a little desperate buuutt that's besides the point, my parents did want me to make friends so hey. I'll ask 'em.

Me: Hey guys?

Boys: Yerp?

Me: Would y'all like to come over to my house?

Boys: *raise eyebrows with smirks*

Me-....... To hang out.

Boys: Yeah, y-yeah that's what we were thinkin about.

Prince: Yeah because for a minute I thought you were talkin bout something else.

Prod: Hahaaa *daps him*

Prince: *daps back*
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Still at Sam's house

Sam: I'm not sure if my parents will allow me to go
Ray: Then ask
Sam: I'll call my mom

Phone conversation between Sam and her mom:

Sam: hi ma
Ma: hey sweetheart, how is the tutoring going I hope you two aint doing anything nasty! Because you know I won't hesitate to take your fathers belt and whoop your ***!
Sam: MA!!! We're not doing anything wrong, I just wanted to know if a could go to a party with Geek and Lyric?
Ma: Sure me and your dad will be back on Sunday, love you!
Sam: love and miss you lots!!!!

End of phone conversation!

Geek: She said yes......right?
Sam: Yes!
Ray: Yay my baby gonna be with me!!! *does a lil dance*
Prince: Great! So get ready and we can go!

At the party

Sam: Woooow, this party is just wooooow!
Ray: Ikr
Prince: Me and Lyric gonna hit the dance floor!
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Sorry it took so long to write this I had exams so I've been studying a lot!

So I want to add another character her name is Lyric aka Imdalyric to all you fans! She's sweet, cool, fun loving and a great friend! But we'll really meet her in the next chapter!

Ray is at Sam's house for the French lessons!

Halfway through the lesson:
Sam: How would you say the verb to go in the first person singular?
Ray: Nous allons! I'm tired can we PLEASE take a break?
Sam: NO!
Ray: *moves closer to Sam and he's pouting* PLEASE?
Sam: NO! *involuntariliy bite her bottom lip*
Ray: Please? *keeps moving closer and licking his lips*
Sam: No *she moves closer too*
Ray: Please!
Sam: We have to.....(Before she could finish Ray Ray's lips were touching hers and slowly they began to kiss! It started off soft and as it went on each kiss seemed to be more passionate than the last! As if the entire world had disappeared and so had problems!)
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I was sooo mad yesterday because I wrote Chapter 7 and it got lost!!!!!!!! Ooooo..anyway on wit the story :)

Ray Ray's P.O.V:::

I got up out of my seat and slowly made my way to the door because I was still sore. I had a small limp while walking down the hall. Soon I made it to the lunchroom. Noise from the students instantly crowded my ears. I went to the lunch line wondering what I was going to eat. Out of nowhere I heard laughing. I turned my head in that direction. It was Nikol. Mm, now I know what I want. A slice of supreme pizza, with a side of western fries (wedges), and a medium Dr. Pepper. I know that's what she got without looking at her tray. When we were in middle school that's what she always used to order for lunch. It is her favorite. After I found an empty seat. It was 6 tables away for theirs. The guilt is killing me. It seems like a huge ton on me right now. Why now do I feel it? Why couldn't I feel it years ago when I first started to hurt her? Was I too blind or..just to stupid? I sat there thinking of ways for me to better myself, because she doesn't deserve this. Not like she would ever love me back. *eyes...
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Ray Ray P.O.V::..

Prod checked and rebandaged my arm. He seemed to be in deep thought, until he finally spoke.

Prod:...... Ray, what was that? *says lowly*

Me: What was what?

Prod: You know what *alil louder*...you fightin a girl. What was all that about?

Me: What? The b*tch got slick out the mouth. And you know I don't tolerate dat ish.

Prod: But that aint give you any reason to touch her. You know better, man. Come on Ra--

Me- Look! What I do is my business! I aint have to tell you shit, okay!!

Prod- No need to yell and cuss cuz I could do the same shid, but even worse!!! AND YOU KNOW IT!! *looking straight in his eyes*

Me- *intimidated alittle**roll eyes* Whateva. *try to bump past him but gets grabbed by Prod*

(Prod is much stronger than Ray in the story*

Prod- *holding Ray against a wall by shirt* Look man!! I love you like a brother but you really need to pause, rewind, and start the hell back ova again because as long as I known you, you had anger issues but they need to stop RIGHT NOW! Remember who the hell...
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ray-*drags me 2 dance studio*
me-ray leave me-
???-thnks 4 brngng her here Randy!
me-wats going on?! wtf r u doing here?!
???-Ur friend here nvr really likd u mariah. WHO WOULD?! UR AN UGLY PICE OF NOTHNG!
me-mickie leave me alone *tries 2 leave but my "friend" grabs me n brngs me back 2 Mickie* LET ME GO!!!!! I H8 U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!! PUT ME DWN!!!!!
ray-*puts me dwn put doesnt let my hands go*
mickie-thnk u babe *they kiss but i look away*
mickie-u really thght ur own bully would lik u?! *gets in my face* ur dilusional! he told u not 2 mess with him *evil laughs* now look where u got urself!
me-wtf did i EVER do 2 u?!
mickie-U WERE BORN!!!!!!
me-n wen u were born i slapped u!
mickie-ray ray, can u get her 4 me? i hav 2 go get some thng
me-randy leave me alone i h8 u i h8 u i h8 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts kickng n screamng*
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we walk about 5 miles n by the time we get out, its pitch black outside
me-we're here
ray-in the middle of nowhere?!
me-lmao no! we're at a pond
ray-there isnt one in ths neighborhood
me-yes there is, its a hidden pond i found it wen i waz 5
ray-i cnt see anythng
me-ur confused rite?
me-we cnt see anythng. *in his ear* nothng
ray-*tightends his grip on my hnd*
me-randy r u nervous?
me-okay *pushes him dwn on grass n gets on top of him*
ray-uh...Mariah shldnt we b-be g-gttn h-home?
me-*gets in his face* in a litttle while *licks his face*
ray-*clutchng grass*
me-come on ray, loosen up

my pov
i knw tht if i clld him him he wld cuz he only liks 4 me 2 call him randy cuz no one else does

ray-*flips us ovr so now he's on top of me but not really on me* *in my ear* how many timez do i hav 2 tell u not 2 call me tht?!
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at school the nxt day
my pov
wtf?! did randy just say he likd me?! no. no. no. no way mariah! but i kind of lik him 2-WTF AM I SAYNG?! HE FREAKN BEAT ME UP!!!!!!! NO H3LL NO!!!!!

me-*at my locker*
???-ohhhh u look cute 2day!
me-hey chrys-is that a new outfit?!
chrys-me?! wadda bout u?!
me n chrys 2gthr-LOOK AT U!!!!
me-lmao! watcha doin girlie?
chrys-nun just lookin at fine boys pass-hey baby wnna come hlp me study?
me-ugggg gurl u a freak
chrys-speakng of freak wat about u n HIM?!
me-nun he ddnt hurt me...he was-...nice
chrys-lmao ur kddng rite?!
me-no he was n he-well nvm tht would be tmi
chrys-i knw thts rite! speak of the-
me-chrys be nice!
chrys-i dnt make promises dnt look!
me-*turns head n prtend 2 put stuff in my locker*
???-hey Mariah can i tlk 2 u?
me-um...*looks at chrys*
chrys-Oh im gnna be good! *givs ray death stare*
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at MB's house
*in ray n roc's room* (they so close tht thy share a room)
me-where did u get em frm?!
ray-my dad looks 4 em
me-ur dad searches 4 disosaur skelitons?!
me-thts so cool!!!!!
ray-ikr now wadda bout ths science?
me-oh rite. wat dnt u get about it?
ray-i dnt get all the parts of the cells n the bdy n wat thy do
me-okay ill work with u!
*so like we work 4 about 3 hours non stop n ray nvr complained n gets evrythng now*
ray-okay thnks
me-no problem i just luv school
me-idk i just luv learning
??-aye yo bro mom said-oooooo!!!!!!!!!! u got a girl in here by yall selfes with the door closed! im telling!
ray-idc go tell
lil bro-*goes tell*
mom-*comes up stairs* ray.
mom-y u let him bother me
ray-cuz he waz bothering ME
mom-Marcus,*p.s. i made up ths name* she is helping him study
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Hey my fellow fanpopians! Sorry I took so long to write this story, had to study but anyways I told you that we were going to bring in more MB characters well...... Today's that day so who will it me yes you guessed its Roc Royal!! Yaaaaay ok now we will just call him Roc because that's what his girlfriend yes I typed that correctly not friend but girlfriend calls him and who is his girlfriend who other than Sam's other best friend Geek aka geekygirl1999 but this story she's just Geek!

Geek is a fashionable geek, she has the coolest clothes and on top of everything else she has a brain!! This is what any guy would want in girl, yes? The answer to that will be HELL YEAH!!!

Now back to Roc and Geek, well Rae also tried what she's gonna do to Ray and Sam to Geek and Roc but Roc stood by Geek no matter what!! Aaww! Hence the nickname Roc and its not Rock because Geek wanted Roc's nickname to be special well anyway they are the IDEAL couple, the one you see in movies that's what they are!!!
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And..... He puts the papers he was collecting on the pile I had made! How stupid was I to think a guy like that would kiss ME!! After collecting my papers I went to sit down, I sat in front of Rae, yay me:(! Ray Ray was still standing in front of the class. Our French teacher Madame (we just call her madame because her surname is too hard to pronounce) said someone had too show Ray Ray around the school and everyone was happy to do it except me, I had to study! And of course she just had to choose ME! (P.S she's actually happy she gets to do this but won't admit it!) I felt someone pinch my back and turn to see Rae giving me a dirty look. She leaned in and whispered "He's mine." Of course I had to be giving a tour to the guy Rae wants this day can't get any worse! I was wrong it could! My teacher then said "I need someone to tutor Ray Ray in french, he's a bit behind?" Guess who just had to be best in French, yes me! She then looked at me and said "Sam would you do it please?" And I new this was not a question, it was a command so I just gave in and said "Sure" I new my life was over with that one word that had come out of my mouth, I felt someone pinch this...
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Um, okay I decided to delete the vampires series (I thing u know what I'm talking about) because I feel like no one is reading anymore, plus I don't have a lot of time to do so, I might think about deleting it. But if you dont want me to delete it and keep going with the series, then I won't but it will take a long time to do so. So tell me if you want me to keep going.

I'm out, bug bye xoxo

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Leah pov: It's back to school and I want to see Niyah me and Kyle been looking for her. But anyway Kyle and I was walking down the hall and we saw Niyah yayy!!!

“Niyah!!!" Me and Kyle yelled

She looked scared and I swear her eyes was purple.

Kyle pov: oh no no no no no no is my best friend a vampire. Oh dear can't be.

Niyah pov: Kyle was looking at me weird. But I struck it off.

“hey guys" I said

"Hey guess what" leah said

“What" me and Kyle said

“I'm dating the boy from our math class"

“The one with the two braids" I said

"Yeah his name was ray" just then we started walking and talking to this girl pushed us. I mean bumped us. She was pretty and she was a.....a......vampire oh dear yay im not the only one.

Bree pov: I bumped into these three girls and saw one was a vampire.......
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Ill try to make it longer.

Leah pov: I'm concerned(A/N: im skipping this to Friday and spring vacation) Niyah is not talking to anyone kyle is hidding her
feelings I don't know. I just took a shower and watch a little T.V oh did I mention I got that boy number his name is Ray right now I don't know where I relationship stands but he's coming over so yeah.

Bree pov: hi I'm bree I'm 16 I'm a vampire because my family is I'm in a relationship his name is diggy he's a vampire too ok I changed so yeah.

(A/N: there is a lot of vampire and going to be vampire in this so ima use more were wolf in this)

Niyah pov: IM SOOO FUCKING PISS RIGHT NOW UGH I HATE IT IM FOREVER FUCKING 16 . A knock was on my window the and guess who it was...... the name shall not be said.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT ???" I yelled

“listen I-"

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Ok I'm going to try to make it longer so yeah . Niyah pov next.

Niyah pov:

~After school~

School was over and I ask Roc question he got mad tho but calm down and said "could I tell leah and Kyle" I ask . Got off my bed and said “ARE YOU NUT!!! Wanna get me killed" he said . I was so piss that I yelled back“ Well Their My Friends I Tell Them Every thing" he hates to be yelled I do to but he's pretty angry so I backed up I was pretty scared. “Chris calm down" Next thing I know it went BLACK

Roc pov: OMG noo she will kill me and I would die .......again ill just wait to she wakes up.

Leah pov: I.was going to Kyle house to watch a movie and Niyah said she see later.

Kyle pov: we was walking to my house and I decided to call Prod

Phone convo:

It ring two times then he answered:

Prod: Hello

Me: hi y u left lunch

Prod: ..........ky.......ill tell you later.
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Hey hey hey, I was bored so I decided to do another part to this.
Ok anyway this is a vampire and were(spell check)wolf story.
I'm soon going to have more people in this so yeah let start.~~~

Niyah Pov: while leah was talking she got cut off by this FIIIINNNEEE boy coming in the. And let me admit I never drilled(spell check) but for this dude I did I looked away and wiped some off. I hoped he didn't see. Any im already in a a relationship he.my love he actually a 'new born' vampire I need to ask him more about this ill admit but I was scared as shit!!!! But I just relax I just need to tell leah and Kyle just need to figure out how. Because I can't but I I want to . Ugh fuck ima tell em no yes no yes no yes no yes omfg ill let them find out. Anyway I been with him for 2 years and his name is ROC but I call him CHRIS.

Leah pov:
I was just still staring at this boy through the hole period I didn't even realize till the bell ring I got and walked out the class room with Niyah following
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Rayray:YN let's go
YN:OK (www.polyvore.com/party_Animal/104226296)
Rayray:wow babe
At the party they get drunk
Rayray:Hey Lexi
Lexi:let's go to the other room
Then they make out then the next day Lexi calls
Lexi: Rayray I'm preggo
Rayray:Hell naw
Rayray:yesterday I got drunk and me and Lexi had sex now she preggo
YN:Get out
YN:get out
Cut comment if you want to be in a Story
Free Boys:Prodigy,Princeton and Roc
Plz comment now bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Imagine . Last time I made a episode with lexi ray and raenae
Well this is a different character with a princess name Dana .RANDOM. Lets start.

Dana pov: My mother always say I'm stupid and never get a true Prince and I believe her I am 15 have 2 sisters that is so mean my room in in the basement I have friends that works in the kitchen but they want the best for me.

Mother: clean the house up and down no SPOTS Nia Lia lets go to the mall come on.

L_n: O.K

Nia: dont forget to do my homework S.A . Hahaha

I cleaned the hole house I was so tired I got out side to see this boy with 2 braids and with 3 friend's that always walk past me I thought this was the time to talk to him alone I clear throat them I'm like my hair I fix check I went and talk I cover my face so he won't see me.

Me: hi

Ray: hey

Prince Roc prod: um we out.

Me: so I always see you walk around the block.... and I wanted to say hi
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Hey guys I'm gonna write another story with more characters and I want it to be romantic ,drama ,sexual things and stuff lol just scandalous so tell me your name fake age gotta be a teenager umm and what mb member you want put all the information on my wall oh and tell me what you what your name to be but my last story ugh I want more I liked but it was my first guys can you give me ideas to like I said scandalous so you better enjoy the scandal stuff and revenge and im not crazy I'm just MINDLESS.............. ............ ...... ....................... umm what else was I gonna say stay mindless love mindless behavior once mindless always mindless
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Randy:how did this how did this happen?Me:it dont take rocket science to fine this out.listen we had sex n i guess u know the rest.Randy:that cant be my baby we never had sex.Me:yes we did in dance camp so when our baby comes ur goin to give me my child saport check k. Randy: thats not my baby u are goin to have to get a test.Me: dude u the only guy in the world i would have sex wit so STOP wining!Walter:ray ray u got her ug. now she has to come on tour with us.Me: NO THE HELL IM NOT i dont even want to be seen by him. i wather date princeton if i have too!so dont even try.Randy:well that might work.Walter:i hope u know u will have to sleep with her u did it once u can do it again. Randy: Walter she will kill me if i even sit next to her so yes.(wait for pt.4)
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Brianna POV
I can not believe what just happened back there. I just lost my virginity to...to....randy. What the hell was i thinking....but the way he did it...the way he kissed me...it just felt sooo.......GOOD. So i left and started walking to my locker to get all my stuff and go home when keke walked up to me. Keke:hey chica?!Me:wassup. Keke:nooooo wayy??? Me:what??Keke:why are you all of a sudden standing soo gap legged....only people who have sex for the first time spread out like that.Me:what are you talking about??Keke:you lost your virginity cuz when you stand you have a gap in your leg....a big one.... who did you loose you v-card too?? Then i mumble randys name. Keke:did you just say randy???Me:shhhh n yea.... Keke:soo he swiped your v-card?? Me:mhmmm. Keke:how could this be?? Me:what are yu once again talking about?? Keke:nevermind...but i got to go....peace. Then she gives me a big hug and runs off. Me:weirdo.... Randy:who me?? He says approaching me. Me:noo i was talking about keke.....and is it that obvious that i had sex?? Randy steps back and looks down at my legs. Randy:yep. Me:wowwie...dis is sooo crazy. Randy:but i can tell you enjoyed it...well at least...
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Brianna POV
I can not believe what just happened to me...i feel betrayed and i feel soo STUPID! I wish i never dated him.....i hate him. So as im walking i see keke coming down the street all dressed up.Then she see's me and runs up to me.Keke:hey gi.....whats wrong?? Me:nothing.... Keke:now you know that i know you lien right?? Me:ughhhh...it was him! Keke:who randy?? Me:yess. Keke:what did he do now?! Me:when i went to his house i caught him and gabrielle having sex. Keke:what the fuck!! Me:i know thats just like my reaction.Keke:what did you do to him?? Me:nothing.... Keke:are you crazy i wouldve killed him right where he was laying. Me:i know you would have... good thing you wasnt there... so what are you all dressed up for?? Keke:oh i was going on a date. Me:with who?? keke:that boy michael that goes to our school. Me:light-skinned michael?? Keke:yeah him. Me:get it girl. Keke:(laughs) are you gonna be good?? Me:yeah imma be fine...i guess. Keke:i can cancel if you want me to?? Me:noooo go on your date,have funn,i can hold mines(laughs)Keke:thats what im talking bout girl. Then she walks off so i start heading home, when i walked through the door rndy was sitting on my...
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Randy POV
I can not believe this is happening to me....i cant let her die.. she has to make it... if she doesnt i dont know what ill do! I make it to the hospital still carrying her in my arms she's bleeding everywhere and its just to much. Doctor:oh my gosh what happened?? Me:just please help her!! So the doctors rush her to the E.R. Im in the waiting room shaking then the doctor comes out. Doctor:are you by any chance her boyfriend?? Randy:yes. Doctor:well you can go in and see her no but she might not remember you. Randy:ok. So i go into the E.R and she sits up and looks at me. Brianna:hi... are you my nurse?? Randy:no im your boyfriend. Brianna:i have a boyfriend??? Randy:of course why wouldnt a beautiful girl like you not have a boyfriend?? Brianna:because last time i checked i was walking down school halls being called ugly, elesbian, dirty, nasty nd some more names that dont even make sense to me. Me:well there not true so dont believe them. Brianna:but they are true.. i mean when i looked in the mirror all i could see was how ugly my face was and how my body just looked....ugh. Me:you have low self esteem thats why you think of yourself like that....
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everyone:princess come down
diggy:hurry tell me
princess:okay i was afaid that if i went with another guy u will do the say thing prince did to me
diggy:what did he do
princess:me and prince were getting ready to get married and he told me at our wedding that he didnt wont to get because he was married and had kids my jay
diggy:that banster i would never do that to u
princess thats wat he said to me u our wedding day came up
[lee walked in]
lee:u guys come down everyone is ready to eat
princess:okay come on diggy
[they go down and eat]
[everyone go to a room talk and smooch]
[lee and ray room]
ray:baby u no i love u rite
lee:of course and i love u too
ray:that good because i have to ask u something
lee:wat is it
ray:do u want to have a baby
lee:of course when do u want to start
ray:lets start tonite
[next room]
jay:baby ill daughter is sick and if we cant find the medcine for her she will die
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Brianna POV
soo im at home getting ready for gabrielle's stupid ass pull party when i get a text from keke! keke:you want me to come over and we can walk there together??Me:sure i dont see why not. Keke:when you want me to come? Me:when you get done. Keke:ok.....then im coming now lol! Me:lol ok peace n see you when you get here! Keke:kk. end of text convo. So while i was sitting on my couch waiting for keke to get there my mom comes downstairs. Mom:what you so dressed up for?? Me:im not dressed up and im going to gabrielle's pool party with keke and this boy randy. Mom:sooo you hangin with noys now huh? Me:ummm he's just a friend he was new at school and i decided to hang with him n he's the one that wanted me to go... i didnt want to! Mom:whatever you just better have your ass back here before a 11! Me:whatever. Then the door bell rings. Me:my quo guess i should be going. I grab my purse and i walked out the door.
Keke POV
so i when i got to brianna's house i heard her and her mom conversation and i did not what to inerrupt it so i waited til they finished to ring the doorbell.When i rong the doorbell brianna came out. Me:you ready?? Brianna:yeah lets go. We...
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Brianna's POV
So im sitten in class bein bored as hell cuz this teacher dont know how to stop talkin so i started dozen off until all the girls in my class started sayin omg he is so cute and i put my head up like huh and then i see this cute boy with two braids in his hair and the cutest smile and you know he's so cute i cant take my eyes off of him. ????:ummm can i help you? Me:huuh what... oh sorry didn mean to stare. when i said that i putmy head down cuz like the whole class was looking at me and i was so embarrased. ???:it's ok alot of girls aways stare at me. then he sat down next to me. ???:soo whats your name? Me:ohh im brianna. i say while lifting up my head.???: im randy but you can call me ray ray. Me:ok . so me an him started talking until gabrielle looked over at us and said"stop flirting with him he's mine" Randy:umm im right here and i dont een know you soo how am i yours?? Gabrielle:whatever but you will be mines! Randy:i doubt that very seriously.
Randy POV
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Princess:look lee i thank u for talking to me but i have to move on
lee:ur welcome,if i was u i would bet him
princess:i know i should but its just rong
lee:yea but look ur with a better man,and he iz to cute
princess:i know and he know not to cheat on me
lee:u know thats rite
lee:so where iz he now
princess:hez out getting us some food
lee:oh hey y dont we get together at my for dinner
princess:thats great so i'll call diggy andtell him to bring the food to ur house
[princess call diggy]
princess: hey baby
diggy:hey baby umm im going to be late comin home tonite
princess:y we were going lee house tonite
diggy:okay but its takin them a hour to get everyone their food.
princess:okay so heres the plan,get the food when its ready,then drop it off at home,then meet me a lee house at 9:00
diggy:okay bye babe
[princess hangs up]
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Me : bae do u want to go out with us in a family. Rayray: yeah i love to go to family night out. Rayray: wait let call Princeton. Me: we'll hurry up I'm bout to change my clothes and our daughter clother. Rayray: ok I'm hurry up. Me: alright then. Rayray: hello Princeton. Princeton: yeah what up ray. Rayray: do u want to go family night out with me Terian. Princeton: yeah that sound fun. Rayray: alright bro call me when u there. Princeton: keke do u want to go on family night out with me and rayray and roc and prodigy. And Terian. Keke: yeah bae....
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Rayray: why you never call me at you pick mindlesskeke16. Me: bae do u have to fuse about it Rayray: I'm not fuse why you always telling me I'm bout to fuse. Me: because you is you always yelling at me like I'm 5 year old. Rayray : alright how i was yelling at you. Me: just i look i don't have much time for this ok. Rayray: alright then me too. Mindlesskeke16: Terian here is Princeton Me: girl i don't know where is Princeton but i know one thing that me and rayray was fuse he talking about to fuse he stare yelling at me Mindlessskeke: if he could asking his phone. Me: girl try to call him again. Mindlesskeke16: oh here he go he call me. Hello baby. Princeton: hello. Mindlesskeke16: can u pick the...
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the pic in the coner is what he was wering
rayray:man how u gone have kids with a girl u don`t
princeton:i know i am going to like her
princeton picked up kekeandrayray and terian
they all went to papa john place
kekeandprince sat at the boothand terianand rayraysit at a table.
this is rayray and terian date
watier:may i take ur order
terian:i have grape soda
watier:ill be back
a couple mins later the watier got thier drinks and brug the drinks to them
waiter:what kind of pizza do u want
terian and ray:cheese pizza
the waiter got thier pizza and they ate they were wating on keke and prince prince and keke date
waiter:what drinks do u want
now what kind of pizza
they ate the pizza and they went home
now this part is pg-13
prince:follow me
they went up stairs and went in keke room
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princess:yes prince
[He gives her a promise ring]
princess:thanks babe its so beautiful
prince:thanks it was worth it
bri:guys the food is on fire
[They try to put it out]
prod:thank goodness yall put it out
roc:i thought i was goin to lose u
bri:u will never lose me
jay:my parents are goin to kill me
[Years Later Every One Gets Married except princess nd prince]
princess:prince i think we should get married
prince:i dont want to get married
princess:prince.we cant live together if were not married.i want to have kids nd have a happy life
prince:fine,if u want to get lets get married,but no kids.
[At their wedding]
peacher:does anyone think these two ppl should get married
prince:i object
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Ray: Sooo..... Ok I know I might have crossed the line with that kiss but.....(GCO) *Sam kisses him and they go back to their passionate kisses:)! They stop for breath*
Ray: *licking his lips* Dang girl......
Sam: I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that
Ray: Its ok, I liked it so do you wanna be my girl?
Sam: *biting bottom lip* I'd love to but what about Rae.........
Ray: What about her?
Sam: She likes you and she always gets what she wants
Ray: Well I always get what I want and I want YOU not that b*tch Rae!
Sam: Really.....
Ray: YES!!! Now will you be my girl?
Sam: Of course!!!!
They are about to kiss but Roc, Geek, Prince, Prod and Lyric walk in!
Ray: *blushing* Um...hi....guys!
Roc: Damn I thought you're suppose to be studying the french language and NOT french kissing!
Sam: Hey guys, I thought you went to buy more food?
Geek: We did but then we picked up Prod on the way here and he ate all of it and there was A LOT!!!
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They were still kissing when the door suddenly opened and in walked Roc and Geek! They stopped right away and looked down in embarrassment! Roc and Geek just had these mischievous grins on their faces!

Roc: So what yall been up to?
Ray: Studying........
Geek: Each others lips!
Sam: That's not funny what yall doin here anyway!
Geek: Dang! I thought you'd be happier to see me because I'm your best friend and all!
Sam: Sorry I am happy to see you but you just caught us off guard!
Roc: Ya we did, who knows what yall would have done if we hadn't come! We don't want no babies up in this crib, right!?
Ray and Sam: *still looking down* Yes!
Sam: we wouldn't have gone that far and can we please change the subject!
Roc: Sure, can Princeton and Prodigy come over?
Sam: Why......
Roc: Cuz they're my friends!
Sam: I guess?
Geek: But if Prodigy's coming over we're gonna have to go and buy some more food and you two better not do anything nasty!!!
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me: i when to the store ray ray:hey girl what your name?
me: oh my god my name is terian rayray: nice to meet you you go out me:i will love to go out with you ray ray:here my number 323-319-606 me:ok pick me up at 7:30pm ray ray : no problem me: 3 hour late it was 7:30pm ray ray :knock knock door me:who is it i was come by door look who that knock on my door ray ray:it me ray ray me:oh i forgot u was come ray ray :let go me:what place we go to eat ray ray:we going eat at burger king me: ok i love burger king me:i got in burger king get a double snake ray ray:i want some chicken sandwich and the ex-larger sprite me:i pay 10$ get the people money buy our food ray ray:what is your favorite thing to do me :um i like to go to new york list music and play game ray ray :cool me :what is your favorite thing to do? ray ray:i like to draw me:that good me:30 min ago we left out the burger king ray ray:you want to get my car me:sure wow this a nice car ray ray:thank me: u weclome ray ray:u like go my house me: let go my house to talk and play video game ray ray:ok that sound fun me:yep...
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rayray(born january 6,1997)he iz 2nd oldest of the mindless behavior nd 2nd rapper of mindless behavior his astrological sign iz capricorn just lyke prodigy he iz a nice ,intelligent ,generous,young man who luvs 2 draw he iz goofy he iz going 2 the 11th grade rayray nd princeton iz going 2 the 11th grade rayray iz 15 yrs.old his fav color iz purple nd his fav food iz tacos nd hiz fav candy iz hershey his fav accesory iz braids nd googles everybody be sayin luk lyke a girl nd that really pisses mhee off becuz just becuz he got braids dont mean he iz a gurl i mean cum be real rayray iz the sexiest most hottest boy in the world nd tht iz a true fact cuzu can luk at rayray nd tell he iz the sexiest boy in the world he iz funni he makes jokes he always every girlis beautiful in the world nd tht iz true he makes a lot of funni jokes all thr time his fav song iz drake ft lil wayne the motto tht iz mii fav song 2 remember be mindless<3 143
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mom-*coming upstairs n opens my door* mariah?
me-*layng in bed wtchng tv* yeah?
mom-i hav 2 work ovrtime 2nite at the office so i hav 2 go okay?
mom-i luv u mariah
me-lol i luv u 2 mom!
mom-good nite!
me-*still wtchng tv n about 15 minutes l8r i feel lik dancing so i go 2 the studio hopng nobdy is there*
me-*thnkng out loud *FINNALLY!!!!!!!!!!*
me-*starts dancing 2 Shakiria hips dnt lie. so u knw i was gon belly dance n stuff lik tht i dance 4 lik 5 minutes replayng the song cuz...OMG ITS MY SONG!!!!*
???-wow i hvnt seen dancing lik tht since evr!
me-*stops immediatly n turns off music* dnt tlk 2 me ray ray
ray-y not?! i ddnt do anythng rong!
ray-2 keep u safe!
me-2 break my heart
ray-*walks ovr 2 me* mariah im sorry! how many times do i hav 2 say it 4 u 2 4giv me?!
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at home
mom-*calls chrystal*
chrys-hi mrs. love!
mom-has mariah made it 2 ur house yet?
chrys-she was suppose 2 come ovr here?! no she haznt! w-w-why?! is she okay?!
mom-idk! she told me where she was going n i hvnt heard frm her in 5 hours!!!! its almost midnight!!!!
chrys-*silence*i thnk i might knw where she is.
mom-okay tell me
chrys-no its bttr if i go thy knw me
mom-okay plz call back wen u find her!
chrys-okay bye! *leaves house n goes ovr ray's house*
ray-*opens door* chry-
chrys-SAVE IT U B*ST*RD!!!!!! WTF IS MARIAH!!!!?!?!???!!?!?!?!
ray-at the old park
chrys-wtf is she doing there?!
chrys-i nvr likd u ray! i nvr will lik u!!! u broke her heart!!!!!! she really did hav feelings 4 u n u let her dwn!!!!!
ray-i had feelings 4 her 2!!!!
chrys-stp f*ckng lying 2 me!!!!! U DDNT!!!!! U LIED 2 HER N EVRYBDY ELSE!!! N TELLING HER SECRET 2 MICKIE N U TLLNG THM 2 THE WHOLE SCHOOL?! SHE'S A LAUGHNF STOCK BECAUSE OF U 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U HURT HER IN HER TIME OF NEED!!!! I NVR KNW U WERE THT LOW DWN!!!!! *turns n walks away*
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at home
me ray n chrystal at her house
me-mrs. Lovett?!
chrys-she aint at home. she work l8 2nite
me-oh okay
chrys-okay so wat u guys wnna do?!
ray-how about a movie?!
me-im up 4 tht
chrys-me 2
ray-wat yall wnna watch?!
chrys-s3x in the city the movie!!!
me n ray look at each othr-okay!
so an hour in2 the movie i get up 2 go 2 the bathroom just 2 get out of there n ray gets up 2 get a drink
me-*closes door but someone stps me* ray?!
ray-*sighs n pushes me against counter n okay i really got out my fone 2 call a priest i promise u i did!!!!!!!!! i mean ths was the scariest sht i hav EVR witnessed in my whole ENTIRE life!!!!!!!!!!! ths dude's voice was so low, i went 2 my contacts man!!!!!!!* how many times do i hav 2 tell u not 2 call me tht?!
me-*now ths is the scary part n my voice was so high, i swear on my dad's grave i could be part of alvin n the chipmuncks!!!!!!!!* i-i-
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at home
???-btch where the h3ll hav u been?!
me-i was at school!
???-no i mean u sneek out evrynight!!!! where 2?!
me-i go 2 chrystal's house
me-mom y dnt u trust me?!
mom-dnt u giv me tht tone! u knw wat! giv me ur fone!
me-no! i pay 4 ths fone n evrythng else in here cuz u dgad about wat i do!
mom-*comes ovr n puches me*
me-*hides in my pain*
me-owwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes 2 studio*
???-hey ur mom do somethn?
me-u hav no idea!
???-tell me about it
me-mkay *we sit dwn* randy i gtta ask u somethn
me-do u hav a good family?
ray-me? my dad? h3ll no.
me-but u said he teaches u doctor stuff-
ray-he forces me 2 do it. he's tryng 2 run my life
me-my mom 2
ray-wats going on with u 2?!
me-my mom is a sl*t a ho* n a btch
ray-ouch! she doesnt care about u n hits u all the time?
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Hey, to my fellow fans! This is a story of a girl was the school reject why, not sure (was to lazy to think of a reason lol!) She didn't really believe in herself until a certain someone came along and turned her life upside down(in a good way) (P.S I'm not writing this story saying their mindless behavior, they're just normal (SUPER CUTE!!!) boys that's all) let's meet our characters drum roll please:)!!

1st Samantha- she's really pretty but doesn't think so! She's a nerd, gets the highest grades but sadly she's the girl the even her fellow geeks make fun of:(. But she'll be my star character!

2nd Ray Ray- he's the new kid in school but his already popular because his just that cute! Every girl is swooning over him except Sam (she thinks she's not good enough and her dad won't let her date) but she is good enough we'll see later! (P.S his name is Randy Rayon but we'll just call him Ray Ray partly because I'm not sure what his name is!)

3rd Tanya- she's Sam's best friend. She's always been there for her and now she's going to help get Sam to realize that Ray Ray likes her (OOPS spoiler alert but you saw it coming didn't you!)
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A sorta recent pic of me (August 2015 tho lol)
Wooooow lol, it's been 3 yrs since I wrote the first chapter of this. I am currently 17 ! (\(^-^)/) Grown and sexy lls jk jk.

I just wanted to come and let everyone know that I am still here lol Alive and well and I'll trrrryy to write another chapter. Been having writer's block for the longest, even on my Wattpad account (@KissMy_SwaqBixh btw ~-*) I couldn't think of anything to write.

But I am here and open for suggestions. Just I.B. me and I'll try to get to it as soon as possible.

TTYL YALL (\(^-^)/)
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Rayray:Kayla I need to ask you something
Rayray:can we have a baby
Kayla:yea (then they do what humans do)
Next day on the tour bus

Hey everybody me and ray have some news
Everyone: what is it
Kayla:I'm prego
Everyone:say what
Everybody:yay yay yay
Then the baby born Sept.7 2013
His name is rayan lopez Jr
Kayla and ray:welcome home!!!!!
Prod,roc,Princeton :congrats!
Walter,Keisha &kenneth:congrats
Rayray&kayla:thanks guys you rock!!!

I think this will never happen
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Ugh stuff got lost for the 5th time just bad ass luck.

Kyle's Revenge

Asha: it is cold asf out here

Jaliyah: yess and I need some pads.

While they were walking Kyle sees her abusive boy friend roc.

Kyle: um maybe we shouldn't

Asha: didn't you said you need some pads

Kyle: no Jaliyah said that.

Jaliyah,: yeah I did * raising her hand*

Asha sees her abusive boy friend roc royal so she approached him.

Asha well well well isn't roc royal. You know what don't say anything you and kyle gonna have a fight

Ray: holdup I'm not gonna be a dude on the street that got jumped by a girl

Roc: relax

While the girls are huddling.

*Battle began*

Roc hits Kyle but she get back up and punch kick slap and more.
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Rayray: babe are u going take them trick or treat? Me: no!! You take them trick or treat. Ray ray; why me then? Me: you. Ask your self why is you Ray ray; ah I know why u don't want to take them with you. Me: why then ray ray. Ray ray: because u going to that stupid land party. Me: what party ray ray I don't know what you talking about. Ray ray; oh really let me call ke ke then set u don't know what u talking about. Me: oh find I know the party ok. And it not land. Ray ray; who party it is then? Me: it my brother party ok. Rayray: why have to go to your brother party? Me: I want to he my brother any way....