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Real Housewives of Orange County I just had my first look at the show and the first question? Lauri is a transvestite, correct?

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Believe it or not, no, she is (was) a woman....
Believe it or not, no, she is (was) a woman....
Of course, that&# 39; s a no brainer!
Of course, that's a no brainer!
 AnyMan posted over a year ago
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Of course, that&# 39; s a no...
mutch2do picked Of course, that's a no brainer!:
Oh yeah...definitely a tranny who follows poor advice from cheap plastic surgeons. Wutz up with her top lip?! What a shame that with all the money those women have Laurie, Vicky, Jeana, Kimberly...they all look like cheap hookers.
posted over a year ago.
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savigr said:
This is mean. I don't believe in gossiping about other people, I think not only can it be hurtful but it misses the whole point of life. I think she looks amazing, and if you don't think so, then just don't pay attention to that and focus on something you DO like. Being negative is a waste of time. I've gained a lot of respect for celebrities. GEEZ. the kind of bullshit they have to deal with every day. how do they do it? All I know is that I don't participate in gossip or calling others down. there's no excuse good enough for shittalking.
posted over a year ago.