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SFLee posted on May 29, 2009 at 03:11PM
Reaper: TV Show Still Fighting for Survival
Tuesday night might have marked the end of Reaper’s run on the CW network but the show’s not dead yet. As we reported a couple weeks back, the show’s studio is still interested in keeping the series alive through first-run syndication.

The CW recently gave back Sunday nights to the local affiliates for them to schedule on their own. Reaper’s apparently a popular show with some of them and continuing the series could be a good fit since the affiliates’ audience are already familiar with it. It’s also in the best interests of ABC Studios since every additional episode of Reaper adds to the value of a traditional syndication package.

The studio is looking to pair Reaper with Legend of the Seeker, a Lord of the Rings-esque series that debuted in syndication last November. Seeker has been performing very well for the CW affiliates, including those owned by the Tribune Broadcasting company. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

So, what about the rumors that the show’s creators and one of the stars having already moved on? Though creators Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have signed a development deal with 20th TV, they’ve agreed to continue to consult on Reaper. Tyler “Sock” Labine’s new FOX series, Sons of Tucson, has been picked up but reportedly he’s still contractually obligated to work on Reaper.

According to blogging insider Nick C., the decision on Reaper’s future will be made within the next week.

If you want to see Reaper return in first-run syndication, contact your local CW station — by phone, email, or snail-mail (obviously, don’t put this one off) — and encourage them to buy it.

There’s a list of CW affiliates and Nick has posted a copy of a form letter that actress Jenny Wade (Ben’s demon girlfriend) created to give you an idea what to say.

You can also point them to our petition page as further evidence that the show is still beloved. For more information, visit the ReaperDMV site.

Want to keep Sam and friends from going to TV Hell? Well, the show’s fans need to get busy.

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