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Opinion by Temptasia posted over a year ago
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The Basics
Full Name: Arnold Judas Rimmer
Although he tells everyone his middle name is Jonathan.
Nicknames: Rimmer,Smeghead, Smeg for Brains, Bone Head,Acehole, Trans-Am Wheel Arch Nostrils, Grand Canyon Nostrils, Laundry Chute Nostrils, Captain Sadness, Captain Boring, Captain Yawn, Molecule Mind, Goal-Post Head, Alphabet Head, Mr. Gazpacho, and Smeghead
He claims to have nicknames such as: Ace, Arnie J, Big Man, Duke, Old Ironbutt, and Old Ironballs.
Advancement Prospects: Comical
Personality Traits: Anal-retentive, Over-adherence to protocol, inflated ego, self-loathing,unpopular, cowardly, self-centered,and socially impaired.
Role Models: Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, and George Patton.
Supposed Reincarnations: Alexander the Great's chief eunuch and various warriors and war masterminds.
Hobbies and Interests:Risk, Militarism, Hammond Organ Music,fishing, authority, and 20th century telegraph poles.