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Red Eye Part 1/8 - YouTube

Red Eye- Full movie
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Jackson & Lisa - Hurricane

Red Eye Bloopers

Red Eye // Jack & Lisa

You spin me round; Jackson&Lisa

Eyes on fire; Jackson/Lisa

Let me tell ya... I beat the shit out of Windows Movie Maker and made it my bitch with this one. lol Anyway, I can't believe I finished this one so quickly. I know the ending is abrupt. I hope it doesn't ruin the rest of the vid?...
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I'd kill to be closer; Jackson/Lisa

Short JxL vid from Jackson's POV. He's the patient one; waiting while she runs away. But he's willing to do anything to stay close to her--even kill

Toxic; Red eye

Ease the pain; Jackson Vs. Lisa

When most couples fight, it doesn't involve guns, knives, and a very cramped bathroom... Jackson vs. Lisa from "Red Eye".

Fight like this; Red eye.

Lisa and Jackson bring a whole new meaning to the words "domestic dispute".