"Hm Hm! Im gonna beat ya." Mordecai says.
"Really? Look who's faster and stronger." Rigby says.
Mordecai and Rigby are both playing a video game called " Dig Champs "; the worlds best popular video game on VideoGamer.com
( I made up that website ^^ )
Rigby's character gets hit by a huge giant bolder and dies.
" Aw what! " Rigby whines.
Mordecai smirks and yells " OHHHHHHHH! " He won 1st place.
Rigby pouts and crosses his arms, " At least my character looks more cooler than yours. "
"Dude. Don't get upset." Mordecai teases.
Suddenly, their was a knock on the door. Mordecai got up from the comfy sofa " Who is it? " he yells.
"Dude! Just answer it!" Rigby said as he restarts the video game; hopefully he could win again. Mordecai walks up the door and opens it. There stood the one he loved; Margaret the Red Robin.
"Oh..my god"
"Hey Mordecai." Margaret smiles. Mordecai couldn't beileve his eyes. Margaret was wearing a black short-mini dress that has tiny white polka- dots all around it; with a big white ribbon tied around the waist. She was also wearing black high-heels and a cute little black ribbon in the side of her hair.
Mordecai nervously says " H-Hey Margaret. What're you doing here?"
"I was just thinking if you wanna go out on a date. Wanna go?"
"Oh! Umm.. s-sure!"

The end- next chapter coming soon :)