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Note: If you did not read the first part of My Sweet Red Robin then please you must read it! :)

Chapter 2

Mordecai couldn't believe it! A date with Margaret!
Mordecai went to his room and got changed into a tuexdo.
( Sorry! Not good at spelling ) He looked at himself in the mirror and walked back out to the room. "A date with Margaret.." Mordecai thought. Just then out of nowhere, Pops bumped into Mordecai.
"Oops! Sorry Mordecai!"
Mordecai smiled and spoked, " It's alright Pops. "
Pops just giggled and laughed. He was holding something small in his hands. "What're you holding Pops?" Mordecai questioned.
Pops laughed, " It's a Hamster! see? " It was a cute small-furry Hamster.

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