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Fan fiction by elizasmomma posted over a year ago
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i was in your room late last night watching you sleep, and some-how knowing how wonderful you are and how you've made me and your fatther's life so blessed,

Your attitude about life is so kool and awesome, i guess you have your father in you more than you have me, but that's okay,.

The one thing that i saw in you before you went to bed was how you loved on every-one even uncle Emmett which i thought was pretty cute by the way,

You are so beautiful in every-way shape and form of your little body, you make me and your father laugh when we see you getting done picking flowers or running away from jaz or even going shopping with your aunties which i know that you love.

your mother
Isabella Marie Swan Cullen
Fan fiction by elizasmomma posted over a year ago
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hiya im renesmee carle cullen black, well everyone calls me ness or nessie it was something that jake made up when i was little so it just stuck but my full name is a mix of my grandma's names: esme and renee, my middle name is a mix of my grandads, carslile and charlie also my official last name is cullen but i like to add black on the end for jakey (but dont tell mummy or daddy cos they will get mad) jakey's my little wolf boy and i love him soo much. alots happening at the moment, mummy, daddy, auntie alice and uncle jasper are figuring out what i have to pretend to be when i start high school because i look the same age as mummy and daddy. i think they said i had to be the cousin of daddy cos mummy and alice said that i looked a lot like him but daddy said that i looked more like mummy, im only 3 years old by the way so as i grow so quickly i am being given lessons by everyone in my family. daddy teaches me music lessons and he taught me how to play mummys lulluby which mummy cried when i played it then kissed daddy, mummy teaches me maths and other bacic things, grandad teaches me science becuse he is a doctor and knows a lot, uncle jasper teaches me about socalising with...
Fan fiction by elizasmomma posted over a year ago
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Dear Diary (Meadow. Through His Eyes)
September 7, 2009

I made my way through both of Edward’s diaries. At times, it was hard to keep reading, while other times I wanted to literally devour every letter of every word on each page. I was more afraid than anything. Afraid to read Edward’s thoughts on me. Afraid to discover he didn’t love me as much as I love him.

I felt like I was being invasive.

Reading Edward’s diary has undoubtedly brought us closer together than ever. I love Edward, and although I’ve always known he loves me too, I’ve never been more certain that his love for me is just as strong as mine for him.

Below is Edward’s diary entry, one from after we met, from the diary with the blue ribbon on it. Enjoy.


March 12th,

I don’t like being apart from her, not even for a minute. Of course, I would probably frighten her if I told her that. At the same time, I do question that . . . because she knows I’m a vampire, and if that doesn’t frighten her, I don’t know what will. It’s frustrating, not...