I'll be in camp for the next three weeks so I might not be albe to post my storys but I will try

Edward's pov

I sat on the floor trying to think of a way out.I stuck my hands in my pokets looking for my phone.AHA! I pulled my phone out and dialed Bella
.She picked up on the 1st ring."Edward Edward is that you are you ok? Were are you ?have you found Renesmee and Jasper?"she asked"I'm fine, I don't know,and no.Are you ok?" I asked "here"Bella said.Who was she talking to."Edward,what dose the room your in look like"a familar vocie asked me"who is this?"I asked"I'm a friend of your daughter. Now what dose the room look like".I dicribed the room to him and he hung up"great"I whisper to myself and hid my phone in my pocket when I herd the window rattling.
Renesmee's pov

We ran down the hall untill we came a cross a bolded windowon the floor .I tryed to open it,when I failed Uncle Jasper tryed.When Uncle Jasper got it open I lowered a rope and told Daddy to grab itand climb up.As soon as he got up he hugged me"daddy"I said" we gotta go"I brockefree of his grasp and started running towards the exit.Uncle Jasper and daddy followed.As I turned the last corner I couldn't belive who was there.Daddy bupped into me"what's wrong honey?" He asked when he looked up I herd a growl escape his chest."What are you doing here?"I asked