I was woken up by Rosalie the next morning, it must have been early because the sun wasn’t even up yet.
“Good morning, sweetie.” She said giving me a kiss on the cheek.
“Good morning, what time it is?” I asked half asleep
“Half five.” She answered opening some drawers.
“What, why is it so early? Are we leaving soon?” I questioned her.
“No, we were going to wake you up at six but, you were talking in your sleep. Having nightmares.” She confirmed.
“What about?” I asked. I don’t remember any nightmares.
“The Volturi.” She shuddered.
“Why? Was I talking in my sleep?” I curiously asked her.
“Yes. You were.” She added. “Get dressed quickly, because you are going to go hunt before you go to Volterra.”
“Okay.” I said as she walked out the room. I got changed in silence, then I skipped through to the front room. Everyone else was already there.

“Let’s go.” I exclaimed, heading to the front door. The five of us got into the elevator and Emmett pushed the ground floor button, for a change. We ran out to the Range Rover, that Emmett got to drive.
“Where are we going to hunt?” I asked Alice, she had a map in her hand looking for a suitable region.
“There is a region not too far from Firenze.” She answered instantly.
The rest of the drive was in silence except from the odd word or two from Emmett. When we got to the region, I hunted down, two deer and I shared a bear with Emmett. An hour later we were all full. We clambered back into the Range Rover and I asked Alice how long it was until we got to Volterra.
“Eh. Twenty minutes.” She answered.
“Oh. Come on!” Emmett randomly added into the conversation.
“What?” Mum said turning her head to face him.
“Twenty minutes in complete silence, well you know what they say, Drastic times call for drastic measures.” And with that he turned the radio on full blast and started singing really really bad.
“Aww Emmett, shut up!!” Everyone shouted in unison, except Alice who was hugging her knees and massaging her temples.
“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.” Emmett sang so bad.
“Oh thank god we’re here!” mum sighed in relief. We all jumped out of the car.
“Right Renesmee, please listen sweetie,” Mum pleaded.
“Yes, I’m listening.” I answered looking into her eyes.
“Right, we will go and get your Dad the minute someone has dealt with Chelsea, and beg him to come home, we can use Rose’s idea and remind him of all the thing we’ve been through.” She told me.
“Right, got it, so I basically stay with you and talk to Dad and don’t fight anyone, yeah.” I frowned on the third one.
“Yes exactly, we don’t want you breaking any more bones.” She chuckled slightly.
“Well, that sucks!” I folded my arms across my chest but I wish I hadn’t “Ouch!!!” I yelped in pain.
“Who can I take down?” Emmett butted in with a big grin on his face.
“You take Felix and Chelsea, and if you get a chance, squish Marcus.” Jasper said enthusiastically, “We’ll take Aro, Caius, Demetri and anyone else they decide to throw at us.” He said gesturing to Alice, who was sitting on the Range Rover’s bonnet, trying to see who else would be there.
“I’ll give Gianna the homey greeting again.” Emmett said clenching his fist up.
“Ready?” Mum asked everyone.
“Nope. But let’s go anyway.” Alice said hopping off the bonnet and taking Jasper’s hand.
We headed into the drain one by one.
When we were all in Emmett gave Gianna the ‘homey greeting’ just like he said he would.
I followed my mum into the ‘lair’.
“Well hello there my dear friends.” Aro greeted us
“You lost the right to call us friends when you took Alice and Edward from us.” Emmett said.
“Alice, dear, how are you? Are they talking to you again young one?” Aro questioned her.
“Shut up Aro, you know why we’re here!” She said acidly.
“Let’s get them!” Emmett shouted and charged straight for Chelsea.
I was watching Emmett attack Chelsea, he flung her to the ground, and Alice’s necklace and Dad’s wristband came flying out. I stared in fascination for a minute then my interest turned to watching Jasper and Alice fight Aro, Caius and Demetri.
“Alice, move!” I shouted. She quickly dodged one of Demetri’s lunges and sent him flying across the room and right into Chelsea, sending them through a wall.
“Thanks, Nessie.” She shouted, smiling at me.
“Mum look, Dad is fighting along side with Chelsea, now he is fighting Emmett.” I gulped.
“Well, it shouldn’t be for long because Chelsea has gone through a wall so her concentration must be slipping.” She replied with a lot of hope.
All of a sudden Dad had pushed Emmett and he landed on me.
“Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, CRAP!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.
“Emmett, get off me, you are bending my broken arm the wrong way!” I pleaded.
“Oh, Crap, Nessie. I’m so sorry.” He apologized.
“It’s fine. Go!” I said ushering him away to fight. I looked up to my dad who had just sat down on his knees and started punching the ground.
“Mum, What is Dad doing?” I asked, scared.
“I have a hunch that the bond is getting back together again.”
“Emmett I’m so sorry!” he apologized and ran over to mum and me, “I’m sorry. I’m going outside so she can’t break it even more, if I leave, it should get back together again. “
He ran out the foyer door and slammed it behind him. I turned back over to Jasper and Alice.
“So the little pixie is going to fight against the nicest family she ever had hmmmm?” Caius snarled.
“For the last time, only Emmett can make fun of my height!” Alice said through her gritted teeth, flashing a very quick smile at Emmett. She lunged for Caius, it was so fast that you wouldn’t even know she had moved. But Caius had been to fast for her, that was a first. I quickly turned to my mum and, put my hand to her cheek, I showed her Dad coming home in the car, coming home, then wondered if he was.
“I’m not sure sweetie, hopefully.” She smiled.
I nodded then turned back to watching Alice and Jasper fight.
Alec and Jane were beckoned over to help fight against Jasper and Alice.
“Mum. We can’t just stand here and not do anything. What are we going to do?” I asked begging for something to do.
“Right. I’ll go and get your Dad, and talk to him outside. You stay here and don’t move!” she warned me.
I made a face at her but she just ignored me and ran out the foyer door. I looked at Alice, fighting Caius. Jasper grabbed him and sent him flying across the room. Alice moved onto Jane. I hoped Alice got her before she used her power.
“Little Alice?” Jane laughed and sank into a crouch.
“What’s wrong Jane? Scared that I can beat you?” Alice laughed a dark laugh and lunged straight for Jane. She didn’t get very far because she was on the floor writhing in pain before her feet could touch the floor. Jasper had saw what happened and leapt for Jane. After a few very terrorizing seconds, Alice jumped back to her feet and jumped on Jane’s back and bit her neck. She fell to the floor in agony.
“That will teach you to mess with me again!” she laughed in a light voice then continued fighting with Caius.
I heard the foyer door creak open and I turned my head to see who it was. It was my mum. She came and sat beside me again.
“What happened?” I asked her, looking into her topaz eyes.
“Your dad is in the car.” She answered, I was glad to see her energy back.
“Yey. He is coming home, isn’t he!” I screamed in delight.
“Ssssshhh!” She gagged me with her hand.
“oopps.” I said behind her hand in a muffled voice.
She let her hand drop. “Yes, he is, well he wants to that’s why he is staying outside until we all leave.” She whispered.
“Okay.” I said gleefully.
I turned to watch Jasper and Demetri fighting. Jasper was winning but it seemed that Demetri’s mind was else where. Demetri kicked Jasper’s stomach, winding him, and ran out the foyer door.
“Mum. Did you see that?” I asked her.
“Yes.” She answered.
“Well go and follow him then!” I said, the happiness had left my face, and she ran out of the door after Demetri.
“Nessie, What’s up?” Emmett boomed across the room.
I beckoned him over with my finger,
“I kinda can’t right now, too busy squishing people!” he chuckled. I faintly smiled. Then I heard people jump down the drain. A minute later Demetri came back in, dragging my dad behind him. My mum was holding his hand.
“Mum. Dad. What’s happening?” I started shouting out.
“We don’t know,” They replied in unison. Yes that must be a good sign. He was talking to me a little bit.
He left them in a corner after hearing a scream from Caius, I shuffled over to them.
We all watched Jasper and Alice fight.
Alice had bitten a chunk out of Caius’ leg, then he flung her over the room and she landed in a pile of broken glass, scratching her face.
“Alice!” Jasper shouted,
“I’m fine. Don’t worry, watch out Jasper!” She screamed. Alec had grabbed Jasper by the shoulders and cut off his senses, he then flung him to the floor.
“Jasper!” She yelled, and ran over to him.
Caius had caught her before she could get to him though and, pinned her down to the ground. Then started repeatedly biting al over her left arm. Alice’s screeching was so loud, everyone had to cover their ears, Jasper’s senses started to come back, he knocked down Alec banging him into Aro, then pulled Caius off of Alice. He bit and even bigger bit off of Caius’ leg, which caused him to howl even more, then he ran to Alice, swiftly picked her up and, ran with her over to us and sat her down.
“Look after her, call Carlisle or something!” he ordered us. I called Carlisle and told him, then I handed the phone to my mum and she did everything Carlisle told her to do.
Jasper started repeatedly beating Caius.
Jasper came back to us, picked up Alice and said “I’m taking her to the car everyone let’s get out of here while we still can!”
“Emmett, stand up, we are leaving now, Renesmee let’s go!” Dad shouted grabbing my mum’s hand in one of his and mine in the other. We all left quickly and climbed up the drain.
“Edward! Go and get a car!” Jasper instructed him. Dad ran away and looked for one.
“We will take the Range Rover so that Alice can have the back seat.” Emmett told us. Jasper already had her in the Range Rover hugging her tightly. They zoomed away, back to Firenze hotel, to see the others. Dad came back with a Ferrari 612, we jumped in and followed the others.
We were back at the hotel ten minutes after Emmett and the rest, we went up to our room. Alice was lying on the couch with Carlisle cleaning her arm.
“Oh Edward, your home!!” Esme rushed forward and hugged him fiercely.
I went and sat down on the floor next to Carlisle, “Will she be okay?” I asked cautiously.
“Yes, but not tonight, she got bitten to many times to be herself by tonight, but there will be an improvement definitely tomorrow.” He assured me.
“Renesmee, sweetie, can I talk to you for a minute?” my dad asked me, his eyes were back to the gorgeous golden brown colour.
“Of course!” I said running to hug him.
“Okay. Let’s go outside then.” He replied kissing my hair. He took my good hand, and led me out the door into the elevator.
“Sorry for making Emmett fall on your sore hand sweetheart.” He apologized whilst pressing the ground floor button. We walked out into the forest, and he hugged me tightly, “I’m so sorry for everything that I’ve put you through this week.” He said not letting me go.
“It’s okay Dad, I missed you so much, but it wasn’t your fault, it was theirs.” I couldn’t force out their name.
“Rosalie said that you kept having bad dreams about them.” He said standing back. “Why was that?” he asked me curiously.
“When did she say that?” I asked confused. He smiled my Mum’s favourite crooked smile.
“Aww yeah. I forgot you read minds whoops, eh I guess it was because you weren’t playing music for me, like what you used to do with mum.” I answered quietly.
“Aww, I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again.” He said.
“Let’s hope not, but we will have to find something to keep Emmett amused.” I laughed.
“That’s our next challenge.” He laughed as we walked into the hotel foyer, and into the elevator. I pressed the number eight button. “DE JAVU!” I shouted.
“What is it? My dad asked me, shocked.
“Nothing, but I always have to press this button.” I giggled, as the doors opened and we went to our room and knocked quietly on the door, Rosalie answered.
“Hello.” She gave us both a big hug.
We entered the room and Emmett said “Good luck with trying to find something to amuse me” We all laughed, this was what I wanted back, that day in the forest. My family having a good time, like always. And we finally got it back.