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RENT the Musical Dec 20th-22nd  jkindon1 0 1300 over a year ago
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Amateur production of Rent! Guildford, Surrey, UK October 2011  griffnuts 0 2027 over a year ago
la vie boheme word by word  ilovehinder 201 6257 over a year ago
rent tv show  nowyouseeme77 0 402 over a year ago
Who Said That Quote?  marissa 129 4557 over a year ago
Tracie Thoms/Joanne spot  zupanic 0 1764 over a year ago
RENT Alumni Adam Kantor!  bwaybway 0 944 over a year ago
Mark Spot!  jane-willow 3 462 over a year ago
Fanpop's Got Talent - Rent spot entry  Cinders 0 347 over a year ago
New Banner?  allyson2626 1 242 over a year ago
RENT opening in Hoboken on February 3, 2010  cabaretdave 0 408 over a year ago
RENT opening in Long beach on Dec 11  gigimeese 0 279 over a year ago
video of rent opening night on broadway  xandrag1 0 645 over a year ago
im confused  ilovehinder 3 579 over a year ago
Tidina spot  soccerstarz661 0 582 over a year ago
Extension?  marissa 0 290 over a year ago
Anachronisms in Rent  Cinders 0 1292 over a year ago
Should Mimi have died?  marissa 15 1501 over a year ago
Before there was RENT...  Cinders 0 311 over a year ago
Sheet Music?  marissa 1 500 over a year ago
Should "Goodbye Love" have been cut?  marissa 10 2773 over a year ago
Rent fan site.  marissa 1 900 over a year ago
Rent Question  marissa 2 381 over a year ago