Rent What is your favorite RENT song?

Pick one:
Today 4 U
One Song Glory
La Vie Boheme
Tango Maureen
Take Me or Leave Me
Light My Candle
No Day But Today (Another Day)
Out Tonight
I'll Cover You
without you
Added by mrshalpert127
Seasons of Love
Added by cressida
What You Own
Added by Cinders
I'll Cover You (Reprise)
Added by iluvjesse
good bye love
Added by rc114706
Umm a lot.. I&# 39; ll put in comment
Umm a lot.. I'll put in comment
Added by CullenCult
I should tell you
Added by srdsrd1111
Love Heals
Love Heals
Added by TeamJacob202
All of them, DER!!
All of them, DER!!
Added by Hello1578
Your Eyes
Your Eyes
Will I?
Will I?
Added by TBUGoth
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 asianinvasion30 posted over a year ago
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