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The fans pick: Mr. Blue
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The fans pick: Mr. Orange
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Fidanzata said …
Well, I watched today this amazing movie again.
And again I can`t answer which Tarantino`s movie is my favourite :))))))
Hell !
Last 5 mounth I thought that "Django" is the best, I was so sure...
...but today I watched "Dogs" again and ...
mamma mia ! ...
When I finally defined with preferences...) Posted over a year ago
MrsOrange said …
It's my favorite movie ever! And the fave character's Mr.Orange! He's so cute and brave enough to go undercover. He's so touching and helpless lying shot on the floor, bleeding, looking in Mr. White's eyes and begging for help, being moved with warm treatment and care that Mr.White all really impressed me!!! Tim's acting was excellent and very very talanted! I love him! He's a great actor! Posted over a year ago
roxyiscool999 said …
This is the best movie ever made Mr.White is my favorite character in the film. Not only the fact that Mr.White took care of Mr.Orange when he was shot he did not go crazy in the store and totally blasted the robbery like the evil Mr.Blonde did!!!! :) Posted over a year ago