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Reshiram and Zekrom Wall

Zekrom676 said …
I hope everyone knows that they're both weak/disadvantage against ground types.
somethin else they have in common Posted over a year ago
Jekyde commented…
Zoey:I knew that. over a year ago
366994 commented…
Hey guys 9 months ago
Mentalist100 said …
I love both Reshiram and Zekrom. They are both totally awesome Posted over a year ago
Zekrom676 commented…
And as u could already tell, I like Zekrom better, but I have nothin against Reshiram over a year ago
Mentalist100 commented…
Yeah its OBVIOUS ^.^ over a year ago
1shahaar commented…
zekrom and reshiram are both strong and thir power is eqel over a year ago
popa1 said …
I've both of them! Posted over a year ago
366994 commented…
Me too! 9 months ago