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Opinion by BuffyFaithFan1 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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So, we all were there from the very beginning, which is RESIDENT EVIL when the virus first escapes into the human race. Then it leads on to RESIDENT EVIL: APOCOLYPSE where the city of Racoon is under attack by the virus, and then in RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION, we see the virus is taking over the world, and that Milla's character is far more dangerous then she seems.
**SPOILER ALERT!!!** If you haven't seen the first three films, or the 3rd one yet, then DONT READ THIS!!! In the end of the RESIDENT EVIL 3: EXTINCTION, we see that their hope is awakened once they find a journal full of promising hopes of Alaska being untouched by the virus. Leading on into the fourth movie "RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE" we will find out if Alaska is the untouched place where they can revive the population and take down the virus. But, until this Friday (Sep. 10, 2010), we will have to wait in hopes of Milla's character does suceed, and bring back humanitation to the world.

All I know about the 4th, R.E. movie is, is that the Umbrella Corporation looks pretty bad ass, and the characters get strongers and more bad ass as well. Plus, I'll be going to the first showing so I'm...