"Look... I don't know how you're the only one alive here and how you managed to follow me but it you don't get me out these cuffs, I will..."
"You'll what?" Leon said putting his gun away.
"You know what? I don't know who the hell you are, and you don't either. Now if you'll let me go You don't have to worry about me and I sure won't give two loads of crap for me okay?" I Debated.
He didn't say anything after that. He just kept stringing me along with him. I started to get more upset with because the more he directed me, the he kept tearing Nickole and I away from each other. Then we came across another infectee who was running down th hallway.
"Get dwon!" Leon ordered. I didn't get down, but I wasn't gonna let him think I'm just another weak pedestrian begging for help. I grabbed the gun and pointed it towards the zombie and shot it. Then I aimed it at leon.
"Take 'em off. Now!" I yelled inching the pistol near his forehead. He put his hands up and slowly reached into his pocket.
"Here's the key, Now give me the gun." he said. I cocked the gun.
"Put it on the ground." I commanded. He put it on the ground I slowly picked it up and took off the handcuffs.
"Can I please have my gun back?" leon asked.
I did want to but, Just fo my entertainment I told him to turn around.
"What are you doing?!" he asked turning around.
Then I pushed him against the wall and put his hands behind backed and put the handcuffs on him. It was kind of funny how he was dumb enough to let me get away with something so easily.
"Are you crazy?"
"Maybe a little bit. Shut up and walk foward." I commanded.
I had him right where I wanted him. Then I got to the hospital entrance and I found nickole wandering the streets, looking for me. It seemed that she didn't know what kind of danger she was in. I ran out into the street to help her.
"Nickole!" I shouted from down the street.
She turned around and She looked pale and she hair a was messed up and she started to trudge fowards towards me.
"Katherine? Help me!" She begged.
"I'm coming Nikki!" I said picking up speed. "Are you Okay?" I asked.
"I've been biten..."