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Samiammi3 posted on Feb 07, 2016 at 08:37PM
I've been working on indie movies for a while now... probably too long - anyway;

I'm thinking about shooting a lowbudget fan film based on resident evil 2 - It would have a lot of the same premises and dialogue - but being a low budget version and condensing a game into an hour and a half I'd have to change quite a bit - that and as awesome as some of the baddies were, I think they'd look ridiculous on a low budget scale.

I'd try to keep the basic plot the same though with Leon, Clair, Birkin (His mutations might be challenging... but they're important!) - Maybe not Ada - She was sort of a weird side character who might be difficult to fit in

I'm thinking about putting together a kickstarter page to try and raise some funding for it once I have a solid script together - That way I could secure locations and make some awesome zombies!

How does everyone feel about this? Do you think there would be enough interest in the project if done right to pull it off? - Its a bit of a dated reference... but an awesome concept!

I'm also not sure on how I want to go about shooting it - If I do a movie - It's limited to 2 hours. If I do Something like a web series, I could divide it up into 7-10 minute segments and potentially have a longer script (more time - more details)

What do you think?

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over a year ago Samiammi3 said…
Guess that's a no-go haha
over a year ago Britt601 said…
Well, I don't see why not. I'm not sure if you've seen a Resident Evil/Devil May Cry crossover fan-film titled 'The Nightmare of Dante' but the fans of the series pulled it off. There are dozens of fan-made films that are popping up so I say go for it! :D