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The fans pick: I don't live in the US.
The fans pick: Sad, I want season 3
The fans pick: Awesome
The fans pick: Charlie
The fans pick: Miles Kicking ass
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2 fans answered this question
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Psychoslasher said …
Je suis dégoûtée, cette super série aurait du continuer. Posted over a year ago
Revopatriot said …
We are one week away from the Series Premiere of Revolution Season 2! I can't wait! I am actually an extra in Episode 1! Posted over a year ago
LLCoyote said …
Is it just me, or did season 2 last for like, four seconds -_-; I want more! I don't know why more people aren't into this show! This is technically season 2 right? Or am I missing something? Anyway, I'm totally not ready for this to be over! Posted over a year ago
Revopatriot commented…
Season 2 begins September 25th, everything you have watched so far has been Season1 over a year ago
LLCoyote commented…
lol! Yeah, I found that out like a week after I posted this. I was wondering when someone was going to call me on it. It took a surprisingly long time. over a year ago