Hi guys and today I will be talking about our lovely friend, the rhinoceros. this is pretty interesting stuff so you better take notes. Are you ready? Okay here goes. The rhinoceros, rhino for short is a chordate which lives around water-holes most of the time in Africa. The bad is, more and more White AND Black rhinos are disappearing. Do you want to know why? Because poachers a re hunting them down with for their horn. I personally think that this is disgusting and horrible for the rhino race.

Do you really want to stand around and watch the Rhinoceros die one by one? I certainly don't and I hope you agree with me. Most of the poachers are from Asia, especially China because they have a belief that it would make them more manly if they had what they would call a drug that is inside the rhino's horn. I think that this belief id hokum and they are taking a risk to kill thousands of rhinos a year.

The Southern Black Rhino is already extinct in the wild and the Javan Rhino is very close. We simply CANNOT let this happen. To stop this I am going to go to Africa when I am 18 and count the rhino population first. While the wait as I am only 13, I will keep making articles like this, and study the Rhinoceros so I know exactly what I need to do. After I have counted the rhinos, I am going to talk to schools in China to try and convince them to stop this behaviour of think if they steal a rhinos life, they are going to get manly suddenly. Once I have gone to all the schools, yes I said ALL the schools in China, I will have been old enough to travel to Africa and start reservation camps. This will NOT harm the rhinos as we will only keep them while they are breeding. When they have reproduced, we will let them in the wild. This creates more rhinos in the population without getting them hurt at all. I have not been too keen on cutting off the rhino's horn but if it gets too serious, it will be our last option. Guys, I can't do this alone. I really need YOUR help and so do the rhinos. If we all start making article now we can convince a lot of people just by making articles on Fanpop. If you have a Facebook account, please use everything you can to just get people to join our club of saving the Rhinoceros. I hoped you enjoyed this article and I hope you are convinced that we cannot let this horrible thing happen. SAVE THE RHINOS. This my friends, is Project Rhino.