Authors Note: In the fic, Richard has been confessed by Kahlan. An eclipse happens causing all magic to not work for a day. Confessorlove also has a fic similar to this. I came up with the idea, but it was to help her. So yeah. I do not own the characters. Read and review pretty please. :D

All I wanted was to feel his touch, to taste his mouth, to see the corners of his mouth turn up when he teased me. But I knew it would never happen, not anymore. That man was gone, only a shadow of him left. It was my fault, and I blamed myself everyday. For just one second I lost control, and in that one second I destroyed him. I was too selfish to send him away and it may not be truly him, but I knew that was the most I would ever have of the man I loved, so I took advantage of the situation. I wasn't happy. To be honest I was miserable and it broke my heart to see his look of concern when I would look upset. It wasn't the same look he had given me before. He was concerned not because he wanted to be, because he loved me, but because he had to worry and love me. I hated it, I wished I could make it go away. But as I have said, I was selfish. For two years we lived like this, him being a pet, I the mistress. But one morning I had the surprise of my life. When I woke up that morning, he looked at me and it was not the clouded look of one confessed, it was him, REALLY him. His bright brown eyes sparkled and he pulled me into his arms. It was HIS embrace, his touch and I reveled in it. He murmured his love for me, as his mouth trailed hotly up my neck. I smiled at his words because they were his. Not something he had to say, no longer meaningless, but true and right and pure. I shuddered under his mouth, as it made the fire that had long been dormant spring to life again. I don't remember exactly when, but sometime during our love making I remembered what today was. It was the eclipse, the one day that no magic worked. He had given me a strange look when I laughed and asked what I could be giggling about. When I told him, he just smiled gently, and said we should make the best of it then. I readily agreed, and so we did. Not all of the day was spent in bed, a lot of it was spent talking. It was then that I realized how much I had missed his witty banter. Neither of us thought about the next day and what would happen, we just enjoyed the time we had. That night, we fell asleep just a few minutes till midnight. I knew what I had to do in the morning. After this day, I could no longer have him around. I didn't want to remember him as a slave, but as this man. This man who argued with me, laughed at me, loved me passionately and made fire burn in my veins. I would take a mate, but it couldn't be him. No, instead my children would be told stories of a great man named Richard Cypher.