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richard & kahlan || don't let me go

Talking Body. Richard/Kahlan {Richlan}

Richard & Kahlan || Somebody to Die For

Richard and Kahlan | Blind

Richard + Kahlan | Sweater Weather

Richard & Kahlan - Stay...with me

Richard and Kahlan [Legend Of The Seeker] | Innocence

▶ richard & kahlan | hero

▶ ► Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball |Richard & Kahlan|

Richard/Kahlan // Wish you were Here


Take my fate in your hands.

► The Passenger - Let her go |Richard & Kahlan|

lullabies | richard & kahlan

damon & elena, richard & kahlan || born to die

need your heart (richard/kahlan)

don't cry mercy (legend of the seeker)

♦Kahlan&Richard || Numb

there is no magic in all the world more powerful // richard+kahlan;

Richard & Kahlan | Dance On Our Graves

Richard & Kahlan ● "I love you"

richard/kahlan (legend of the seeker) | as one we are everything

Richard & Kahlan - Only you can save me || LOTS

Richard & Kahlan | A Thousand Years

Richard & Kahlan | "What's a Soulmate?"

Richard & Kahlan | Center of Attention

Richard / Kahlan ~ Love is an ocean wide

Richard/Kahlan - Breath of Life

in the shadow of your heart (richard/kahlan)

Kahlan & Richard - Bring Me To Life

Richard / Kahlan ~ Loving you forever, can't be wrong

richard & kahlan - give us a little love

Richard & Kahlan : The Sun Will Rise

Richard & Kahlan | And the arms of the ocean are carrying me ...

Richard+Kahlan | never let me go

Richard & Kahlan - Unbreakable

I'll stand by your side || Clois + Richard & Kahlan

[LOTS] Kahlan and Richard ~ Everytime we touch

Summertime Sadness || Richard/Kahlan

Richard & Kahlan - Everytime We Touch

I will love you till the end of time...

Safe And Sound [Richard/Kahlan]

Where We Belong | Richard + Kahlan

Richard/Kahlan || Found you

Say Hey (I Love You) (Richard/Kahlan)

Richard & Kahlan | Three Broken Words

Richard & Kahlan- Breath of Life

Richard + Kahlan - Blue Jeans (Collab)

Richard/Kahlan: "You Can't Love Me"

lose my mind | legend of the seeker

Richard&Kahlan♥|When I Close My Eyes; Its You I See.

you're the sunshine

richard & kahlan; "there's you and me..

and the cracks begin to show

Somebody save me...

I'm So Sick

richard/kahlan/cara | boyfriend

Richard + Kahlan | Soldier

»Starships (Richard/Kahlan)

the beginning

kahlan & richard | F I G H T I N S I D E

Richard/Kahlan / Tears of an Angel

Richard&Kahlan | Where my demons hide

kahlan & richard ● I L L U M I N A T E D

and many rains turn to rivers - Richard and Kahlan

Richard&Kahlan-In Her Eyes

richard & kahlan | you won't forget;; my name

I felt your love for me. ♡

Left me over there

Richard and Kahlan - Twin Flames

I'll Love You For a Thousand More ; [Multi-Couples]

Kahlan & Richard | | Teenage dream

● Room of Angels

Touch Me, Save My Life ; [Richard/Kahlan]

Kahlan & Richard | Love Sick

Richard/Kahlan - No One But You

wished for infinity | multifandom

Richard & Kahlan| Swimming Home

He's All That, Richard/Kahlan

Richard&Kahlan | I won't leave your side again ♡

feel it on me, love (richard/kahlan)

Multifandom | All the way 4U

Multi-Couples || Mystery of You

Richard & Kahlan | Possibility

Kahlan/Richard - Blue eyes

make me come alive

part of me, like breathing (bridget/craig)

Kahlan & Richard My Heart Is Broken

Richard & Kahlan| Careless Whisper

Multifandom // Gravity

Richard & Kahlan Bewitched

Love You for a Thousand More... (Multi Couples)

▼ Legend of the Seeker - Richard's dream ▼ {R/K}

final hour. ♡ || richard&kahlan

until only you remain (richard/kahlan)

"...i won't be far, wherever you are." || [arthur&gwen;kahlan&richard]

I can see you there {multifandom}

Richard and Kahlan~Secrets

B/C & R/K ||

Kahlan & Richard| Dangerously In Love