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Riku114 said …
Dude so excited to go home tomorrow XD I get to see my birds again as well as my boyfriend and even some of my old band kids probably \(-- 3 -)/ Posted 13 hours ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
That is great to know. Have a good time. Make the most of it !!!! 9 hours ago
Riku114 said …
Bad Memory?

Cons: A lot of things mainly obvious

Pro: I can still be surprised at the end of an anime Ive already watched twice over Posted 1 day ago
Riku114 said …
.... to be entirely honest I dunno how braced Ill be for Smokey's inevitable death in like.... 5-15 years from now :v

Like Im alright not taking her with me since shes considerably old and well integrated into the current flock cause the move up north could be dangerous for her and cos my mom can take care of them well, but I dunno. She was a major part of the good things of my childhood that I dunno. Posted 1 day ago