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Riku114 said …
Anyone else wonder if Ulquiorra was wrongly ranked number four since even Aizen never saw his second release? Cos if you see the sheer strength and destruction capability of his Lanza Del Relampago alone, its gotta make you think Posted 5 hours ago
Riku114 said …
#OneOfThoseNights Posted 11 hours ago
Riku114 said …
Quite honestly, sometimes I feel Im way too harsh on the "kin" community and I have a reflexive judgement on them I really shouldnt have but persists even if I dont want it.

They might not all be like the ones Ive seen / met. They might have more rational, less-childish ones.

With how tightly I hold some characters to myself and how much I relate with them almost makes me want to use the word "synpath" but by no means do I want to be anywhere close to correlated with the "kin" people Posted 12 hours ago
Riku114 commented…
Really... I think what I mean to say is that I REALLY dont give people enough of a chance to explain when they say they are "kin" or any form before casting judgement silently in my head 12 hours ago
Riku114 commented…
I really shouldnt, but I think my experiences from them just make it way too hard not to. 12 hours ago
Riku114 commented…
^Same honestly 11 hours ago