First Appearance at Hatsune Mix! in Chapter 2. Aged 14, Kagamine Rin is the mirror image of Kagamine Len or his twin because the relationship between them are usually mirrored by their songs. She is ussually very blissful and hyper. Her personality is the opposite of Len and she is a sweet loving girl. She is also very strong. As a character from the second installment of Crypton's Vocaloid Character Voice Series, she is voiced by Asami Shimoda.

Other names : 鏡音鈴 (Unofficial name in Nico Nico Douga Chinese broadcast)
Gender : Female
Age : 14
Height : 152 cm (5'0")
Weight : 43 kg (94.79 lbs)
Optimum genre : Electro-pop, rock, pop - Enka Optimum Tempo : 85~175BPM
Optimum Range : F # 3 ~ C # 5
Character Items : Roadroller, Mikan orange, yellow onion