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SpuffyDelena posted on May 17, 2011 at 07:05PM
For all the new members of this spot. Come on in and tell everybody a little something about yourself :]

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over a year ago mimialliwell said…
Name: Mimi
Age: 15
Country: Australia
I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer so I am really keen to see Sarah in this.
over a year ago pompeybabe said…
Hiya!! I'm Molly-May. Im 15 (soon to be 16...ish) and Im from Portsmouth in the UK, hence the nickname Pompey.

...and I agree with everything Mimi said above me. Buffy is awesome and Sarah's just the best actress. Really looking forward to this show because it looks so different to all of the others!! <3
over a year ago x0x0 said…
Hi, my name is Stephanie and Im 15. I am a french canadian from Gatineau. I honestly never watched Buffy, but Ringer sounds really interesant.
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over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
Hello, everyone! My name's Ellen, I'm from Belgium. I'm a big Buffy fan, I'm almost finished watching the whole series :) So, I'm happy Ringer has started :) SMG is my favorite actress :) The pilot was awesome, btw :)
over a year ago Manonx said…
Hello =) I'm Manon, 16 years old and from the Netherlands. I couldn't get through season 1 of Buffy, so I stopped watching. But Ringer sounded very interesting, and I recognized the actress.. so I decided to give this show a chance. I loved the first to episodes, BTW =)
over a year ago buffyl0v3r44 said…
Heyyyyy! I'm JoHannah I'm 13 I'm from the United States of America, I am a HUGE, HUGE, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan to the point where I own a prop replica of the Scythe and many other prop replicas, t-shirts, mugs, and a bunch of other Buffy stuff and Buffy sort of drawn me to Ringer because of SMG, SMG is one of my favorite actors I loved her in Cruel Intentions, Simply Irresistible, and although I didn't really prefer the storyline in the movie Possession I thought her acting in it was outstanding, I also like a lot of other things she was in I'm just trying to make this brief, and my most favorite thing she was in was Buffy the Vampire Slayer I think I made that pretty obvious... I am enjoying Ringer so far and am so glad to see SMG making a comeback!
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over a year ago Rosedeity said…
big smile
Hello everyringer! haha I'm Regina, 22 yrs and lives in New York where Ringer was filmed! One of Buffy's old fans! When I saw Ringer's previews, I said to myself: "This is a must see series." Even though I felt that Ringer was gonna take me for a ride, it was still better than I thought :D
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