Rio 2
Chapter 1

Blu sat feeling all alone even though he was surrounded by his friends. Jewel had been captured months ago by bird smugglers and the birdlings had all left the nest. "Come on Blu, you need to get out of the nest and live your life, go and see the world." said Blu's friend Nico. "The world isn't the same without Jewel." Blu replied sadly. "Come on now Blu, let's fly out for an adventure, I won't take 'No' for an answer." said Rapheal. Blu didn't want to go on an adventure anytime soon as nothing had been the same since Jewel had disappeared. However, after some convincing from his friends Nico, Pedro, and Rapheal Blu decided to give an and leave the nest in search of some adventure.

As they all flew through the sky, Blu realized that he had not really paid attention to anything as he had been so depressed since Jewels disappearance. "Nothing would ever be the same." Blu thought to himself. And "How was he supposed to save his species now? Me, Jewel, and the birdlings were the last of the Bluemackas on Earth." As Blu and his friends sailed through the air above Rio they caught a glimpse of something eclipsing the sun. Then, they felt something faster than lightening streak by them, enough to knock Blu off of his wings. He bagen to fall, he was new to flying and did not know how to reposition himself. All of a sudden Blu was caught by another bird! "Was it Nico, Pedro, or Rapheal?" Blu thought to himself. No - they couldn't have flown that fast to catch him, Blu had concluded. He wanted to seee the bird that caught him, but when he looked up the sun was in his eyes.

All of a sudden the bird let go and Blu began to fly again. He turned around to see the bird. To his surprise a Blumacka was flying right above him! Blu thought for one second it was Jewel. He screamed at the top of his lungs "Jewel"!!! And then flew straight up to the bird and gave it a big hug, and was beginning to give her a kiss when got slammed up against a tree!! Shocked, Blu got another glimpse of the bird and realized it was not Jewel at all! But it was the most beautiful bird he had ever laid eyes on!

The bird gave out a loud shrieck, "Who in the world are you? And who in the world is Jewel?" the bird asked. Blu was terrified and schhocked, it was another Blumacka!! "Are you really a Blumacka?" asked Blu confused. The bird replied, "Yeahh, what's it to you?" "Did you not know that we are the last of our species?" asked Blu. The bird then gasped and let go of Blu. She looked at him with curiosity and said "I just met you and you're already fixing to save our species?" Blu replied sadly "What happened back there was a mistake, I thought you were someone else." The bird replied "What's next then pigs and cows start falling from the sky?" Blu replied with a chuckly "No, just birds." "Wait a minute, I don't even know you!" said the bird. "Well, my name is Blu, like the cheese with the mold on it. The one the smells really bad." said Blu with a smile. "By the way, what's your name?" asked Blu. "My name is Rachael." replied the bird.