The name bounced around in Blu's head. Rachel. Blu then new what he was doing, he was thinking about another bird. He couldn't do that to Jewel. "Blu, what happened to you man?" Rafiel flew up and asked. But then he saw the other blue macaw. "Oh, I see." Nico and Pedro flew up. "Blu, whats goin on?" Nico asked. Then he to saw the bird. Blu saw him whisper something to his friends, then the pair flew off. "Um, I guess I'll catch up to you later then." Rafiel said. Then he took off.

"So beleve it or not I've been throght this before." Rachel said. "Wait you've seen this before?" Blu asked. "Eleven times as a matter of fact." Blu couldn't help it any longer, he had to make a move. "So then how does this story end?"
Blu asked. "Well usually a good hard smack in the face, but, I gotta admit your kinda cute. Blu's eyes widened as if he did get a smack in the face.