Giselle starts off as a cartoon and then in human form when she comes to NYC .
Here is an article on the characters that I like and dislike.

#1Giselle: Played by/voiced by/sung by Amy Adams, Giselle is the main character who you may hate or like. She is a maiden who is obsessed with love(that’s all she friggin cares about)and dreams of true love’s kiss. She has two men in her life that she loves. One is a stupid prince who is so vain his like Gaston and another is a divorce attorney who happens to be her real true love who doesn’t believe in love at all as he thinks it’s a fantasy.

#2 Robert: Played by that dude from Grey’s Anatomy Patrick Dempsey his basically the kind of man that doesn’t believe in romance at all and he is a straight no nonsense type guy. He had his heart broken so many times as his wife left him and he basically hates being in love with someone. But along comes Giselle and she changes him from being a boring man to being a type a guy that will have us women having our hearts racing like mad. Thanks for that one LOL.

#3 Narissa: I didn’t really care about the villain here as she was so dry and she was in it here and there. I wanted a villain song for Susan Sarandon’s charcther but there was none at all. She was just wasted here.

#4 Edward: Played by/sung by/voiced by James Marsden who was so hilarious in this was the most enjoyable character in this movie along with Adams & Dempsey’s characters Giselle & Robert. He acts so stupid and retarded as well as being self centred as Edward and the way he acts as his character was brilliant.

#5 Nancy: Played by and later voiced by Idina Menzel I liked her attitude towards Robert and how she likes to live in a fantasy life (which can be seen in a deleted scene on the DVD of this movie) and her style. When she first meets Giselle she kinda gets that she is at her man and she is pretty jealous of him and her being together.

#6 Morgan: Played by newcomer Rachel Covey I adored this little girl as she was pretty funny and very smart. At the age of like 7 here(even though she’s 12 now) she is very old-fashioned for her age.

#7 Nathanial: Voiced/played by British actor Timothy Spall I actually found him really annoying as we see different personalities of his character and he is of course in love with Narissa who doesn’t love him(probably she had her heart broken I don’t really care).

#8 Pip: Voiced by Kevin Lima(the director of this film in the real world) & Jeff Bennett(in the cartoon world) this character was friggin hilarious as he was doing this charade thing with Giselle & the old hag which had me cracking up.

Robert is an attorney/single father who thinks love stinks. Luckily we see a new side to him later in the movie.
Edward is so wacky&stupid. He kinda reminds me of Gaston.
Nathanial is the Queen's henchman.
Nancy is Robert's ex girlfriend who marries Edward in the end.
Narissa was my least favourite as she was too dry(the actress)and she was just a wasted charcther
Pip is so silly you couldn't help but laugh at him.
Morgan is Robert's only daughter from a previous relationship.