I have to admit but this film is actually very good. I loved it since I first saw it on YouTube 3 years ago and I got the DVD 2 years ago. So here is my ups and downs for my favourite movie of the 21st century Enchanted. Enjoy.

Ups of the movie

* Amy Adams nailed on her performance as the wannabe princess Giselle I loved how she played her part so well it was like the role was made for her.

* The music is brilliant. It should have won a bloody Oscar as Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz were brilliant doing the film score.

* The whole cast was brilliant as well as Patrick Dempsey who I admit am not a fan of but he shocked me in this movie I was like wait a minute isn’t that dude in the medical programme Grey’s Anatomy as the cocky Dr Sheppard. Wow he was hot as hell.

*James Marsden OMFG that bloke made me laugh my ass off with his Jim Carrey impersonation. LOL and Bravo to that man.

* The story was cute and adorable if not too sweet.

* The ending to this was adorable I was rooting for Patrick’s character the whole time during this movie.

* The animation was brilliant.


Now for the negative side to Enchanted.

* The manhole scene was just plain freaky I was like what the hell is going on here why is she inside a manhole I am so going to press the STOP button now.

* Girl steals a guy just because he was her real true love WTH if that happened in real life she wouldn’t even get the guy.

* Can be sometimes cringy and sweet. I may love this movie so much but honestly part of it was so cringe worthy I was like OMG I cannot believe a then 17 year old is watching a kids flick with adult humor something is wrong with me LOL.

* Nancy & Edward’s relationship was rushed Nancy is upset that her once true love is now in love with someone else and Edward decides to marry her . She could have a criminal record and he still wouldn’t care. That boy is a lovestruck puppy.

* Lots and lots of mistakes. This is the ONLY film that I can spot errors in. To Kevin Lima why in the hell did you have to make the mistakes so bloody easy to look at. Next time try and not have too many errors.

* Ok is Giselle suppose to be 18 and Robert 35. If that’s the case then that is just plain freaky having a teen falling for an older man yuck.Yeah I have a crush on Dempsey I admit it but would I marry him in real life ah no.

* The dragon scene wasn’t even scary or edgy I expected to see a jump off your seat climax but it was too short.

* Susan Sarandon I hate to say ruined this film as we only see her for like a few minutes and that’s it.

But having said that I love this movie.