This is a fan fiction of Robert telling Giselle about his wife.

‘You never told me what really happened, I know you said she left but who was she’ Giselle asked Robert who was hiding a terrible secret from Giselle even though it was none of her business but she wanted to get inside Robert’s head. ‘Morgan I want you to go to bed I’ll be in bed in a few minutes’ Robert asked Morgan who was tired. ‘Ok daddy, night night’. ‘Ok I will tell you everything’ Robert said to Giselle even though it was personal to him but since Giselle doesn’t understand our world yet he decided to tell her.

‘Her name was Lara Davids. I had a huge crush on her since I was 16 years old and when I was 30 we decided to tie the knot and a few years later she fell pregnant with Morgan. I thought wow im going to be a dad so once Morgan came into my life we were so close. One day though when I was coming home from a party for the collegues at work I caught Lara in bed with another man. It was my best friend actually Roger Green who I was friends with since I was a kid. I felt so hurt and humiliated she then just walked out and told me that she never loved me. Man I just wanted to hide myself from the world you know ,but I couldn’t.’ he said to Giselle who was shocked about the truth. ‘Oh my gosh that was terrible I am so sorry’Giselle said to Robert who was half crying but he wiped his tears with the sleeve of his dressing gown. ‘Its ok its not your fault its probably my fault’Robert said. ‘No its not you were in love with Lara and she just walked out on you because she was in love with another man’Giselle said as she placed her hand on his back to try and be brave. ‘Yeah thanks for that’he said.

‘Not at all so tell me how did you and Nancy meet,let me guess somewhere nice and jolly I bet?’ Giselle asked. ‘In college she was studying for fashion designer while I was studying to become an attorney as I like helping people out and I asked her for coffee and she said yes and we went out on dates and went to the theatre to watch movies and from that day on we became very close well we aren’t rational or anything we are like an ordinary couple’ he said. ‘Well Nancy was one lucky girl’ Giselle said. ‘Yeah I guess im ok to be boyfriend material’ said Robert as he gave a slight giggle. ‘But you are’ Giselle said to him as she was kinda beginning to fall for him.