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Riselle(Robert/Giselle) Enchanted Videos

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Come D’incanto Giselle X Robert


I see the light(Disney Couples)

Come Back Down(Giselle X Robert)

Happy Ending-Giselle X Robert

Kiss No 2(Amy Adams& Patrick Dempsey)

Amy Adams & Patrick Dempsey kiss no 1

Sparks Fly{Giselle&Robert]

Wicked Game

Here in my arms(Riselle)

At the Beginning


Enchanted(Giselle & Robert)

You belong with me

(I’ll be)

Zaczarowana-Dwie Bajki


Kiss me(Giselle/Robert)


When I fall in love(Enchanted)

Taking chances:Enchanted

So Close -Enchanted

So Close(Russian/English)

Amy Adams(Enchanted)Star VIP access

VIP Access(Enchanted) Patrick Dempsey

What dreams are made of(Enchanted)

So Close(Enchanted)

So Close(Female cover)

That’s amore(piano cover)

Patrick Dempsey on Enchanted

My favourite part in the movie

Life’s what you make it

Sharada: Enchanted

Enchanted BTS

In your arms:Enchanted

(Come D’incanto); Cosi Vicini

Love Story:Enchanted

Ever Ever After (Hungarian)

Enchanted HD movie

So Close(Hungarian)

That’s how you know in German

Why can’t I (Giselle+Robert)

Ever ever after

Para siempe music video

Happy Working Song-Encantada

So Close multilanguage

Ever Ever After in English

Ever Ever After in Spanish

Ever Ever After in Italian

So Close(Giselle+ Robert)

Out of my league(Riselle)

Welcome to the real world Giselle

BTS #1

Patrick Dempsey on Set

BTS #2

The Show(Enchanted)

Giselle&Robert's relationship


Never had a dream come true(Enchanted)

Enchanted :So Close


Enchanted movie

That's how you know

Enchanted(romance comedy)

Making of the ballroom scene[Enchanted]

Come Dincanto

Cover So Close

So Close


What a Girls wants

Prince Charming

Riselle video

Best Scenes

Robert/Giselle: Angry scene and kiss on tower