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The Judge Trailer 2014

Chef Official Trailer #1 (2014) Jon Favreau & Robert Downey Jr.

"Driven To Tears"- RDJ & Sting

RDJ joins Sting to sing "Driven To Tears" in celebration for Sting's 60th birthday. Credits belong to Nuno Leite.


He's amazing ;)
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Tony Stark - Hot Mess

I think he's the hottest man in the World!
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Robert & Gweneth on Justin Bieber

During an Iron Man 3 interveiw, Robert and Gweneth got on the subject of "Bieber". (Starts at about 2 minutes through) A great interveiw, with, or without it!

Robert Downey Jr. dances Bavarian Style in Lederhose

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. "IRON MAN 3" International Tour

Robert Downey Jr. talks about "Iron Man 3" and Jude Law