So this one is smaller and I don't particulary love it but... Anyways there you go:

I came back home that night pretty pissed off. My mind was rambling while I slowly drove my MiniCoop home, through the still crowded streets. I may have irritated some drivers according to the annoying horns I heard behind me. I heard it’s not so properly said in fact. Because the only think I could really hear were my thoughts. Finally I arrived home and when I was about to get my car into the garage my phone rang. Crap, I almost hit the dumpster. I exhaled and put my head onto the wheel. This was no time for my stupid uncoordinated moves. The phone was still ringing. I looked at it feeling sick. I really wasn’t in the mood for talking. I deliberately ignored it and finally got my car into the garage. I got out and slammed the door. When I got to the front door I realized I forgot my keys in the car.
‘Come on are you planning to do SOMETHING right tonight?’
My level of annoyance was definitely growing while I returned to the car to get my keys. I took the keys and my cell, just in case. I finally entered and my cat Jella was immediately next to me.
‘Hi baby’ I took her in my arms and caressed her. ‘Let’s get you something to eat’
I fed Jella and then entered in the bathroom. I turned on the hot water in the shower and got in, in the hope that maybe it will clear my mind. But strangely the hot water reminded me of Robert’s hands on my skin. I closed my eyes.
‘I’m so stupid’
I turned the water from hot to cold in an instant. Maybe this will help. Needless to say it didn’t.
When I got out of the shower my phone was ringing again. I ignored it once again and started to brush my teeth. Then I entered my bedroom and let myself fall onto the bed. Just now I realized how tired I was. I closed my eyes trying to relax but that damn phone rang again.
I was more than frustrated. Why don’t people understand that when you don’t answer, you don’t and that’s it ? I looked at the phone with a criminal idea in my head: to throw it off the window. But just before that, out of curiosity, I checked out who called. Or maybe I already knew the answer but tried to ignore it as best as I could. Because I didn’t want to deal with it. Yeah, of course I was right. It was Michael. I sighed and answered. After all, he didn’t deserve that.
‘Hey Mike ! ‘ I tried to put some enthusiasm in my voice but I’m pretty sure it didn’t work out.
‘Hey babe ! Something wrong? ‘
Yeah, it definitely didn’t work out.
‘No , nothing wrong. I just got home . I’m tired. ‘ Here I wasn’t lying at all.
‘Oh I imagine. How was the audition? Did you find your co-star?’
‘Yeah I did…’ You have no idea.
‘Great! Who is he? Do I know him? ‘
‘ I don’t think you do. His name is Robert Pattinson. ‘ Boy I really hope my voice sounded normal when I said that.
‘ Hmm no, I don’t know him. But you have enough time to introduce us.’
He seemed truly excited. That was not at all good for me.
‘Yeah sure… ‘ That was enough of a conversation for one night. So I did the not so polite thing and told him: ‘Look Mike I really should get some sleep. I’m really tired and tomorrow I have to go on set in the morning.’
‘Got your hint babe, don’t worry’ he giggled ‘I’m gonna let you sleep. Good night baby. I love you’
‘Good night Mike… I … I’ll talk to you tomorrow.’
Oh boy. From all the crazy, stupid things I could have done this was the worst. He sais I love you and I say I’ll see you tomorrow. What is the matter with me? I mean, come on, I refuse to believe that it has something to do with Robert. You don’t see a guy and immediately fall in love, forgetting your two years relationship. You don’t see a guy and in the same night you refuse to tell your boyfriend you love him. That’s just bullshit. I never believed in that and I’m not gonna start right now that’s for sure. This is not the movie we are about to shoot , this is reality. And in reality I’m with Michael and I love him although I refused to tell him so tonight. I hit the pillow with my fist. That’s it. I’m gonna go to bed and tomorrow I’m gonna wake up with no Mr. Robert Pattinson in my thoughts.
But of course as I mentioned before my thoughts have a mind of their own. So until the moment I finally fell asleep all I could think about was him .