They're perfect for each other..<3
POV of Robsten Fans:
”I love them because they are not attention seekers ... they do their job for passion and not to seek attention."

"For me, what I love most is how ~anti Hollywood they both are. They’re in it because they’re passionate about acting and not because they crave the attention and publicity. Which is more than what I can say about a lot of celeb couples out there. They seem to share a lot of the same values and views on celeb life and how that shouldn’t define a person.

I also love how that despite how busy they are (Rob’s schedule, particularly, is super crazy), they always make time to see each other. And how they sneak off to spend some quality time away from the craziness. And how despite girls throwing themselves at him left and right, Rob only wants to be with her at the end of the day. Most of all, I adore the fact that they always light up whenever they see each other – it’s just undeniable how happy / giddy they are and how much they adore being around each other."

"They're not the typical Hollywood couple. They're not Hollywood at all. At first, I loved them because they were our own Edward and Bella. Then the more I saw of the two of them, the more I realized how similiar yet different they are from EB. Rob was smitten at first sight and Kristen knew Rob was her Edward. In 2009. they shifted - seem more coupley, more smiley, more comfortable and most of all, so in love. It was obvious it was more than friendship, while they were still best friends. The more we get of them, the more I love them. I've never seen two people more genuinely happy to be together than RK. When they're apart, their sadness is shown and once they unite, it's like a a thunderbolt - a light in their eyes and smiles just for each other. And they never let the haters, media or even the paps get them down. They keep what's most important to themselves."

"This is gonna sound incredibly lame, but I honestly didn't believe in fate, or "soulmates" before Robert and Kristen. These two are so intertwined in heart and mind that they really make you believe that there's something to that phrase "meant to be together". Not only do they make you believe in it, but they make you believe that it's possible for you to have the same thing.

That it's possible for you to love someone the way Kristen loves Rob - with a strength that withstands psychopathic fans, rabid paparazzi, prying interviewers, and undeserved criticism. That it's possible to have someone love you in a way that makes them look at you the way Rob looks at Kristen - with adoration, respect, and deep, deep unconditional love. Almost with a disbelief that he's been so lucky in this life to have such a beautiful creature love him. I'm glad I've found other people who recognize what makes RK so special - what sets them apart is exactly why they should be respected and protected as much as possible."

Male Shippers’ POV

“It seemed to me that there was an obvious connection between the two of them; I didn’t read about that aspect of it at first since I was more interested in the background for the film. But it was impossible not to notice that they couldn’t help smiling at one another and that they seemed like they were having a hard time trying to hide the fact that they were a couple.

As a man, I have to say that no woman has ever looked at me the way she looks at Robert unless she’s got feelings for me that she wants reciprocated.

On more than one occasion I have walked across a crowded club to talk to a woman who was looking at me that way. The common term for it is “eye-****ing” and I think it’s self explanatory.
The way he looks at her comes in two varieties; the standard leer (in which he’s staring at her breasts or her ass, and there are dozens of photos like that), and the puppy love expression (huge smile, head slightly tilted, half embarrassed but most just beaming).
If they’ve been looking at one another that way and it’s all been an act—for example if one of them were to come out and say that they were gay—then I think that there needs to be a new category at the next Oscar ceremony and that they should receive a trophy for “Best Portrayal of Lovers by a Non-Couple.”

”Kristen is real hot. And any old dude including “Mr. Sexiest Vampire” himself will have to admit that anyone would be attracted to her at the first sight. And I’m not just saying that’s it because Kristen has a strong personality which is also her plus point. And that great and everything BUT… yes there is a huge BUT and my fellow heterosexual brothers are never gonna forgive me for saying this out loud but no sane guy would spend 9 weeks without getting involved in any kind of physical indulgence just for a girl with whom he hasn’t a got deep emotional attachment.
And anyone who will say otherwise is just lying. (Yes ladies, we are not saints. we have desires and just because we are hooking up with you doesn’t mean we don’t want other women BUT if we are making an effort keep our hands to ourselves that probably indicates that you are more than just a hot chick for us and there’s this reason commonly known as LOVE behind it!) So, there is no way a guy like Rob will fly solo for that long if he didn’t feel strongly for Kristen cause no matter how pretty the girl is, she doesn’t matter to us this much if we are not head over heels for her. And if anyone believes Pattinson is not our kind then either she is plain stupid or Robert is gay!”


“I saw his pictures from the RM set, A sad Robert walking around the set and his constant companions - Coffee, Cigarettes and Beer *aka portable stress reduction products* . Now I don’t know if you noticed it or not but these items are rarely found in his recent pictures Kristen dominates half of the frame now and even the haters can’t deny that he is happy. So, I’d definitely say “Robsten is SO on!”


“Soon after exhausting the more or less verifiable sources, I started hitting various blogs and Twitter accounts, coming across pictures and videos of Rob and Kristen together in Twilight related promotional events, and of course the rumors of their involvement. Being the researcher that I am, I decided to take an objective stance on the issue. The list of evidence was so staggering: the eye-****ing during press events, the brief touches when they assume the cameras aren’t catching it, interview comments, and candid photos. To this day I cannot understand why some people are so adamant it’s nothing but a showmance, or a ****-buddy arrangement, or that one of them is gay and the other one is covering for it. Ockham’s razor states that when having competing hypotheses, it is recommended to select the one that introduces the fewest assumptions. In my opinion, in this case the fewest assumptions lie in them being a couple. While Ockham’s razor is not an irrefutable method of scientific discovery, it works well enough for me.”


“What do I get out of this: it seems similar to witnessing an underdog overcome obstacles to reach the pinnacle of success. I guess. It’s different. Love is a powerful emotion and it's very rare to witness a couple in the public and "just know". I think the couple's decision not to speak publicly makes it more powerful. When you see them watching each other, there is no doubt that the feelings are genuine. I suppose the watcher needs to have experienced love themselves in order to see it in others.”

Their co-stars' comments

"He's very much a 24-year-old guy who has a girlfriend and is enjoying himself and his friends." ~ Reese Witherspoon

"[Rob] is sweet and loving and has the nicest family. Kristen (Stewart, Pattinson's girlfriend) is really sweet, too." ~ Reese Witherspoon

"Yeah she visited (the Bel Ami set). I love her, she is totally sweet. And he is great!" ~ Christina Ricci

"He obviously loves his lady very much." ~ Donna