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Opinion by SelGomez01fan posted over a year ago
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Ok..... A couple nights ago i had a dream it was really strange. So here it goes. I was in my house for a movie audition. I was auditioning for the lead part. Then Robert Pattison came in and he auditioned for the MALE lead part i got the female lead and he got the male lead. So it was a really sad movie ): and then we were in this really strange dark green and black creepy room to start filming. Then Rob's part was named "John" and i was "Lisa" and Here are the lines that happened
John: I am so angry
Lisa: Why duuuuuuuuuuude
John: I want to die
Lisa: Ok
John: Stop let me have yogurt

Then we kind of dissapeared John ended up Dieing because he did it to himself and then i was in a bedroom and saw his shirt that he was wearing that day and held it and started to cry D; and then there was this GIANT window and his spirit appears and this is the funny part He said "i still did'nt get my yogurt" then disappears and that was the end and i woke up crying
Guide by maritina12345 posted over a year ago
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InStyle claims that Robert is the most stylish star when it comes to getting dressed.

Rob is one of the sexiest men around, but most stylish too?

Rob always wears nice suits, and they look amazing on him, though there's nothing creative about them.

Rob also admitted that Breaking Dawn left him drained because he worked harder than anyone could ever imagine.

“It was such a long shoot,” Rob said. “It was hard.

“We were doing six day weeks with 15-hour days for months and months and months.”

Fan fiction by maritina12345 posted over a year ago
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ROBERT Pattinson would die for love

The 25-year-old actor — who is in a relationship with his Twilight Saga costar Kristen Stewart — said he would be willing to lose his own life in order to protect those who mean the most to him.

“I think if you love anyone, you kind of feel like that,” he said.

“If you’re in love with anyone, I think the majority of people would say, ‘If I have to die for this person, I will.’ I mean, you don’t really love someone if you’re like, ‘No. Just let them die.’”

Robert has previously claimed he is old fashioned when it comes to love and says he can relate to his vampire alter-ego Edward Cullen over his opinions about marriage and romance.

“I guess I must be because everyone is always telling me that Edward is kind of old-fashioned, but I always see him as fairly normal,” he said.

“I mean, he just knows what he wants. He’s in love with someone and he just likes the idea of getting married to them. I guess I kind of agree with that.”