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Competation for hottest men ever  nimmygo 2 1883 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson naked on a fur rug!<3  95ashley59 7 5327 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson in Underwear  tianajones 0 1521 over a year ago
Who says Robert Cant sing? Not me!  Robssesed 3 2009 over a year ago
i want to kiss him!!!!!!  romanandkayla 1 1489 over a year ago
Robert's smile...  dimsumdolly 3 1547 over a year ago
best page fan for Rob on facebook  zozotwi2 1 2277 over a year ago
Bel Ami  francysz 0 1236 over a year ago
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A meeting with Robert  poupie 0 890 over a year ago
New Robert Pattinson Spot Icon/Banner Suggestion *CLOSED*  RobPattzLover7 36 8999 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson <3  RobPattzLover7 0 1628 over a year ago
Photo competition  1TeamEdwardFan 9 2777 over a year ago
New Rob Pattinson Photo Gallery!  MrazFan25 4 2253 over a year ago
Hope  AlexPattinson 0 1058 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson's Wax figure unveiled in Berlin  nakrul 0 748 over a year ago
Photo contest *win props*  vera_love 5 887 over a year ago
What do you think? Survey time...  stardust0947 0 557 over a year ago
Kristen Stewart's film "Welcome to the Rileys"  PadraigSamone 0 892 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson is here  mith1234 0 1169 over a year ago
IF you're the one who really love Robert Pattinson  Fannyrockx0x 0 1103 over a year ago
Only one hotter than Robert is ZAC EFRON!  zacattack4400 7 3623 over a year ago
music  noshow 0 1209 over a year ago
Hale & Salvatore Must Reads! The Site That Tells You What To Read After The Twilight Saga! Would You Be Interested In This!  akasha_hale 0 631 over a year ago
rob's perfect match  sexxiemogirl 19 2590 over a year ago
Meet Robert Pattinson!  Mikaela12 12 5519 over a year ago
secret robert scene from eclipse!!  sarahsmith19 1 1119 over a year ago
why don't u love HIM!!!???  SeSelove 0 1069 over a year ago
Robert icon contest *win props*  vera_love 22 1590 over a year ago
♥It's (another) edited photo comp!♥  moolah 3 999 over a year ago
base ball  ashleyman 1 1201 over a year ago
Rob Is One Of The Most Dangerous Celebrities Online  kris_forever 0 628 over a year ago
photo contest  j-bfan7 0 951 over a year ago
kjvbgiufrkvjlkfe  cuteipie 0 836 over a year ago
Participants Needed for Performance in NYC  lineperformance 1 724 over a year ago
crush?  maxineparry 7 1359 over a year ago
TRAITOR!!!!  Pyoro_63 3 1117 over a year ago
Celebrity Beehive got to go to the Eclipse junket and guess what they asked Rob!  GossipObsessive 0 688 over a year ago
Photo Competition  jacksonrain 11 1218 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson At the Mtv Movie Awards 2010  MariaHLFan 2 1102 over a year ago
Rob in Bed?  ALExXxRybakFaNn 9 972 over a year ago
Butter Rob  robpattinsonlvr 1 654 over a year ago
is rob single?????  cuteipie 0 400 over a year ago
robert lookalike  stalkerxjustin 2 674 over a year ago
Remember Me press conference coverage and review  jasonentfous 0 827 over a year ago
Rob in bed  AlxanderRfan 0 695 over a year ago
my vampire love  monikyte 2 828 over a year ago
who dose he love  Dollygo 1 1066 over a year ago
New banner & icon  Brysis 19 1049 over a year ago
The Reason Robert Didn't Attend The Oscars???  Isabellaashley 1 549 over a year ago
Hott Guys contest  iluvPrinceMJ213 0 516 over a year ago
Do you think Robert Pattinson would be a good Saturday Night Live host? Vote!  TVExaminer 1 389 over a year ago
Music Notes  juicyjossy9 0 681 over a year ago
RP!!!  XChatterbox14x 3 733 over a year ago
does rob smoke?  pixie09 16 2592 over a year ago
Sign a petition to get Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to be on Oprah  scogburn 3 907 over a year ago
ROBERTS B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  Emma1001 0 765 over a year ago
good looking or not!  surfen_cutie09 19 2896 over a year ago
TIME FOR A NEW BANNER & ICON!  x-Sophie-Jade-x 4 806 over a year ago
Aw... Poor Rob  LionLamb1918 2 1089 over a year ago
The A-Z game- Pattinson style  vampiress015 43 2883 over a year ago
his clothes  wicked_empress 0 956 over a year ago
I know your there  robpattinsonlvr 0 984 over a year ago
???  iluvedward4evr 1 709 over a year ago
rob and kirsten  vampfriend 1 969 over a year ago
Rob's Funny Faces  edwardcarlisle 6 5709 over a year ago
ROB A_Z  mcclare34 23 1450 over a year ago
help  odegbami 1 791 over a year ago
Rob! Mall.  AreYouSure 9 1331 over a year ago
what is kelan, nikki,elizabeth,peter, and jackson's fanmail address  robpattfan1 0 1158 over a year ago
what is ashley greene's fanmail address?  robpattfan1 0 1657 over a year ago
when will robert pattisnon come to oklahoma?  robpattfan1 0 1665 over a year ago
join this group if u have bebo and love twilight :D  vicki_90210 0 1079 over a year ago
Rob Pattinson to star in New Movie  haveuheard 0 772 over a year ago
Rob to the UK???  nell1980 1 1006 over a year ago
Rob doesn't want to do New Moon?!?  catherinexoxo6 4 1385 over a year ago
I'm curious  Ovybo 3 634 over a year ago
The Bad Mothers Handbook DVD  emma-jeff 6 2400 over a year ago
banner and icon  livelovelaugh 9 1069 over a year ago
Wallpapers  tatia 1 828 over a year ago
Is Rob a good Edward Cullen?  SexyNo8 18 1866 over a year ago
do you like robs new hair cut ?  saraplain 8 1609 over a year ago
What is Robert up to this year?  krystamarie 0 1005 over a year ago
Pirates 4 awesome rumour  snoznoodle 0 774 over a year ago
Rob Pattinson at the Hollywood Awards Ceremony  lms 2 1385 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson music  crysoody 2 1134 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson As the New 'Joker'???  twilightvamps 1 4810 over a year ago
Chris Weitz Writes Letter To Fans  twilightvamps 0 942 over a year ago