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Opinion by bdavis98 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
As we all know from the first episode of this LEGENDARY show that robin is “AUNT” robin that she’s NOT the mother and we all understood why ted told his kids about his romantic relationship with robin because of her he got a tattoo, which lead him to his (first fiancé) which lead to being a professor in college which lead to him to meeting their kid’s mother.

As much as we all love the other aspects in the show (barney legendary life, robin being candid, lily being bad-ass, Marshall being supernatural believer, ted being the geek) the whole point of this show is who is the mother and how ted met her and how amazing their love story is, but this whole robin & ted every season thing ruining I mean if I was ted’s kids and keep listing to my dad going on and on about this woman he loved before he met my mother and how every once and while he realizes that he’s still in love with her over the years, I wouldn’t like that person all that much I might even hate her the fact is that she’s still “aunt” and still hangs with them and stuff makes it extremely weird and awkward and not logical at all. I mean how this mother can even be around robin knowing...