As we all know from the first episode of this LEGENDARY show that robin is “AUNT” robin that she’s NOT the mother and we all understood why ted told his kids about his romantic relationship with robin because of her he got a tattoo, which lead him to his (first fiancé) which lead to being a professor in college which lead to him to meeting their kid’s mother.

As much as we all love the other aspects in the show (barney legendary life, robin being candid, lily being bad-ass, Marshall being supernatural believer, ted being the geek) the whole point of this show is who is the mother and how ted met her and how amazing their love story is, but this whole robin & ted every season thing ruining I mean if I was ted’s kids and keep listing to my dad going on and on about this woman he loved before he met my mother and how every once and while he realizes that he’s still in love with her over the years, I wouldn’t like that person all that much I might even hate her the fact is that she’s still “aunt” and still hangs with them and stuff makes it extremely weird and awkward and not logical at all. I mean how this mother can even be around robin knowing that her husband was once intensely in love with her for god sake he was willing to give up all what he was about (having a wife and kids, being a good father) and how the kids feel knowing that their father loved someone other than their mother that much wouldn’t they have doubts wouldn’t the mother every time she sees ted with robin, it just too UNREAL for two of them even to be like nothing happened between them.

We have seen ted falling in love before but no of the girls he ever dated was he that madly in love not like with robin wouldn’t that be threat to him and his wife (the mother) wouldn’t cause problems, this just me but If I dated ted knowing his history with robin I would too threatened to fellow all the way though with the relationship let a long still having her as part of the family and having her around my husband and my kids.

Putting all what I said above aside, this season was supposed to be about how robin still having feelings for barney, how she’s going to struggle dealing with that but all we got is 1 or maybe 2 lousy episodes seeing her struggle with and all of sudden poof she doesn’t have feeling for him anymore and she’s crazy about her shrink a guy she barley knows. Then her and barney have that amazing night and you start to have hope again that they will get back together but no we got slapped in the face and she rejects him for a complete stranger a guy she just met and started dating few months ago, to make thing worse the writers never should us a fall back between barney & robin, it was; like NOTHING happened, like barney wasn’t yet again heartbroken they acted completely normal I mean for god sake they had a PREGNANCY SCAR, they thought they might have to be PARENTS and after they found out it was falls they yet again acted COMPLETELY NORMAL like it was no big deal they just swept under the rug like it was just a dust or something like it nothing but yet somehow when ted was rejected for 4 or 5 (I lost track how many times they were on & off) he was all broken heart about it and they stopped hanging out and talking to each other REALLY??? Are you (the writers) for real?? Are you (the writers) serious?? The guy that robin broke up with practically every year since they have known each other needed a “time out” but the guy she might have had a baby with acted like NOTHING happened. Are you (the writers) on drugs or something?? Because the guy that you almost/might have had a baby with that’s the relationship that needs a time out and a lot of awkward moments between the two of you not a guy who for the best part you consider as a good friend. It makes NO SENSE at all that a girl would have more awkward moments with the guy she rejected for the 4th time or whatever than the guy she might have/almost changed her whole life.

It’s not fair for the fans of ted & robin to have this story line dragged every FREAKING season knowing that they won’t end up together it’s just give them heart ache for nothing, it just mean to play with them like that giving them these amazing scenes where the R&T connives themselves that they are “perfect” for each other knowing that they won’t have their favorite couple as the endgame

It’s beyond NOT being FAIR of the writers for us the Barney & robin fans knowing from day 1, that robin & ted are not endgame and knowing from episode zap zap or whatever it’s called that Barney & robin are PERFECT for each and waiting 4 freaking seasons to see them finally be together ONLY to have them for LESS than half of the season 5, the NOTHING at all. It’s NOT fair that they gave us hope with the whole robin still having feelings for Barney then just took it way when the new guy came along it’s NOT fair that they gave us YET another FALLS hope with the whole robin & barney sleeping together and choosing to break up with their boyfriend & girlfriend than just leaving barney out in cold alone, it’s NOT FAIR that they yet once again they gave us hope that they might be pregnant that they might get together again and this time for good/real ONLY to pull that hope forever and BREAKING our hearts, and now they expect us to what to love Quinn the striper and agree that she’s “perfect” for barney knowing that barney & robin have a much more complicated history that was never deal it the right way, that just been ignored and swept under the rug REALLY???

I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIMYM beyond words I LOVE it even A LOT more than friends (because let’s face it in comparing the 2 friends is a bit boring) but the writers NEED to pull their weight and weak up and leave this ted & robin relationship story line CRAP behind them ONCE and for all because not only it’s running it for the fans it’s running the whole point of the show it just sacking ALL the fun right out of it.

And now for my listed points on Why I HATE the whole robin/ted thing SO FREAKING MUCH??
1. They are so WRONG for each other

2. They do NOT have a couple chemistry

3. They are BETTER at being friends

4. She’s NOT the mother

5. Waist of time

6. Waist of story lines

7. They are BORING together (as a couple)

8. Ted is out of character with her (giving up the idea of having kids)

9. The story line has been dragged out WAY WAY TOO LONG knowing that this couple are not the endgame I mean what’s the point

10. Ted said in S6 that he did NOT like that robin was such in depended woman

11. Barney actually LOVE that about robin and though it was AMZING, he accepted her for WHO she really is unlike ted

12. They don’t make any sense anymore (couple wise)

13. It feels out of the blue

14. It’s shoved down our troths very freaking season

15. all this time and story lines could have been used to deal with barney & robin real issues instead wasted on robin & ted who’s issues have been beyond OVER and done with, 4 seasons AGO
16. it’s making me consider stop watching HIMYM

17. it’s a USELESS story line

18. it’s taking focusing on a couple that’s not an endgame rather than a couple who still have a big possibility of being the endgame

plz read and comment thanks