Robin Scherbatsky Favourite Season 3 episode for Robin?

Pick one:
3x01 - Wait for It...
3x02 - We're Not From Here
3x03 - Third Wheel
3x04 - Little Boys
3x05 - How I Met Everyone Else
3x06 - I'm Not That Guy
3x07 - Dowisetrepla
3x08 - Spoiler Alert
3x09 - Slapsgiving
3x10 - The Yips
3x11 - The Platinum Rule
3x12 - No Tomorrow
3x13 - Ten Sessions
3x14 - The Bracket
3x15 - The Chain Of Screaming
3x16 - Sandcastles In The Sand
3x17 - The Goat
3x18 - Rebound Bro
3x19 - Everything Must Go
3x20 - Miracles
 leytonfaan_18 posted over a year ago
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