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Opinion by totorsg posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Hello Mentalistas & Tunnies,

As last year, i'm doing a Bday project for our Lovely Robin Tunney.

It will basically be the same as last year.

The rules:

You have to take a video of yourself. In it, you tell whatever you want to Robin and of course, wish her a Happy Birthday.

- It's a non verbal video. You're supposed to write to her, whatever you want; what do you think of her, what's your favorite movie.... being as creative as you want.
At some point, you have to write "Happy Birthday".

- The video have to be 15sec maximum (20 if you REALLY can't do otherwise)
so keep your message short, Robin has to be able to read it.

- OR, you can do a photo, dawing, fanArt... (1 to 3) pics depending what you want to say, number of persons on the pictures...) talk with me in that case, like that i can presicely tell you how many pics you can send.

Just don't be all doing only pics, i WANT videos more. the final video need to be dynamic.