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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
The next day, the girls decided 2 go over MB's house.
Diana: Yay! I'm gonna see Ray Ray!!
Jazmine: Ummm.......yeah.....
They knocked on the door
Princeton: Who is it?
Jazmine: Its us.
Princeton: Us who?
Jazmine: Jazmine...
Roxanne: Ur girlfriend.....
Princeton: I know that trick....
Roxanne: Its Roxanne, you block-head!
Princeton: *opened the door* Roxanne, honey! How are you?
Roxanne: Good, and don't call me honey or I shave that Afro of yours off!!! *walking inside the house*
Princeton: That's my girl.....
Jazmine: Where's Roc
Princeton: He's at the store
Ray Ray: Woah....who are they???
Jazmine: I'm Jazmine, this is my sister Diana, my cousin Roxanne, and friends Alley & Kenzie.
Prodigy: 'Sup!
Roxanne: Hey.
Diggy: Its kinda weird that we're your next door neighbors.
Kenzie: Weird? I say its fate that made us neighbors. *flirting with Prodigy*
Roxanne: Bad girl! No flirting!
Prodigy: Ummm......ur not my type...
Kenzie: Oh.....well their are plenty of other fishes in the sea...
Roc: I'm back....
Jazmine: Roc! *hugging him tightly*
Roc: Hey....Jazmine....
Roxanne: Ever heard of space....
Jazmine: Shut up.
Diggy: So......Roxanne, is it true that ur a tomboy?
Roxanne: Yes, and I'm proud about it. I love football, hockey, baseball, and especially basketball.
Ray Ray: Who's ur favorite player?
Roxanne: Kobe Bryant! Duh!
Princeton: Favorite team?
Roxanne: The Lakers.
Roc: Cool...
Jazmine: Ummm....I like sports 2!
Diggy: Which sport?
Jazmine: Football.....
Roc: Which team....
Jazmine: Longhorns....
Ray Ray: Which player?
Jazmine: Ummm.....the.....quarter back....
Roc: What's his name???
Jazmine: Ummm......Kevin?.....Bobby??? Wait.....let me think...
Roc: *laughing*
Roxanne: Its better 4 you 2 just wear lipstick, and worry about your outfit...
Jazmine: outfit does look good, right?
Roc: Baby, you'll always look good!
Jazmine: Awe!
Roxanne: Eww! I don't get you girls......
Princeton: Okay....
Alley: We should be going....
Diggy: Wait! *handing her a paper*
Alley: What's this?
Diggy: My phone number....
Roxanne: Bye y'all!
Back at Jazmine's house
Alley: *screaming* Diggy Simmons gave me his phone number!
Roxanne: *watching football* Good 4 you!
Alley: I'm gonna call him.
Jazmine: Okay!
The phone ringed.
Diggy: Hello?
Alley: Hey! Its Alley!
Diggy: Oh hey! Princeton said 2 tell Roxanne that he said hi.
Alley: Roxanne, Princeton said hi.
Roxanne: Tell him I said hey sexy!
Diggy: Princeton, Roxanne said hey, homo!
Roc: I wanna see Jazmine so badly!!!
Ray Ray: Then go over her house....
Moments later.....
Jazmine: Roc, Princeton, why y'all here?
Princeton: Cuz we wanna see our girl!!*wrapping his arm around Roxanne*
Roxanne: So sweet of you....
Kenzie: Unfair! I don't have a boyfriend!
Diana: At least I don't have one either......
Kenzie: Exactly!
The rest of the night, they watched t.v.
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
You may here of stories of love with a boy and a girl who knew each other since forever, and some with a father who doesn't want his daughter to be with the guy she loves. Well let me tell you about this story of an angel, an DARK angel, who finds love with a boy who is famous, that everybody knows, Roc! The angel's name is Breanna Spencer, and she died when she was 14 years old in a fire. When she went to heaven, she wasn't accepted there, so she became a DARK angel (although she only wear white clothes). Her mom and sister died and became DARK angels too. One day, a guardian from heaven came...
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posted by Mindless_Luv

Roc: What is it!!!
Mary: Yall gotta kiss
Tori: Ohhhh heck to the no!!!!!
Prince: You know you want to kiss him
Tori: No I dont
Prince: Now wasn't you tryna kiss him at that party
Tori: SHUT UP!!!!
????: *walks in room*
Tori: Who is that
????: I'ts just me Diggy
Diggy: *helps them out closet*
Tori: Thanks
Diggy: I don't like you....
Tori: Then why would you help me out the closet
Diggy: Cause I want to use your comb now where is????
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
They walked inside the bus.
Roxanne: DAMN!!! This place is huge!
Prince: Knew you was gonna say that.....
Roc: Who's watching the triplets?
Jazmine: Alley is.
Roc: Oh...
Somebody knocked on the bus...
Roxanne: the hell you want!
????: Roxanne? Jazmine
Jazmine: Who is this
????: Your sister....
Jazmine: That's funny, cuz i DON"T have a sister.
????: Just let me in!
Roxanne: Fine!
She opened the door.
????: My name is Jessica.
Roxanne: OMG!
Jeniel: She kinda looks like you....
Roxanne: It's like as if y'all twins....
Jessica: We are.
Roxanne: How you know?
Jessica: Is your father name Robbie?
Jazmine: Yeah?
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Doman's Outift
Doman's Outift
Recap-Domo just called Roc and dipshit(Iamooo love taht word)and they went 2 the car

In the Car....
Roc:I ain't no dipshit
Domo:i Know
Domo:are you okaiii
Roc:you called me a dipshit
Domo:Roc lemme ask you something
Roc:huh what*pouty face&crosses arms*
Domo:why do you take things so seriously
Roc:i dnt know thats how i am
Domo:what a shame
Roc:*smirks*i know*gets in drivers seat and starts drive*I'm bored
Domo:okaii you juss started to drive&your bored already
Roc:i'm always bored you know

Roc:but it's true
Domo:what do you wanna do?
Roc:*thinks&bites his lips*
Domo:*you look at...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Okay! Im a huge fan of MB! Especially Princeton. I see a lot of other crazy fans of MB gets jealous or angry when they see them with other girls, like the OMG girls, or see people post stuff like "Princeton's mine" or "That bitch needs 2 stay away from my man!" Look! That's not nice or cute 2 make smart comments cuz you're angry. I see it all the time! When I saw a picture of Princeton with star, pictures of other girls, and the most of all that picture of Prodigy and a lady who looks like she's twerking on him.....the point is, I know you're gonna say bad stuff, but please keep it 2 ur self!
I'm Rock-n-Rollin and I approve this message!
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