Drew Brown
Recap-After Domo(You)and Roc got FREAKY DEAKY on us(Iamoo)y'all took all asses to sleep........smh(nastee asses)

Next Day......
Roc:Hey Wake up*waking u up*Domo Babiee
Domo:30 more hours plz*puts pillow over face*
Roc:*jumps on u*
Domo:*jumps up*oww!!!!!!!!!!!boii why u do dat
Roc:bcoz it's time to wake up and get readii 4 ur concert
Domo:Roc Royal
Domo:u know what
Domo:i said the concert ddnt start till like 7:00 till 8:30 nigga
Roc:but ur outfits and sht
Domo:if i get up will u get out and close the door
Roc:*smirks*okaii*gets up&leaves room*
Domo:juss 2 easy*falls back 2 sleep*
Roc:*comes back with a bucket full of cold water*
Domo:do it boii i swear i will kill u i ain't even playing rite now
Roc:*mumbles&walks out room&comes back*please wake up 4 me
Domo:fine*gets up&out of bed*u happy
Roc:*stares at ur body*now i am*snaps out of it&sees u just looking at u with a mad face*are u mad
Domo:hmph*walks out room&walks to the bathroom*
Roc:*stares at ur butt while u walk out*goddamn that ass is big
Domo:*comes back out*stop being nastee
Domo:can u drive me to Compton
Roc:*chuckle comes to angry face*why u gotta go to Compton
Domo:dis niggar rite here.......boii i got family there durr!!!!!!!!
Roc:oh*stops getting mad*
Domo:jealous much
Domo:okaii but serious i need to pick up my boii and my dog
Roc:who's ur boy huh
Domo:jealous again what a shame
Roc:*grabs ur waist*who's ur boii
Domo:ummm......niggar quit getting jealous 2.my brother is my brother his name is Drew Brown duh!
Roc:*still holding ur waist&gripping ur B U T T*oh okaii
Domo:yea ima need u too let go there*grabs his hands*put them on ur sides man cuz when u do dat u ready for sex wich i aint giving u now
Roc:how do u know
Domo:coz i've known u for a really long time*mumbles*u always were a freak nasty ass*walks out room*
Roc:hey!! but u know u like it
Roc:*walks to where u are in the kitchen*

In Kitchen
Domo:*grabs bag of takis&Roc's soda&cupcake*
Roc:my cupcake
Domo:u gotta box of these
Roc:*blocks path*if i let u have my cupcake u gotta let me have urs*smirks*
Domo:ummm.......here*gives him his cupckae back&walks past him skipping to the couch*
Roc:*walks to the couch*please please please
Domo:no no no
Roc:ima keep asking u than
Domo:whatever u like
Roc:hmph.......please please please please please please please please please please
Domo:*cuts t.v volume to 100*
Roc:*yells*please please please
Domo:*cuts t.v off*Roc
Domo:come on damn it* you grabs his hand and you both walk to the room&close the door*

30 Mins Later....
Domo:*walks out room*
Roc:*follows just happy*thank you
Domo:u welcome now i gotta get readii
Roc:ooo can i pick your outfit
Roc:please please please
Domo:if it will shut u up then okaii

In Y'all Room
Roc:where's your dresser or clothes
Domo:go in the guest room
Roc:wait it's more!!
Domo:umm......just that room
Roc:*walks in the guest room&walks back out*what the hell girl u gotta lot of clothes
Domo:i know wich one do u want me to wear
Roc:can u help me idk
Domo:oh fine*walks 2 guest room*

Inside closet Guest Room
Roc:wich outfit
Domo:u supose 2 be doing dat
Roc:but i dnt kno*looks over at shoes*HEY my shoes why u got my jordans
Domo:what you talking about*hides shoes behind her*
Roc:*picks you up&puts You behind his back*then what is dat
Domo:oh those i ddnt use that.......ummmmmmm......i put those in there i never used those
Roc:girl stop lying
Domo:i ain't*giggles*Roc
Domo:you know something
Roc:besides knowing you wore my shoes..........what
Domo:boii in the mohawh is a lil shorty
Roc:you mean prodigy
Domo:yea my cuzin she's like 6 she's only 5ft 4 and she taller than him
Roc:she met him
Domo:yea.......and my younger sister she's 2 and Taco boy just loves her Ray Ray i know Roc dnt judge me
Roc:how u know i was gonna say dat
Domo:i aint stupid i saw your face
Roc:*smirks*i found what u gonna wear*pulls out your bra 4rm drawer and underwear*here
Domo:maan stop being nasty
Roc:fine i'll save these 4 tonite
Domo:oh there won't be a need 4 that
Roc:what u talking bout baby
Domo:you'll find out after the concert
Roc:*high pitched voice*yahoo
Domo:Roc can i pick ur outfit
Domo:i saw something that would look sexy on you
Roc:o really
Domo:yea come on
Roc:wait i found ur outfits 4 the concert
Domo:oh yeah my step team +1 more
Roc:please tell me
Domo:if i tell ya it won't be a secret would it
Roc:no but i wanna know
Domo:wait 4 me
Roc:why should i* crosses arms*
Domo:here's the hint u ready
Roc:*arms still crossed*okaii shoot
Domo:*whispers in his ear*when i do the song 4 you i'll let u have my cupcake
Roc:*gets all tingling&gets a huge boner*for real
Domo:no lie
Roc:*high pitched*yay*
Domo:now i wanna show you what i want you wear*gets down
Roc:*still high pitched voice*okaii*walks 2 y'all room*

In Room
Domo:*goes in his closet*see*picks the outfit*
Roc:hey that is sorrta sexii 4 my body
Domo:umm.....yeah whatever*tosses at him*
Roc:*chuckles*thank you
Domo:*smirks*you welcome*leaves room&gets ur outfit 4rm the guest room*see i picked my own outfit*you put it on&you see Roc stare at you&bites his lips*
Roc:mmmmh..............me likey
Domo:i knew you would come on*mumbles dipshit&laughs*
Roc:Hey!!!!!!!1i ain't no dipshit
Domo:but it was funny*grabs his hand&leaves out the house to the car*

See What Happens Next.....

Your outfit a.k.a Dominique's
Roc's outfit