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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 13:....roc walled in on tess nd ray....he saw tess in a straples half shirt nd some real tight booty shorts...he was jaw droped nd him nd tess talked...

Tess:....yo girl is al yours to ....still dnt get y u was jawdropped tho... :/
Roc:...when i walked in .....well if you were a boy nd you walked in a room nd saw a girl. Witt some tight ass booty shorts on witt a half shirt on u wuld understand......i no u rays girl but damn u gotta body... nd the way u was showin it off had me speachless.....nd u was bitin them lips.....i cudnt do nuthin but stare
Tess:....that answered my question......didnt...
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posted by lilmsroyal
so we went 2 the store
roc:[holds her hand and walks in the store]
bree:lets find the ille its on
roc:i found it[walks 2 the ille]
bree:finds wat she needs ] i got it
roc:kk[bumps into a ex gurlfriend]
keke:roc omg its been so long how u been
roc:good and u
roc:cool this my gurl friend bree
keke:hi bree nice 2 meet u[shakes bree's hand]
bree:nice 2 meet u 2
keke :nice 2 see u roc and congragulations
bree:who was that
roc:my ex gurl friend
bree:oh lets get out of here im ready 2 go home
roc:ok[walks 2 the counterand pays for it]
my boo
my boo
me and roc's future baby boy
me and roc's future baby boy
posted by lilmsroyal
they fucked and every thing and they went 2 sleep the next day

bree:[wakes up] oh shitt [shakes roc]
roc:huh wat wat
bree: we late 4 school
roc:it wont hurt if we miss a day
bree:yes it will
roc:babe calm down kk go back 2 sleep they want even know
bree:u right but im finna cook me some breakfast since im up
roc:oh shit i 4got
bree:u 4got wat
roc:last night 2 use protection with u
bree:oh shit [panicing]
roc:lets just calm down ok
bree:ok ok rroc omg
roc:babe lets just go 2 the store kk and buy a pregnacy test ok it will determin if u pregnate or not
bree:[crying] ok \
roc:[kisses her and holds her]its going 2 be just fine
bree:[still crying]
she crys 4 about 2 minutes and go gets in the shower
bree:im ready r u ready
they drives 2 the store

is she really pregnate find out next time
my boo
my boo
posted by lilmsroyal
roc:now lets go get some thing 2 eat
bree:lets order some pizza
roc:sounds good
[bree calls pizza hut and order the pizza]
bree:its gonna be here in 15 minutes
roc:cool....... since we here let me ask u something
bree:take a shot
roc:like since we boy friend and girlfriend cand we fuck and stuff cause ive been wanting 2 do that 4 so long
bree:y not
roc: ok [kisses her and starts 2 take her shirt off][door bell rings]
bree:let me get that
roc:ok[she goes 2 the door and opens it]hey
pizza boi:hey that will be 20.00 mam
bree:gives money and takes the pizza] thank u
pizzaboi:u welcome leaves
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posted by lilmsroyal
so here i am ova rocs house we"ve been friends since 1st grade we always do everything 2getha so here we are on the couch

roc: so were yo mom go in her vacation
bree:florida she want be bak till next month
roc:well u can stay here with me
bree:thanks [gives him a hug]
bree:r u hungry cause i am
roc:yes very hungry
roc:wat u say[pends bree down on the couch]
bree:nunthin nunthin im sorry
roc:[kisses her ] u betta be
bree: wow wat was that 4 [smilling]
roc:cause i like u alot evry since we was liltle[smilling]
bree:[kisses him] i like u 2
roc:how about u be my gurl
bree: i woluls love 2
[they kiss 4 3-4 minutes]
posted by tyethugginhard
IN. PART 12: everyone went to six flags.....nd ray tld tess he loved her......
Tess: ilu to babii
Ray kissed tess nd she kissed back.... come i never tell me u luv me....this the first time i herd u say that....
Ray:..idk ...i mean u no i luv u.....ill say it again.....i love you ... :)
Tess: i love you to....
Ray:....U redy 2 go home
Tess: yea... to...wanna jus go...shit i can rent a taxi nd we can go back to tha bus for a few....we aint go get in truble.....kiesha gone nd wnt be bak 4 a said that on tha note on tha fridge wen me nd prod went bac
Tess: less go........
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 11:....the boys tess nd jaylen went to tajas house...everyone went to sleep....tamara nd prince woke up.....

A sound came out of tamaras mouth then she shut it before another souund can seep out..then she bit her lip nd kissed princeton .....he started to ask her something but she put her finger to his lips nd said shhh .....she pressed his chest nd he laid down....she leaned over nd kissed him.....then she stoped.......they herd a door open nd foot steps comeing past the room.....tamara said do you here that
Princeton: yea
Tamara: who is that
Princeton: i dunno
Tamara got up nd put her...
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 10: Everyone went out to eat nd when they they got back to the bus they got comfortable when kiesha walked out the bathroom and saw the boys and the girls she took a deep breath nd yelled....

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That night, Roxanne was outside. She was still thinking about Charlie. Charlie appeared.
Charlie: Why are you outside?
Roxanne: Was just thinking about you.
Charlie: Oh. I gotta tell you something.
Roxanne: What?
Charlie: You know that you have super powers?
Roxanne: Yea.
Charlie: You're not're an angel.
Roxanne: An angel?
Charlie: Yes.
Roxanne: Are you sure?
Charlie grabbed her hand.
Roxanne: What you doing?
Charlie: Just watch.
Charlie and Roxanne disappeared. They appeared on the clouds.
Roxanne: I must be dreaming....
Charlie: You're not.
Roxanne touched her back, and felt angel wings....
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 9: .....taja nd tamara left the tour bus....for a few days....tajas mamma went on a business trip....taja nd tamara went to tha tour bus nd found out that tess had gave ray tha business.....taja pulled tess to tha side nd assed how that happend when tess said....
Tess: me nd ray was home alone for a little minute nd we started talking nd then i looked into his perfect eyes nd then..... well i touched his soft face .....then i moved my hand to my mouth nd smiled.....ray took his hand then put it on my chin nd lifted my face then we made eye contact again.....then i leaned in for a kiss......we...
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART8: The story ended with taja nd roc kissing.....befor that every one had walked the neigborhood for a few hours.....

Taja nd roc finnaly went to ssleep......early in tha morning taja nd tamara went home.....they didnt want to get into any truble.....when taja nd tamara made it to tajas house tajas mother gave them a long talk about stuff tha thay did nt bother even listening to.....taja nd tamara didnt go back to the tour bus for three days cause tajas mamma had beeen home....taja wudnt dought that her mamma took offa work to. Keep an eye on taja nd tamara but taja new she hadd to go...
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The foot steps got closer........
Roxanne: Hide!
Ray: Don't worry! It's me!
Jazmine: *pushed him on the floor*
Jeremy: *from downstairs* The Hell!
Roxanne: Damn, Jazmine!
Jazmine: Oops...hide!
They hide.
Jeremy: *walking in the room* Brats! Come out now!
They didn't show them selves.
Jeremy: *got the gun* K then. *shot the roof*
They popped out.
Jeremy: Okay. I'll let y'all leave.
Roxanne: Really?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Jazmine: Thanks.
They headed downstairs. Jeremy shot Charlie and Jazmine in the back.
Roc: Jazmine!
Roxanne punched Jeremy in the stomach. Jeremy slapped her. Roxanne kicked him in the mouth. Jeremy grabbed...
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Two days later,at the park.......
Jazmine: Got money I can borrow?
Roc: No, not really....
Jazmine: Damn!
Roxanne: I know right! Ever since I graduated,I'm the one who needs 2 buy the food in that hell house.
Jazmine: Why?
Roxanne: Cuz I'm the oldest.
Jeniel: *walking towards them* Hey guys!
Jazmine: Why you have you hood on? It's warm out here.
Jeniel: I just want 2.
Roxanne: Take that hood off.
Jeniel: No.
Roxanne: *ripping the jacket off of her*
Jeniel had scars and bruises across her body.
Roxanne: THAT'S IT! I gonna kill him! *walking*
Jazmine: *stopping her* No! We have 2 call the cops.
Roxanne: Those...
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In Princeton's point of view.
Months past, Jazmine's a senior, and Roxanne's forced 2 live with the demons, while she's prego. I'm gonna kill Roc if it's mine.
At MB's house......
Me: Wonder what the girls do since they don't go 2 school anymore...
Roc: Text Rox's.
Me: Okay *texting* What you doing?
Roxanne: *texted back* Just chilling in my room with Charlie, J.J, and Justine. I miss you :(
Me: *text* Miss you 2, since you're forced 2 stay their :(
Roxanne: *text* Yepp...I'm 4 months prego now.
Me: I know :)
Roxanne: Hope the baby's cute just like his daddy.
Me: You know it is ;)
Roxanne: Whateva! Demon...
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 7: tess wanted to get freaky with ray nd he didnt feel like it so she woke up witha attitude nd she didnt want to talk to anybody.....everyb ody got boardd nd wnted to walk the neigborhood ....every body cleaned up nd....
Taja: i think we dun.......
Tamara: yea we dun......jaylen nd taja.....come here.......
jaylen nd taja walk over to tamara......
Tamara: how much you wanna bet tess nd ray go be fuckin to nite.....
Jaylen:...lolz were did this come from.....
Taja:...umm there are good chances that they might just do sum shit tonite.....
Tamara: ....i wanna no wtf she was trinna do to that...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Jazmine: *signing*
Roc: What?
Jazmine: Nothing.....
Roxanne: Jaz! Darian made poo poo!
Jazmine: You change him!
Roxanne: You're child, you're shit!
Jazmine: Ugh! *changing him*
Prince: What if we had one, Roxanne?
Roxanne: Please! You'll change it, and I'll bath, feed, and love it!
Prince: What?!?! Unfair!
Roc: It seems fair..
Prince: Shut up!
Roxanne: I'm going 2 Charlie's house *leaving*
Prince: Roc! Come on!
Roc: Where we going?
Prince: Spying!
Roc: Works 4 me! *leaving*
Jazmine: I can't take care of these babies anymore...I can't believe I'm doing this....
At Charlie's house....
Roxanne:Girl crazy!
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 6: evry body went to sleep exept tess nd ray......ray wnted to go to sleep but tess wned to stay up nd makeout ......tess pulled ray between her legs ( thay had clothes. On) whe prod walked in nd saw them....
Prodigy: .... lolz
Ray: i swear....she pulled me like this.......
Tess: yes i did now get the fuck out.... :/
Prodigy: ....good luck...hahaha hell naw
Tess: we will be good get the FUCK OUT
Prodigy: ..... :(..... you didnt have to yell
( prodigy walked out the room)
door closes
Ray: tess dnt start nuthin you aint go finish
Tess: ready...been...
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 5: Taja saved ray nd tess from gettin in truble......thay almost got caught. Bye kiesha when she came back to tha mb tour everybody rushed to tha. Liveing room to play it off....when......
Taja: damn that was a close one....
Ray: hell yea it wazz...
Tamara: .....come on prince....lets go someplace. More........private ...
(Tamara nd prince walk back to the kitchen nd pick up were thay left off)
Prod:....Babii come here......(jaylen walks over) ..gimmme kiss.....(jaylen gives him a kiss den sitts on his lap)...
Taja: im board....roc .....wanna go cheak on ray nd tess..?.,
Roc: yea.......
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 4: The last thing that happened was prod nd jaylen roc nd taja prince nd tamara nd ray nd tess were headed back to the tour bus nd when they opened the door.......kiesha was standin rite ther lookin at the girls nd mb......
Kiesha: .... who are thay?.
Ray:.... umm Fans...
Kiesha: .....did those "FANS" spend tha nite here?
Prodigy: meet them at ummm....Fridays....we got hungry.....we saw tha fans....autographes cds nd .....we came here the game.....Xbox
Kiesha: mmhumm whos purse is this. Then.....
Jaylen: ( whispers shit nd turns head)
(Ring ring ring)
Kiesha: i gotta...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
In Roxanne's P.O.V.
Months past, and Josephine's still evil, and Jeremy's also mean 2 the girls, especially 2 Me. Me, J.J, Justine, Charlie, Jeniel, Fiona, and MB were graduating, and does those demons care? NO! Anywho.....
At the Hell house (Josephine's house).....
Me: When I graduate, I'm moving out of this prison cell.
Jeniel: Me 2!
J.J and Justine: We are 2!
Josephine: *walking upstairs* No you not!
Me: Bitch!
Josephine: What?
Me: I said Ditch!
Josephine: Anyway, I'm not coming 2 the graduation. Me and Jeremy have 2 go 2 a meeting.
Me: *mumbling* This bitch is stubborn.
Jazzy: You know, she wasn't...
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