For many fans in this club who love this classic show so much, there is the biggest news of the century. For the first time in years, Rocko and his friends are coming to public DVD!!! Isnt this news amazing or what?

If you research on Google, you will run into a website where they give you more information on the DVD. The only news I can say about this DVD release is that it will be the first season and it will be published by Shout Factory, who will also be releasing the first season of the Wild Thornberries. (This keeps getting bigger doesn't it? Lol!)

This news is shared for all of the big fans of classic Nick shows or who are just a fanatic of Rocko's Modern Life. I hope you all are as excited as I am for this big moment, because it will contuine to get bigger until hopfully other shows like "Ahh! Real Monsters" or "The Angry Beavers" will get themselves a release too. Stay up to these news, they are worth reading. :D