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The fans pick: No, Endou's much better
The fans pick: Fubuki
The fans pick: Kidou
The fans pick: Of course!
Okay la~
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TamashiTheHando said …
I always end up liking the final opponenet more than the main character.....maybe i feel sorry for the nigh guaranteed loss they will suffer from the main character Posted over a year ago
tarrangero commented…
The final opponents are usually the best! \(^o^)/ over a year ago
TamashiTheHando commented…
thats true....though it sucks when they cheated to get that far over a year ago
bencatarata214 commented…
fuck the good guys over a year ago
siory said …
3rd Posted over a year ago
Lastri commented…
4th??? over a year ago
jaynewong commented…
doh over a year ago
izaya94 commented…
42!!! Lol!!!!! xD over a year ago
jaynewong said …
so 1st comment Posted over a year ago
kitakedo commented…
2nd over a year ago