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The carriage that houses Lorinna, Zoe and Midna, waddled it's way towards a small manor. Lorinna couldn't believe how quickly her luck had changed: One minute she was a slave, the next she was being taken into a small manor by the countess of Spain. She bit her lip as they approached the manor, worrying slightly about what was to come: No one could be this nice without some other alternate motive.

The carriage rocked forward at a halt as the door swung open to let the three woman walk into the manor.

Lorinna made her skittish way towards the door of the manor, and hesitated slightly when Midna urged her forward. "Please, no one is going to hurt you here. Trust me." Lorinna deeply wished that she could just 'trust' Midna, but she couldn't forgive what human kind had done to her, and those kinds of crimes couldn't easily be forgiven. She looked from side to side, and back up into a tree just staring at the open door. "Please, no one is going to harm you, I swear." Lorinna still couldn't be sure, but her confidence was soon boosted up when Zoe slowly entered inside.

"Lorinna, it's OK!" She shouted, her voice filled with high-spirit: As though she had just escaped Prince John's wrath. Lorinna timidly made her way into the home, her breathing quick and short. She looked around, awaiting for something terrible to pop out but was mistaken greatly: The room she had entered was small, but cozy. It had a large squishy couch, and also a roaring fire. There was a small table near the left side of the room and stairs the lead to the upstairs.

Lorinna could see Zoe out of the corner of her eye twirling around, and then halting to stare absentmindedly at the fire. Midna smiled, and walked graciously over to the couch. Lorinna couldn't help it, but she followed the woman, as though she were under some kind of spell. She sat down right next to the countess, looking straight at her.

"So," Was all Midna said, looking straight at her two new roommates. She quickly glanced at Lorinna, and gazed at her longer than she had down to Zoe, but then looked at the fire. "Since we will be spending a lot of time together, I find it only natural that I should have no secrets between us." Lorinna suddenly knew that her big fear had come true, except, not in the form that she was expecting: Thinking of having to deal with guards and men, was nothing compared to having to tell her whole life story to this woman she hardly knew, anymore trusted.

Midna quickly looked at the two, and saw their looks of discomfort. "Come now, if you all want to be kept out of trouble, I suggest you clear up your conscience now." Lorinna thought this over for a few minutes, thinking that Midna did indeed have a point, she finally nodded in her agreement.

Midna smiled lightly, and nodded her head for Lorinna to begin telling her tale. Lorinna took a deep, calming breath, and began....

"Well it all started when I was sent off from my family," She winced at the thought of her fellow members, but continued on. "Due to the fact that a war was arising. I told them that I would fight to defend them with my life, but in the end they sent me off, and told me to hang low at the village where I was born: Locksley. I stayed there for a few days, but eventually, some men came and raided the village: Killing hundreds, and kidnapping dozens... "

"But, luckily for me, I fought the ones coming after me off, and then headed into the safety of Sherwood forest. Once in there, I found a man riding a long the road, and I thought: Considering the position I was in and who I was, of course he'd help me. So, I ran down and asked for his help. But before I could even tell him my name, he knocked me out and that's how I ended up here."

Midna nodded, but said nothing, as though she knew not to push this subject any further. It was now Zoe's turn, and once she had explained her tale, Midna sat quietly, as though thinking all of this newly acquired information over. She soon re-focused her attention at back at the two woman and said to them, "Come with me please." She got up, and soon lead them towards a door which opened, revealed a large courtyard.

Lorinna and Zoe walked out, and both stood there politely and quietly, not saying anything until Midna had finally approached them. "What are we doing here, miss?" Zoe asked, cocking her eyebrow to the side. "Well miss, I know this might sound a bit crazy but-- I would like you to show me how well you fight."

Lorinna looked at Midna as though she had just stated that she loved the sheriff of Nottingham. "W-What? Fight?" Zoe gasped, her voice nearly above a whisper. Midna nodded, and took out from her robe, what seemed to be a blade: The blade was pitch black, and it shone with some unknown amount of power. The handle was carved out of some odd colored stone, that shone a light tan, but glistened yellow and black in the sunlight.

"This is my blade, and mine only." Midna stated, in the most serious tone they had heard from her through their whole encounter. "It's very beautiful...." Lorinna whispered, and Midna smiled back at her. "Thank you, it is very special to me..." She than looked at her sword, letting her finger run up and down it's blade once or twice, before looking back up at the woman. "Show me how you fight." She stated again, and picked up two swords lying on the ground, tossing them at the girls.

Lorinna caught it easily, and eyed Midna suspiciously, while Zoe yelped and let the blade crash to the ground. Midna frowned, and seemed to just lose all thought of letting Zoe fight, but turned her attention back to Lorinna. "Show me," Midna twirled her own blade in her hand and was now in a fighting stance.

Lorinna took a chance, and the two clashed their swords together, the force and their strength causing sparks to fly from either blade. Midna tried pushing Lorinna off guard, but Lorinna did that in the end to her. Midna stumbled back, but regained herself and soon was eying Lorinna with a deadly look. Lorinna took her chance at a spin attack, but that was quickly dodged. Midna took a chance at a stab, but Lorinna blocked it with her own sword.

The two continued on for quite some time, until Midna raised her hand, causing Lorinna to stop in mid-strike. "That is enough. From the way you held your sword when I first threw it at you, I could tell you were going to be hard to beat.... Tell me, where did you learn such skill?"
Lorinna swallowed, and her eyes darted around the room nervously, looking for some form of escape. But there was no escape from the truth.

"Please, miss, believe me when I say this, and do not think that I am just mad but-- I am Lorinna Locksley: One of Robin Hood's men." The complete silence that followed, was so overwhelming to Lorinna, that she thought that she might scream. Soon, Midna spoke, "Interesting, this is very interesting indeed...."

Lorinna raised an eyebrow at this strange behavior. "What is so interesting, miss?" Zoe asked, and she walked closer to the two. "Well dear, as it happens, I myself was looking for recruits: Woman mainly, who were strong and brave to help me fight for England. In other words, I was looking for recruits to go and help Robin Hood."

Lorinna thought she might explode; This woman, this countess of Spain, was looking for recruits to help Robin?! Oh, she couldn't believe her ears! Someone pinch me, I MUST be dreaming!
"You can't be serious?" Lorinna had finally manage to snap out. Midna chuckled softly. "As hard as it seems Miss Locksley, yes, I am truthfully looking for recruits to help the famous Hood." Lorinna smiled, and Midna smiled back. "Which, bring up the the topic I've been meaning to discuss: Nottingham. Lorinna, I would be very grateful if you were to accompany me there. Too, well, help fight for the cause."

"You're really serious about this aren't you?" Lorinna gasped, her smile growing wider by the minute. Midna nodded 'yes'. "Of course I am serious about this. I am one of the most famous female fighters of our time."


Lorinna and Midna made their way towards Nottingham the next day, their hole self filled with hope and anxiety, each for their own reasons. Midna: To finally meet the famous Hood, and to finally rid England of the treacherous sheriff. Lorinna: To finally see her family once again, and become free.

The two rode throughout the vast provinces of England, and soon they were in the familiar territory of Nottingham. "We're nearly there...." Midna said softly, and opened one of the curtains to check out the surroundings. After about five minutes, they stopped.

"Are we here?" Lorinna asked, rather excited. Midna shook her head 'no', and pocked her head out of the window to see what was going on. She was met with a horrible sight: The castle seemed to have imploded on itself and rubble of it was scattered everywhere. There were mounds of dead bodies, and weapons and blood splattered everywhere. "Miss, is everything alright?" Midna swallowed, and took herself back into the carriage, trying to look as casual as she could with her wide eyes and pale face. "Y-Yes...." She stuttered, but Lorinna wouldn't be fooled, she gasped and ran out of the carriage, and blood curling scream following her exit.

She didn't know how fast, or how long she ran, but she just knew that she felt as though she were going through slow motion. She needed to find someone, ANYONE she recognized. She frantically looked through piles of rubble, removed masks of hundreds, but couldn't seem to find anything. "Please...." She sobbed. "Please, show me a sign that anyone I've ever cared for it still alive?!" As though her prayers had been answered on the spot, she heard some coughing. Praying that it was someone she knew, she took off towards the sound.

She ran, and then stopped, making sure she wasn't going crazy from grief. When she'd hear it again, she'd take off running again. "Please be the gang.... Please be the gang...." She muttered constantly, and then stopped when she heard the coughing at it's loudest state. She whirled around, and kneeled down, crawling around to see better. She crawled around, before stopping entirely; The coughing was coming from her left. She turned her head and almost screamed: There, on the floor, was Guy of Gisborne: A horrible stab wound in his chest, barely clinging on to life.

Lorinna crawled over, placing a hand on the side of his face, and was relieved to see his eyes flutter open. "L-Lorinna?" He gasped, his face soon scrunching from the pain. She smiled, actually quite happy to see him alive. Why? If he was alive, than he must certainly know where Robin was and if he was alive. It was critical that she kept him alive.

"Hold on, Guy.... Please hold on." She removed a strand of hair away from his eyes and got up, thinking fast. How could she contact Midna? She needed her help fast, and time was against her. She got an idea, and prayed it would work: She ripped off a strand of her dress, and took out her small dagger, cutting her wrist and letting the blood drip unto the knife. She used the blade and the blood, to write a small note on her strand of dress: Help, Now.

She tied it to the piece of arrow, and flung it into the direction she left from, praying Midna would receive it. Now.... Tend to Guy. She lowered herself once more, and placed a hand on his forehead. "No fever, good..." She muttered, and then began unbuckling his vest. "What are you--"
"Shh..." She whispered, and placed her hand on his forehead. He relaxed as well as he good, and she took off his vest, revealing his black undershirt soaked in blood. "I'll have to stop the bleeding, but with what?!" She cursed, and than got a quick idea: Stripping off the main part of her dress, leaving her only in her black undergarments. "Um, I think y-you should put your--"
"Guy, I am trying to save your life. I really don't think you seeing more of my skin is going to be a crisis." She snapped, and placed her folded bundle of dress unto his wound. He hissed in pain as she pressed harder unto it. Come on Midna, I cant keep him alive much longer in these conditions.

Lorinna needn't wait long, due to that Midna had arrived a few minutes later: Carriage behind her and what seemed to be a dozen men. "Lorinna! You're safe.... Oh my my my, look what we have here." She smiled lightly, and bended over. "Who might you be my good sir?" Lorinna focused her attention to Midna. "Best to not let him speak, he needs all the energy he can get." Midna nodded, and ordered two men to lift Gisborne into the carriage. Once everything was sorted out, they were off.


When they had arrived back at Midna's manor, it was a mess of blood, needles and shouts of pain. After all the chaos had ceased, there was a peaceful sort of quiet throughout the house: Midna sat on a chair, asleep while Lorinna sat on a small stool, watching over Guy.

"I want to thank you.... For saving my life." Guy finally said softly, looking at Lorinna. Lorinna smiled kindly. "You really didn't need to do it you know-- You should have just left me." Something stabbed at Lorinna's heart when he said that, and she suddenly regretted what she had really saved him for. "Please don't say that Guy, no one deserves to die. No matter what they have cause or done." He looked up at her and smiled weakly. "Now, rest. You'll need all the energy you can." Lorinna got up to leave, but was stopped by Guy's voice.

"Lorinna, could you do something for me?" She turned back and smiled. "Anything."
"Come over here." Lorinna walked over, and sat down on the bed where he laid. "What is it Guy?" He just looked up at her, before raising his right arm and placing it behind her head, lowering her down towards him. Lorinna's eyes flashed with wonder and curiosity, as he gave one final lead and closed the gap between them, his mouth softly caressing hers. Before she could fully understand what had happened, she had cupped his face in her hands and kissed him back deeply, her heart fluttering like a butterfly in her chest.


AN: Ah, what a sweet ending to such a sad and dramatic chapter. I hoped you liked this chapter everyone. Oh, this chapter's title was inspired by Madonna's song. Don't let the thought of Robin and the gang being gone forever worry you, cuz they're not :D Expect more from me soon readers ;)
Midna's Sword
Midna's Sword
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I am converting this story to the way Chloe is gonna say it (sorry if you don't understand what i said, that's the only way i could express it : ( : ) )(and sorry about one thing, chloe's sisters name is not Miranda, it's Melissa and Miranda is her babysitter)
I was reading Robin hood that day, the day when I was turning 6. I had almost finished the book when...
I looked up at my blue door, which had thousands of stickers stuck on it's back, fearing at the thought of it being my evil cousins waiting outside to play a trick on me, i slowly walked to the door and opened it.
"Hey, Chloe",...
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One of my favourite places in telepax.
One of my favourite places in telepax.
The next two days were just a load of filler....Because it will be impossible for me to describe telepax to you....and it's impossible for you to imagine it. (not without visiting it, anyway.)

The closest you could come to even covering the first few cubic meters is to imagine your greatest fantasy. So, I'm going to skip the next few days and go onto the parts you actually interested in. You can thank me later.
I was trudging along the silk-white snow one morning before dawn, starting to trail up the steep-spiral path to the mountain peek.
I was going to sit at the top to watch the sun rise,...
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Ok, so this isnt that christmassy, but the music video is and it has a lovely christmassy vibe to it! merry christmas! :)
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Hope u don't cry after after listening 2 this...
christina aguilera
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Never forget who you are, little star... Shining brighter than all stars in the sky...
Never forget who you are, little star... Shining brighter than all stars in the sky...
AN: And here's chapter two of Lorinna's story ^^ Before I begin, I would just like to thank Elie_Star and pandawinx for their amazing and encouraging comments. Thank you both so much.


Lorinna couldn't believe what she had just done. She touched Gisborne. No, worse than 'touch' she-- Sexually touched him. Her mind was a whirl. What if someone from the gang saw? What if Vasey saw? Either way, one of them would be in big trouble. It's that damn drumming in my head-- That's what made me do it. She said in her head, but something...
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Mercedes may have been a cat shape-shifter with cat ears and tail, but she really has a big heart!
Mercedes may have been a cat shape-shifter with cat ears and tail, but she really has a big heart!
The thought of stealing burnt my mind. I wanted the lipstick, but i didnt want to take some elderly guys watch!
Thinking about it though, i never understood why watches were so expensive, a whole magixsillian! (equivilent to earth money- £/$ 250.) After all, all it did was tell the time, he wouldnt miss it- would he?

I creeped up to him, trying to picture myself Bloom, simply stealing a dangerous spell from some warlocks or wizards, but i couldnt help but transform myself into an evil spy for Icy and her two little sisters, taking away a defenceless civillians powers.
I slipped the watch off...
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It was very to pick- vibbie is such a complex character! but i choose this because she has a tina turner voice and the song starts off all innocent and then by the end its really energetic! sound familiar? tina turner- proud mary- just dance 2.
AN: So, as by popular demand I am now presenting you all with my fan fiction on Lorinna. As you know, she is a potty mouth so there will be some foul language in this series. Also, there will be a lot of violence and gore, but romance eventually will creep it's way into this story. So, without further ado, please enjoy the beginning of this series.


"Oh Robert, you make me feel like the luckiest woman on this Earth." A woman mused, patting the side of her husbands face. "Really? Well not I must be one hell of a catch then."...
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The carriage that houses Lorinna, Zoe and Midna, waddled it's way towards a small manor. Lorinna couldn't believe how quickly her luck had changed: One minute she was a slave, the next she was being taken into a small manor by the countess of Spain. She bit her lip as they approached the manor, worrying slightly about what was to come: No one could be this nice without some other alternate motive.

The carriage rocked forward at a halt as the door swung open to let the three woman walk into the manor.

Lorinna made her skittish way towards the door of the manor, and hesitated slightly when Midna...
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I LOVE THIS SONG! And it kind of reminded me of spirtz...Somewhere deep down...
Midna - Lorinna's Savior
Midna - Lorinna's Savior
AN: Yes, from now on I will be updating my fan fiction much more quickly than before. As I've said earlier, I am terribly sorry for making chapter 4 come out so damn late. And I'm glad that some people have already thanked me for publishing it ^^ So, I thank those who are still reading and commenting on my story (Because if you didn't, I'd just stop.) and here's chapter five. Enjoy everyone.


Dead. That's how she felt right now. Completely dead, void of life. No emotions seem to be going through her body at all, and she never moved...
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AN: I just want to say to everyone how terribly sorry I am for making this chapter be published so late. I've been very busy for the past few weeks, and a few things have occurred that put me off of writing. But, I'm back and I hope this chapter (And the next!) will quench the anguish you've all endured to read this following chapter. Enjoy.


The three big words that Lorinna had just said to him first went through his ear and out. He didn't even know she said anything that preposterous, until she repeated the question:...
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