Faeriline Mayleon: Its been 25 years since the last hunger games and now since the capitol has taken power once again a new seres of The Hunger Games has been announced. Today we have special guest Head Gamemaker Cillion Crimson to give us the inside scope on the upcoming event! Alright So gamemaker, any ideas on where this years games will be?

Cillion Crimson: Humm well me and my committee havent come to a descion yet but we have some ideas on the table. I will tell you this though we plan to make this hunger games the best start for the new series that we possibly can!

Faeriline: Thank you Cillion. Is there going to be interveiws and training and such before the games like before?

Cillion: You betcha its still entertainment after all. Were having betting and patries and parades all like before it will be a blast.

Faeriline: Thank you were looking forward to this. Has the reaping processed changed for this year?

Cillion: In order to commerate the past few years of chaos in the rebel era instead of choosing at random one boy and one girl from each district we will be taking one child from each districts two major rebel families that will pay tribute to our games this year.

Faeriline: Ah, I see. Do you have the families picked out?

Cillion: Yes we do have all of the families on lis, but in order to mix things up this year for you we added the special bonus of having the families choose which child they are to chose to be tribute. This only applies to the families with more than one child of course.

Faeriline: They are such caring people. Can you tell us a bit more about what is expected to go down this year in the games?

Cillion: We plan to make things quite interesting in the arena because with time comes new technology which we will be treating you with this year indeed.

Faeriline: When will the tributes be shown in interviews and such?

Cillion: This summer is when we begin the reaping process after the annoucement of all tributes it will go on as the past hunger games did the parade then training then interviews which will all be televised for your conveinence.

Faeriline: Alright final question. Has the staff been completely replaced since the last Hunger Games?

Cillion: yes we do have all new staff and stylists to run these new games many new fresh and up and coming stylists ready to show there skills to us and very capable staff and technicions to make this Hunger Games the best yet!

Faeriline: Well thats all the time we have tonight! Im Faeriline Mayleon with special guest Head Gamemaker Cillion Crimson and this has been your inside scoop on The Hunger Games! May the odds ever be in your favor!