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Bluefire7777 posted on Dec 04, 2011 at 05:04PM
You've watched the the games you've seen the battles in the district's as war rages on how have our characters lives changed as there time passes we introduce new characters in our world. Children of heroes now making there Mark on the world as they exit there secluded childhood and realize exactly what world they have inherited from their parents.

Jason aging father ex rebel now taking on his family life his bustling kids and sickly wife he has dark hair and bright green eyes
Selene:the women of riches in love with a man that trouble always seems to follow she has had a tough early life now with her aging children she becomes more sickly of her mysterious virus that hovers over her like a dark cloud she is a beautiful women wavy blonde hair and soft grey eyes
Aurora:here first daughter starting out as a mistake quickly stealing both her parents hearts being the connecting link as a little girl with the golden hair and green eyes but will with her teenage years bring defiance and independence break family life?
Lucas(Luke)-Jason's first son the middle child in as time goes on how long can he bare being surrounded by his sister's? With his sandy blonde hair and dreamy grey eyes he is already shaping up as a regular four surfer guy
Julianne: One of the twins Julianne is always in the know gossip girl fashionista she runs her daddy's credit card to the max and always knows what in and not and can dish out dirt on anyone but how does she deal with her exact opposite of a twin? Like her mother she has light wavy blonde hair and unique aqua eyes easily the 6th grade beauty queen
Victoria: the second twin the oddball shes quiet loves reading and learning in solitude hard to do with 2 siblings and a twin who happens to share a room with you and is the exact opposite she is the only brunette like her father and has great silver eyes

Mike:native to four falling in love with the mysterious Natalie Fjord who seemed to appear out of thin air to four now married he runs a surf shop on the island not rich but happy with his life he is a tanned tall man with dark hair and eyes
Nathalie: the party girl after her horrible experience in the games finally settles down and now runs after her son as a mother still haunted by her past some times tall blonde girl with green eyes like Jason's
Dylan: the parks first and only he's the cool surfer kid and Luke's best friend and cousin together they soon join the other guys on the beach his dark hair and green eyes he fits right in with everyone

Grayson Parker:An old friend of Jason's who used to work the races with him.
Maya Parker: the pretty girl who finally married Grayson after all those years. She had done well for herself with Grayson.
Austin Parker: as the star of sports, he is constantly at a practice, playing football, basketball, and soccer. He was a great player and can often be seen practicing. Typical sports star. He's a 17 year old and can be a bit of a hot shot. He took a liking to sports while his father pushes him to take up racing like his father had helped with Jason. He had dirty blonde hair with blue-grey eyes. He was tall, lean and muscular from constantly playing sports.
Sierra Parker:The middle child of a boy dominant- sport family. She was 16. She was a dancer mostly and took up cheerleading as well. She was nicer and easy-going. She was smart and was a good student. Unlike her older brother, she wasn't a major athlete on the court. She was a pretty girl, looking a similar to her brother with dirty blonde hair and blue-grey eyes.
Eli Parker:youngest Parker at 12. He had short light brown hair and green eyes. He played only soccer though and practiced sometimes with Austin. He was calm, and quick.

Travis Meyers: A 17 year old sports player who is constantly seen with Austin. THe both of them are great athletes with a good future ahead. He's Austin's best friend. He is smart but sarcastic and can be a bit cocky at times.
Ryan Meyers:Travis's younger brother who is 11 at the moment. He never really took a loving to soccer, basketball, and football like Travis. He sticks to being a good student and a baseball player.

Luke: a self made army man originally from five meeting the beautiful exotic marina falls in love on the battlefield and wanting to be with her moves to four still awkward in four life but runs his family well handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes
Marina: the exotic native of four she is tough and beautiful now married she teaches her children everything she loved now she has dark skin and hair with beautiful blue eyes
Danny: the regular surf and sailing kid he practically lives on the water Evan though he comes from a decent family very handsome he is the guy on the beach girls drool over with his tanned skin dark hair and amazing blue eyes
Cassie: originally named Cassiopeia after a star she is Danny's twin sister and Auroras best friend she liked surfing and water sports she was never crazy all she really wanted to do was travel she had tanned skin to and lighter brown hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes like her dad
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over a year ago Foxkit8888 said…
*silent* ~Teagan

*fiddles with an arrow and bow* ~Jace

*braids her hair* ~Rose
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
*preps all tributes* -prep teams

*fixes them in there costumes* -stylists (you chose there costumes has to realte to the district)
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
*comes out in a full length golden gown the was so detailed she looked as though she was grain itself it had fringe like for a collar she has a headbans that was lace with grain around her perfect golden hair* -Leona

*steps out with a sleek blue dress that looked like waves with white bubbly uffles and little fairy wings to represent the fairity of her* wings interesting... *look at them with a sigh* -Rilletta
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
* looks at herself in a mirror. she was wearing a green dress that stopped just above her knees with green leaves like ruffles on the edge with a golden brown belt with a tree bark- like pattern. Her hair was curled a little in places. She had 3 orange, yellow, green, leaves in her hair on a head band, * ~Sarina

over a year ago Foxkit8888 said…
*dresses in tux that has flamed arms and the bottom of his pants* *his blond hair died at the end orange and red* ~Jace

*dressed in a tree costume* *frowns* ~Teagan

*dressed in a short golden dress with rubies, gems, ect with glittered hair covered in sparkled roses* ~Rose
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
(i like tht foxkit)
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
*is dressed like a cattleherd* not much of a change if you ask me -Rion
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
dressed in a red and black peacekeeper suit. ( fail, i know) * ~Jason

* dressed in royal blue shorts and the only thing resembling a shirt for him was a fishing net with a knot on his shoulder. The net ended just past his waist. He wore a golden crown with blue jewels that look like the sea is swirling in them . He had a golden trident in one hand. * ~Sam
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
*walks over to him tring not to trip in her ridicously high heels carring the hem of her dress* you look interesting... -Leona

*walks over to teagan* i like your costume looks cute on you -Rilletta
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
I could say the same thing bout you. * looks at her* don't trip. ~Sam
over a year ago Foxkit8888 said…
*shrugs* ~Teagan
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
i know right this are sevan inches high! who wears this torture devices everyday it takes me every bit of coordination and balance i have to not fall over this dress dont help much *lets it go full length and it covers past her ankle and almost to the floor its golden and brown print glew brillantly* -leona
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
i have wings so i guess we will both look odd *smiles* -Rilletta
over a year ago Foxkit8888 said…
i do *smiles and looks at leona* (wearing 9 inch heals) ~Rose
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
uh-huh. poor you. At least I'm not dressed in a monkey suit.. * rolls shoulders, muscles rippling. ( :P ) * ~Sam
over a year ago Foxkit8888 said…
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
damn girl how do you live like this ill take sneakers over this anyday! *puts her hands on her hips* -Leona
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
*snaps at sam* at least you can feel your feet! *her golden bracelet jingle as she moves* -Leona
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over a year ago Foxkit8888 said…
*looks at sam's muscles* nice muscles bro don't show them again.. *says mockingly* ~Jace

*laughs* ~Rose
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
*giggles* -rilletta

*rolls her eyes then smooths her skin tight golden dress* -leona
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
A least you don't have to wear it all week non-stop, leona.* grins and laughs a little* Hopefully i don't do something stupid during this like the reaping.. ~Sam
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
yea i guess *mumbles* if i dont trip on live television getting into the charirot* -Leona
over a year ago Foxkit8888 said…
*looks down at her heels* I've been wearing heel ever sence I was 8 I'm use to them ~Rose

*looks at her and widens her eyes* ~Teagan

over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
*open her mouth wide* you went through that! i thought rich people were supposed to be smart enough to not have to torture themselves! -Leona
over a year ago Foxkit8888 said…
eh I wouldn't call it torture... ~Rose